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  1. Perhaps "Debts to Pay" from the GM Screen? Can't recall offhand which Hutt the players are supposed to be working for in that one, but you could probably reskin to Sinasu.
  2. Maybe I'm missing something. How do we know that Rosario Dawson is lined up to be Ahsoka?
  3. I have one on order through the Tampa CSI store, but even CSI's customer service can't give me a straight answer. Perhaps its in the same quarantine cage as my X-Wing Scum Damage Deck - LOL. So, I just ordered through Miniature Market. Website said they had 20 in stock.
  4. Roll20 actually makes it HARDER in some ways (we play exclusively there, as we are in four different states) - as players CAN'T share the books they DO have. And yes, I know there are some... alternative … ways to get the books as a resource for an online group. And perhaps the quality and selection will improve (as the d20 and WEG materials did) as the game materials move further into after-market only.
  5. It IS an option in all the CRBs. But the description / mechanics on Hooly's cheatsheet is FAR different from RAW. Not bad, mind you. Just not anything like what RAW states.
  6. These are great! Three questions: 1. Is page 2 supposed to be blank? 2. Do you, anyone else, know where GM Hooly got the verbiage for the "Scan the Enemy" action? Looks like a house rule? 3. Have you, or would you, consider pulling the Genesys Social Encounters chart / mechanics into this, with Star Wars dice symbols in lieu of Genesys dice symbols? I have some amateur (compared to these and GM Hooly) cheatsheets that we use, but having them in this format would be awesome. And I would think other GMs would find them helpful too.
  7. Personally, I would have loved a GM rules reference that compiled the dozens of “ideas to spend your dice results” charts from across all three lines. My players don’t have all 20+ books and no one carries 20+ books around so that they can quickly reference the one chart on investigations, or Astrogation, or ....
  8. Well, as I come around to answering my own question.... perhaps it can be handled in the same way as firing two pistols? (a) increase difficulty by +1 purple for each additional weapon system being fired; (b) declare "primary" weapon system; (c) each additional hit costs 2x ADV (or a single Triumph)... that applies to any "linked" weapons in the particular weapon system as well. The PC would have to roll a poodoo-ton of advantages (or Triumphs) to produce multiple hits. And the higher the difficulty (not to mention Shields of the target), the more unlikely that is. Which makes it disadvantageous for a PC to attempt - unless they are betting on a spectacular roll. Which DOES create a memorable event at the table!
  9. The B-Wing is where this thought process started. They have forward firing torps, autoblaster, ion cannons, and a heavy laser cannon. There is a scene in "Alphabet Squadron" (so its "canon".... not that I put much weight in that) where a B-Wing pilot pours on all of her weapons' in a single pass at a target. It's very parallel to the "alpha strike" concept - particularly in WHY she is taking the risk to her ship by attacking like that.
  10. Good catch on the "Master Pilot" talent. Hadn't read it / interpreted it like that - duh.
  11. Uh oh. Looks like the "viluppo" index is down? Getting a 404 error when I try to use my old link(s) to it. http://swrpg.viluppo.net/equipment ****. It was a REALLY good one-stop shop just to get a list of stuff by category, so that you could book-dive to find the write up about the item you wanted. Does anyone know what happened to them? Is this temporary? Is there another (generally up to date) database out there?
  12. Does anyone have an "official" ruling on the disparity between the write-ups of "set trigger" in Fly Casual (p.51) and Gadgets and Gear (p.89). Both say that the attachment adds 1x Success and 1x Threat to the first attack with that weapon in an encounter. BUT: "Fly Casual" says that the modification (1 only) adds 1x SUCCESS to the base. Making it 2x Success, 1x Threat for that first attack. "Gadgets and Gear" says that the modification (1 only) adds 1x ADVANTAGE to the base. Essentially wiping out the threat and making it a +1 success to that first attack.
  13. My OP was meant to apply to gear that they WANT, from their ceaseless paging through of supplements. So if Player A wants Attachment C for his weapon, armor, or spaceship, how does he come up with the credits (as listed in the item description) to acquire it?
  14. Unless its posted somewhere else, let me be the first to start a thread about the unfortunate laying-off of the RPG team - just as Star Wars is exploding across several media venues? What does this mean for this forum? Will it even continue to be moderated? What does this mean for your game? Do we expect fan material to fill the gap? How will Lucasfilm react to personal publication of SW material?
  15. Since this an RPG forum.... My players and I have an ongoing friendly debate about how exactly certain social skills / talents are role played and portrayed “on screen” and “in game”. We’ve imported the Genesys social encounter rules to our SW game as well (e.g. targeting Strain threshold, what it means to get to half threshold, etc). This week’s topic: which social skills / talents best describe what we see Moff Gideon doing outside the cantina? Particularly with his word choice and environmental factors at play? Option 1 (championed by our Presence / Negotiation PCs): it’s Negotiation skill. He’s presenting his terms, and making it worth the PCs while to comply. Option 2 (my opinion as GM): It’s Willpower / Coercion with perhaps some Scathing Tirade mixed in. He’s threatening physical violence and isn’t really offering any other range of outcomes besides “comply or die”
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