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  1. You can. At the start of every turn any player may reveal and resolve a friendly "Here I am" token.
  2. I like how Sekac can mistake an unofficial social media comment for rule text, then feel superior about his inability to process context. The other thing they said in the video is that any player may choose to reveal a friendly "Here I am" token at the start of each round. Also to clarify, yes, it was explained that when a unit deploys or moves into range 1 of an enemy token it is revealed and triggered, so you can activate multiple with one move/unit.
  3. Hey Shark - yeah I found using a *good* matte varnish ("DullCote" spray by Testors is what you want) worked just as well as sanding for me. Frankly, both are pretty easy options (I'd suggest you sand the rod before you glue it on). Personally, the conductive paint thing seemed too tricky and I just drilled holes and threaded the wires through the mini into the base. I've attached an example with Vader, shrunk down to meet the 70kB limit on images here. Speaking of paint, though, what *is* important is that you give the hand you will be mounting the LED inside a good coat of metallic paint (not conductive, but like Leadbelcher or equivalent) to stop your mini looking like the Amazing Iron Fist as their hand glows when you power on the saber.
  4. To be clear, my intent here is that the wording is cleaned up a little or that someone points out a better passage in the rules that prevents this.
  5. A unit with a face-up order token does not flip it over until the end of it's activation. If a situation arises during it's activation (such as friendly standby vs enemy standby), can a unit that started was issued an order (ie: has a face-up token) use Fire Support? This seems clearly unintended, but the only place the rules suggest it cannot be done is that once the Fire Support is *completed*, that unit (which is in the middle of its activation) that unit cannot be activated.
  6. I'll pay that Boba and Sabine are up there, certainly. It still seems like you don't know the counterpart rules. ID10 is not going to die while Iden has >1 health left.
  7. Read the "counterpart" rules again and you will see that you are mistaken. Iden has 7 health behind a shield with Nimble and Quick Thinking, she is one the best defensive characters to date - probably *the* best not wielding a lightsaber. Her card recovers her for free, so does Veers'. So potentially 3 shields with no loss of actions. She looks great - not to mention being the Empire's first courage 3 commander.
  8. colki


    Good to see that nothing has changed, Derrault. I presume you still have no positive evidence (aside from faulty mathhammer and casting aspersions on the ability of all other T-47 users in the world) to provide yourself either? Won your local prime with double T-47s, perhaps? Or coached a local player to do so? For me, the thing that feels bad when using the T-47 is taking damage from pot-shots with small arms. Some ability to cancel crits (or just a crit) with cover (perhaps as part of the speeder keyword) would help both the T-47 and the landspeeder. Of course, a second gun without "fixed: rear" would be great too. As to how many points the current version would need to be... Maybe 100/110?
  9. Love your work Dr Lucky. Thank you!
  10. colki

    AMA with Alex Watkins

    Hi Alex! My question is for Legion. I come from Perth - we have a fairly small community and event kits like a Prime are a tough sell for local FLGS events. Is there any plan to have a lower level (no world's ticket) structure with prize support for smaller 8-12 person store champs or leagues? Regards, Colm
  11. It does - but you get the same effect more evenly and easier with a plain old matte varnish.
  12. CONFIRMED: Rey is the lovechild of Thrawn and Ezra, you heard it here first.
  13. Could Luke and Alex please give us their thoughts on "corner peeking"? To expand: Was that use of coherency to get heavy cover and prevent unit wipes an integral part of the initial design, or just a happy accident of rules intended for ease of play (just move the leader!) and virisimilitude (if you can't see them, of course they can't die!)? Do they think the practice is a gamey "necessary evil", or more an elegant evolution of high-level play? It's interesting to see that the new counterpart rule avoids this interaction - is that a "trial run" for a possible future generic rule change?
  14. Are there any plans to release "skirmish" rules for use with small collections or for new players? Or do you see the operations like "Take the Hill" as filling this role already?
  15. Both! Whether with no upgrades, the scatter gun or the MPL fleets hit hard for their points. The only issue is that they only do so at range 2. And of those three options, the Scatter Gun is head and shoulders ahead of the rest. Against red armour, it is even slightly better against heavy cover compared to the MPL (which has Blast) thanks to Pierce. Have a read of this, I think you will enjoy it. https://thefifthtrooper.com/fleet-troopers/ The author has some credit, having come #2 in last world's. Take a look around the rest of that sure too, lots of good info.
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