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  1. Thanks - much appreciated! I'm sure any extras will get used once Shadowed Paths comes out - just didn't want to come up short.
  2. I'll pick your brains rather than start a new topic! Dull sleeving question I'm afraid. The FFG product pages says I need 1 pack of the tarot sleeves and 7 packs of the mini American sleeves. Will that cover the cards in the Villains of Eriador pack too or will I need to buy extra? Thanks!
  3. Ah man, I'm a bit of an obsessive once I get into a game, so Descent's wish list is a bit scary - so much to get! I'm looking at my currently unplayed copy of the The Others and Labyrinth right now - plus Dunwich/Innsmouth expansions for Arkham, plus the Arkham Horror LCG we've only played twice, plus Mansions that we've only done two missions of, plus... - and we've stupidly got into a 'new' game instead! It's going to get expensive... Fantasy Flight should just take a percentage of my salary every month.
  4. Cheers both! I've already ordered Heirs Of Blood. While we normally play co-op (just me and my wife playing - avoids arguments!), we definitely like it enough to give it a go competitively. I'll check out the app pages, and the BGG variants, and see if I can track down Splig and Belthir! And superb - I've now got a load of ideas to stick on a wishlist! We normally buy a new board game for Christmas but this year is going to be all about Descent I reckon.
  5. Hello all. After having Descent sitting in our unplayed games pile, we finally gave it a go with the app at the weekend and have got hooked already. I've just ordered the Heirs of Blood campaign, but which figures will I need to get so we're using actual miniatures instead of tokens? I picked up: Merick Farrow Eliza Farrow Alric Farrow Zachareth Any others? And any must-have expansions to stick on a Christmas wishlist? Any advice greatly appreciated!
  6. Is there a good 'how to play' video out there for this yet that people would recommend?
  7. The regular version $40 and will hit retailers in the UK eventually Yeah, but I'm a sucker for shiny things. And this looks great! And I want a playmat. And... *throws toys out of pram and sulks*
  8. Love the look of it. $59? Fair enough. But then $69 postage to the UK? Seriously? Can't justify spending that. Gutted.
  9. Yep, I also play both EH and AH. Different challenges in both, and quite a different feel I reckon.
  10. Now you mention it... *eyes the East Wing disapprovingly*
  11. Ooh, good stuff. Thanks. I'll hang on then! Already got Eldritch and all it's expansions. And Elder Sign, and all its expansions! And Arkham card game on pre-order... I need more shelves...
  12. Just had a great weekend of Arkham Horror, even though the key thing I took away from it was: if the Elder Gods are rising, Mrs Weasel and I are absolutely the last people you should call to help out. We got absolutely thrashed every time! When an other world encounter calls for you to fight Great Cthulhu by yourself, and you're a half-insane librarian armed with only a knife, it's never going to end well. Anyway, I've got a few of the expansions, and I ordered the ones I'm missing this morning. But I can't track down Innsmouth anywhere (in the UK), except second-hand for a small (well, large) fortune. Is it out of print? Likely to be in print again soon? Or does anyone know of a shop still selling it? Thanks for any help!
  13. Thanks Julia. I've got the new Arkham Horror card game pre-ordered but I reckon there's space for this in the collection too!
  14. The rights go back to Games Workshop in Feb. And they haven't exactly been keen on board games recently. Going off their previous releases, if this comes out again, it'll be as a super-limited edition that's available for a day only and costs three times as much! That's what happened with Space Hulk anyway...
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