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  1. Im a player and GM of L5R and hate this "beta". The system it's so millennials. This particular game have a perfect system, you had one job, make a wonderfull and colorfull world and make so many books, and abilities, school paths, but NO, you did this bazofia, this insult of the history of a beautiful game with this stupid idea of a "special dices" WTF dudes, 10d10 its simple, its easy, you don't reinvent the dice. Your system take out the rol, the imagination and only thing we must do its read the dices. Like a sort of sick fortune teller, i know this is time of changes, but this is so much. You can make a clear system of honor, plays with ninja, and put stuff in the numerous plot holes of 4 edicion, but no, you did us this!!! This millennials game of fortune teller and peace and happiness, come on FFF this is the best you can do?. Y eso es todo lo que pondre en ingles, estoy realmente molesto como para escribir en un lenguaje que no es mi lengua madre, la verdad esperaba mucho mas de ustedes FFF, pensé que como compañía grande que son no nos iban a defraudar, pensé que con la encuesta que habían arrojado iban a escuchar a los jugadores, pero no, honestamente, no creo que el juego vaya a pasar de ser la novedad que arruinaron, es una beta, aun pueden dar pie atrás
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