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  1. Why limit it to one fix? The T-65 is supposed to be the workhorse of the Alliance after all. So anyways here are some ideas: T-65B (0pt title) - After an enemy ship executes a maneuver, you may aquire a target lock on that ship if able. You must equip a torpedo upgrade, reducing its cost by 2 to a minimum of 1. T-65C (2 pt title) - After you perform a green maneuver you may perform a free barrel roll action. If you do, assign 1 evade token to this ship. T-65AC4 (?) - After you perform an attack, you may perform a free boost or barrel roll action. Now for 2 new astromechs to compliment: - Ordinance Astromech (1 pt) - You may reroll up to 2 die when attacking with an equipped torpedo upgrade. - *Insert name here* (? pts) - After performing a boost or barrel roll action, you may perform the same action a second time. Then receive one stress token. Thoughts?
  2. 25 pts and PS 4 base. All pilots get an EPT. TIE F/O dial and stats with 1 extra shield plus the cannon and missile slots added. Auxiliary firing arc just like the Firespray. 1pt title that lets you fire cannons and missiles from your auxiliary arc.
  3. Wanted to bump this thread and give my idea. "Sensor Mask" (2-3 pts I'm thinking) - Illicit When defending, if the attacker is within range one and in your arc, increase your agility value by 2.
  4. I'm new to the game and these forums, but it doesn't take a seasoned veteran to see that the old T-65 needs a fix. Now I know that there are about a billion of these threads, but I figured I'd add my two cents and get some feedback on my personal "fix". Title: Rogue Squadron (Rebellion X-Wing only) Cost: ? - When defending, you may change 1 focus result to an evade. If you are within range 1-2 of another ship equipped with the "Rogue Squadron" Title then you may instead change a blank result. Then I figured: what's Rogue Squadron without a Rogue Leader? So... Title: Rogue Leader (You may only equip this title to a ship with the "Rogue Squadron" Title and PS 8 or higher) Cost: ? - All friendly ships with the "Rogue Squadron" title may treat your pilot ability as their own. - When attacking, all ships with the "Rogue Squadron" title equipped may change a blank result to a focus. No idea if these abilities are too strong/weak, or what the titles should be costed. Any and all feedback is appreciated!
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