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  1. yeah, me too. looks like uploading the background images did cause troubles
  2. thank you, very useful. thumbs up!
  3. and then, suddenly, you threw your dice to @FlyingAnchors
  4. sorry but... bomblet is really freaking cheap. that's it. for the very same price you can buy thermal detonators, one damage, one use.
  5. in my group, this year, 3 people stops playing and sell everything. But at least 4-6 players starts.
  6. hahaha why? nevermind. Btw i agree with you, nym evaporate really fast at range 1. A list should almost kill him in one volley to be viable. or a Jm5k also. IMHO, obviously.
  7. i still prefer tlt AC nym than AB AC nym. if you run away i tlt, if you come after me i poop bomblets.
  8. why? with bomblet is great, with cluster is really good.... maybe sabine is better with ion, conner etc, but..... why do you think he's not good?
  9. hey guys, if you check new season's results, you can judge by yourself: jm5000 is not the unbeatable beast it was use to be. Tie sf, miranda, yt2400, rey, vessery and others are making good placements, if not winning everywhere. 4 ships rebel builts are making good as well. The competitive meta is healty imho. i'm not scared by dengar anymore at all.
  10. I made second place with this 2 weeks ago, in Grosseto Italy, losing the final against a very good player.... anyway the match ends with only his Biggs with 1 hull. He was playing Nand Torfs world's list. miranda kanan (100) Kanan Jarrus — VCX-100 38 Fire-Control System 2 Autoblaster Turret 2 Plasma Torpedoes 3 Extra Munitions 2 Recon Specialist 3 "Chopper" 0 Guidance Chips 0 Ship Total: 50 Miranda Doni — K-Wing 29 Twin Laser Turret 6 Extra Munitions 2 Homing Missiles 5 Sabine Wren 2 Ion Bombs 2 Cluster Mines 4 Long-Range Scanners 0 Ship Total: 50 Then yesterday i end up 18th on 19 players in Florence, with the very same list
  11. I would like to know the exact ruling. Common or uncommon. What's the point @muribundi, if you didn't face it, it does not exist? it's not important?
  12. btw, sabine and bomblet combo can deliver some damage tho
  13. i can't believe this thread reaches 11th page.... if my my opponent try to stick ig2000 title to a tie aggressor i just fold my mat, pack my ships and go get some beer
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