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  1. Oh, it would be nice to see an example if it is possible.
  2. Thank you all for help! dertarr, we realy miss this info on 98's page, thanks a lot! valvorik, so for conditions that prevent normal visivility of the target we need to add just missfortune dices?
  3. Hail folks! Haven't find topic close to my problem. We have played near a year in WFRP 3rd edition and very like it! But now we have a question: how realy works range battle? I mean basic difficulty for Melee and Range Actions is 1 challenge dice. But is it modifies by range (medium, long extrime)? Or bound to the specific ranged weapon? E.g. handgun shoots only medium range with diff. 1 challenge dice, bow - long range with 1 ch. dice (but by adding 2nd ch. dice can shoot extreme)? Thanks forwarding for the answers!
  4. To k7e9, Thank you very much for this detailed explanation! So I will think about my character weaknesess, to decide what will be a 2 stat. And about wealth: our GM decides to give us all trappings that listed in our careers by his demand so we can focus on our skills and stats. He's planning tough roleplay and dangerous battles. =)
  5. Thank you very much, I will keep an eye on them. Haven't seen this cards yet though...
  6. Oh! Thank you all for help and advices! And I agree with that 2 stat is not so bad in this system, even corebook as I remember says that 2 is average for men. So i dont need a bunch of advanced action cards at the begining of the game? And if look further what is better to pick for warrior? And i didn't actually get the thing about characteristics advancements. "when increasing one characteristic by a single point eats up all your advance slots leaving you little room for other advances"- does this still counts as completed career or not?
  7. Hail to all roleplayers and forum members! In advance: I'm sorry if my English sometimes will be bad or not understandable, I'm trying my best! I and my friends riecently got the Core set of WFRP 3rd Edition and with very high enthusiasm we're going to play it soon. And before we start(i think it will be in a 2-3 weeks), i want to ask more compitent people for some help/advices/suggestions with my starting character. I realy like dwarfs and warriors(yea, its sooo common...but i still find it interesting) and i've picked a Soldier career, because in Core set isn't any other dwarf militia related ones. I've wrote down my character's short story, where he was in tunnel forces of Karak Azgaraz with his brother. My character after some years got an unit under his command, so he has some commanding skills. Some time later i want to advance to the Ironbraker. Finaly i've came up with this: St 4 To 5 Ag 3 In 2 Wp 4 Fe 2 Talents: 1 talent, but i don't know what better suits to character... Actions: don't know too, but mind about advanced block or Bash Skills: Leadership, Ballistic skill, Weapon skill, Discipline and Resilence as a dwarf's race bonus Specializations: mind to take Hand Weapon for Weapon Skill and one for either Resilence or Discipline After some forum surfing I think about to make To 4 and Fe 3, so it is better suits my character, adds more talents/action cards and makes him more than just absorbtion machine(but To 5 would very good at combat i think=( ). What do you guys think about this? What is better to take at the begining: stats, talents or action cards? With all respect, Hjarti Ultrimsson
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