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  1. Me and my gaming group will have to respectfully disagree. It is because of that translation that my gaming group didn't invest in that game. **** good artwork though.
  2. If its anything like Anima: Beyond Fantasy, then say your prayers. lol
  3. Oh I'm sue there is an edition war going on right now. The question is, can a niche product like L5R survive through it.
  4. Am I cool for the Mantis Clan to reach Great Clan status? Sure, I guess. Am I cool that it might be at the expenses of some of the Minor Clans losing their identity? Hard No.
  5. Looks that way. I know there was a good amount of info in Secrets of the Empire for 4e (around 45 pages worth).
  6. Although I don't play 5e, I still get excited when a new book comes out b/c of all the new fluff I get to read. Besides the Core Books (4e and 5e, respectfully), I enjoy the overwhelming page count dedicated to the fluff compared to the crunch. 4e crunch + homebrew with most of the 5e fluff. That's how I play. Until 5e ends (?), I hope we get as much fluff as we can.
  7. Huh. Just checked and yup, you are correct. The mystery continues...
  8. I hope it gets fix soon as well. Want to get some new RPG players to try it.
  9. The further away the Mantis are from absorbing other minor clans, the better. If the Mantis becomes a Great Clan, awesome, great, lucky you..., but not at the cost of other Minor Clans being absorbed and the possibility of losing their respected identities. Minor Clan Alliance over Yoritomo Alliance all day, everyday.
  10. I can imagine a new Mantis family that warships the Moon... Spooky!
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