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  1. In a similar vein, I've been flying this using gas clouds as obstacles: Four Ship TS (47) Braylen Stramm [A/SF-01 B-wing] (0) Jamming Beam (2) Trick Shot Points: 49 (47) Cassian Andor [UT-60D U-wing] (0) Pivot Wing (2) Leia Organa (2) Tactical Officer (2) Trick Shot Points: 53 (43) Blade Squadron Veteran [A/SF-01 B-wing] (0) Jamming Beam (4) Shield Upgrade (3) Selfless Points: 50 (48) Biggs Darklighter [T-65 X-wing] (0) Servomotor S-foils Points: 48 Total points: 200
  2. I've flown SF based lists a few dozen times now. IMO don't fatten QD. He's still fatter than I'd like in my list, but I can't find something I want to drop. I prefer for Null with just Squad Leader. I put Target sync on QD. I really like Collision Detector and Trick Shot on Backdraft. I think Pattern Analyzer is better for Omegas and Zetas, but CD is fun too. Current configuration: Null w/ Squad Leader (35) QD w/ Gunner, FCS, Swarm Tactics (might drop to Trick Shot), Target Sync (66) BD w/ Ion missiles, Collision Detector, Trick Shot (51) Omega w/ Conc Missiles, Pattern Analyzer, Trick Shot (48) Total 200
  3. I think I'll give this a try. How do you get double mods to take advantage of 4 dice missiles? I like the extra dice, but it'd be way better double modded.
  4. 2.0 SF is a different beast than 1.0 SF. Get used to the new role and they're efficient, but not tanks. My experience so far is that SFs with missiles and no gunner paired with a high Init target sync. For missile loadouts I like 1 ion and the rest concussion. I've been using 3 SFs (QD, BD, Zeta) with Squad Leader Null. After points the 28th I may move to Null target sync with 4 seats. Fly them squirrelly. Use the fact you can go fast or slow to range control. Then use the rotate to stay unpredictable. You can go 5F and rotate. You can 3 turn/bank L/R and rotate. Anyone else have other ways to use them?
  5. I didn't intend for this to be a 2.0 already sucks thread. IMO 2.0 is great. Hyperspace is great. There are just a few things that I felt were problematic in v1 that are slipping into v2. I was curious what others thought.
  6. Add primed thrusters to Kylo and Phasma to the Upsi. Also, I sometimes see the "get an action on taking damage" Upsi pilot. It's your whole list, but Kylo is untouchable when flown competently. The Upsi is much more resilient than it looks. The pre move reposition with perfect knowledge needs to cost an extra 40 or so IMO.
  7. At the beginning of v2.0 I thought FFG had learned from v1. After a several games of Hyperspace, I'm starting to wonder if they actually learned anything. Issues I see with potential fixes: 1. Pre-move re-positioning with perfect (or near perfect) knowledge. Supernatural + Kylo + Snoke is a problem. Fixes: 1a. Cost Supernatural appropriately (like Luke Gunner appropriately), 30+ seems reasonable 1b. Ban Supernatural from Hyperspace. Leave it in Extended because there are tools / other powerful combos to deal with it. 2. Action-less, condition-less mods & no skill mods (e.g. Boba, Han gunner). This is less bad than #1, but still feels like it removes skill from the planning phase*. I think things like Fearless, Fanatical, and Heroic are ok due to being faction-locked and having conditions. 2a. Cost them appropriately. Han gunner needs a big bump IMO. Probably equivalent to force crew, so 12+ points. Boba needs a small adjustment IMO. Others could probably use a small bump as well. 2b. Give everything action-less mods and we'll be right back to v1. *Use your Escape craft to coordinate a reinforce to Boba, who blue maneuvers (bump is fine), into Han-gunner with perceptive co-pilot. Boba proceeds to wreck and take limited damage no matter how many guns you have on him. Is it a lot of points, sure, but you get insane value for those points. TLDR: Things that were a problem in v1 are showing up in v2. I hope FFG balances them appropriately.
  8. This is what I like to use. Wedge and Dutch usually alpha something (fully modded). Biggs mitigates some damage and AP-5 coordinates / blocks. You can vary the EPTs a bit, but def keep the 2x proton torps. BTL-A4 Y-wing - •“Dutch” Vander - 54 •“Dutch” Vander - Gold Leader (42) Selfless (3) Proton Torpedoes (9) T-65 X-wing - •Wedge Antilles - 65 •Wedge Antilles - Red Two (52) Debris Gambit (2) Proton Torpedoes (9) R4 Astromech (2) Servomotor S-foils (Closed) (0) Sheathipede-class Shuttle - •AP-5 - 33 •AP-5 - Escaped Analyst Droid (30) Crack Shot (1) Jyn Erso (2) T-65 X-wing - •Biggs Darklighter - 48 •Biggs Darklighter - Red Three (48) Servomotor S-foils (Closed) (0) Total: 200/200
  9. I'm not asking for a bomber swarm nerf. I was to see ideas for how to limit their usefulness. In general I find stacking rocks in the middle and forcing them through them can split up some arcs. What have you found that works?
  10. After reading the rules reference I think they can. If they have their sfoilsclothes they have a white boost. Therefore put sfoils closed on an X-Wing then add Daredevil. They could still only use the Daredevil with the sfoils closed, but I think it allows them to take Daredevil. Apologies if this is already posted. I did a quick search and didn't see it.
  11. Ship 1 gas Kanan and 1 stress and Inspiring recruit. Ship 2 has 2 stress Assume all conditions of cards are met (e.g. ranges). If Ship 2 does a white manuever Kanan removes 1 stress from Ship 2. Did Ship 1 remove the stress so the second stress removed comes off of Ship 1? OR Did Ship 2 remove the stress so the second stress comes off Ship 2? Matt
  12. My fav is Jakku gun runner with tug array, cloak, and vizago. Trade cloak for emp on the first turn and you have a disruptive beast for 19 pts. Ideally you take focus for the first round when he'll be shot. Then get in there, tractor, and hopefully live long enough to emp. Should allow the other 81 pts to wreck. Edit: almost forgot you can decloak to be in surprising places once as well.
  13. Below is a list that looks fun that I found in the batrep forum. But I'm not quite sold on the gunner on Low. Surely 3 (4 if Braylen misses his 1st) shots will be able to double stress a target most if the time. My thoughts are to drop that gunner for either: 1. breach specialist, Jan Ors, or inspiring and up his ept to expertise (since he'll always be reinforcing. Or 2. Same crew choices as 1, but a torp on Braylen for initial engage (less stressing I know) Or 3. What else? Auzituck Gunship: · Lowhhrick (28) Lightning Reflexes (1) Tactician (2) Gunner (5) Auzituck Gunship: Wookie Liberator (26) Lightning Reflexes (1) Operations Specialist (3) Tactician (2) ARC-170: · Braylen Stramm (25) · R3-A2 (2) Gunner (5) Alliance Overhaul (0) -- TOTAL ------- 100/100p. --
  14. Ty for batrep. Good to see a messy swarm do well.
  15. As for what I see: I'm in the KC meta (which is to say no meta). Nym is common, but his wingmen vary widely. Nym will be maybe a quarter of the matchups. Past that I'll see some biggs, miranda, jm5ks. Typical stuff.
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