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  1. I'd be all in for having a tri-faction ship.
  2. Would Admiral Konstantine get the ability to screw up your dice rolls but come at negative point cost to compensate?
  3. I would suggest an A-Wing Trainer that comes with a title that can apply to both A-Wing types. (Or rather all 3 once the Episode 8 version of the A-Wing arrives.)
  4. I'm guessing the Gauntlet will be a dual-faction ship with Ezra and maybe Sabine (she gets to fly everything else ) as Rebel pilots, and Maul and Pre Vizsla as Scum pilots.
  5. The Gauntlet is less a troop transport than an gunship with a secondary troop-carrying role.
  6. I wouldn't go that far. Going wholly over to the Sith gives you those gold pupils, which Luke plainly didn't have. As I see it, Luke was on the edge of the dark side the whole time in RotJ, he just didn't realize it until he fully tapped into it while fighting Vader, at which point he pulled himself back. And Yoda knew it, that's why he told Luke that even though his training was complete, he wasn't a Jedi yet.
  7. Well it's established in canon that at least one early Rebel cell used salvaged Separatist ships. Which would be a perfect fit for Rebel use, really. Limited manpower requirements, especially if they could salvage ships that still had battle droids onboard.
  8. In Legends, the New Republic made extensive use of captured TIE Fighters. Sometimes entire captured or surrendered Star Destroyers were operated with their TIE squadrons. But in new-canon there's no indication of that being the case, at least not so far. At any rate, I figure there should be two basic scenarios for cross-faction ships. One would be if it was used in significant numbers by both faction, the other would be if the stolen examples were significantly customized by the second faction. In the latter case, unique pilots only is a good way to represent their rarity.
  9. A Phoenix Squadron A-wing blowing up? Must be a day of the week ending in Y.
  10. Gozanti: 63.8 meters by 32 meters by 14.7 meters Ghost: 43.9 meters by 34.2 meters by 14.5 meters Rebel transport: 90 meters by ~30 meters by ~20 meters (If the Legends stat of 90 meter length is still valid in new canon.)
  11. Red XIV

    Scum Aces

    That would certainly fit with the idea that groups fielding Scyks would mix up the configurations so that different fighters within the same squadron could support each other with non-uniform loadouts.
  12. You mean the A-9 Vigilance? Yeah, that thing is basically "let's make a fighter that's just like the TIE/ln but without the iconic look". In-universe it makes perfect sense. KDY wanted to get in on that thousands of disposable fighters (and the inevitable thousands more purchased to replace losses) action, and Sienar would sue them if they actually copied the TIE. But it's just kind of boring. It's not that the pod is tacked on, it's that it's designed to eject as an escape pod. Whether that's a good idea is another question; that's much better pilot survivability than if they installed an ejection seat, but it also adds more mass than an ejection seat would. Which is an odd choice because once you add an ejection seat to a TIE the pilot is already in better shape than a Rebel pilot (presuming he lives long enough to eject in the first place) since he's in a fully sealed spacesuit.
  13. Nice, but not enough red trim... Red trim would be true to the video games, but canonically the Empire very rarely included any distinctive markings on their ships.
  14. Nym was pro-Rebellion, but he was still a pirate. Definitely Scum. Plus, Scum doesn't have dedicated heavy bomber yet. It has ships that are capable of bombing, but no equivalent to the K-wing or TIE Punisher. And being a large-base bomber (22 meters long and roughly 33 meters wide), it would still have its own distinct identity.
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