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  1. Oldpara

    Resistance XXXx: three and a half X-wings

    Black One title helps a lot against aces. With 3bank/straight +3tallon you can pull really crazy shenanigans, landing behind aces, leaving rest of the squad in front for hammer and anvil situation. And with Pattern Analyzer you got action after Tallon so shots are modified. Lulo dies too quickly for my liking as he's obvious first target and his defense is weakest. For this reason I prefer Tallissan who isn't as much of a threat and has better defense so he does more good over the the long run, even if his ability procs seldomly. Besides he's cheaper so PA/Black One on Nien fits in.
  2. Oldpara

    Resistance XXXx: three and a half X-wings

    I've tested variation of the squad: Nien + PA, Black One Wexley + Composure Bastian Tallissan So more XXXa than XXXx but I must say it's really strong. I'll be playing with this.
  3. Oldpara

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Hmm 🤔 What to teach? Just look at the numbers: For 41 pts you got Ini4, 6HP with great hull/shield ratio, 2 greens, excellent dial and double arc 3+2 reds! All without any upgrades. Just look at other factions equivalents (3 reds): Ini1 X-wing T65 with everything worst (dial, hull/shield ratio, single arc) is also 41 pts, cheapest Khirax Ini2 is 40pts etc Backdraft is all about efficiency. Just don't try to make him second Quickdraw and don't overload him with upgrades (I advice not to take Gunner in first place)
  4. In direct comparison Fangs have advantage over those TIEfos, but in wider perspective First Order list is way more flexible and strong overall.
  5. Oldpara

    Two kimogilas with friends

    I've got this build "ready to test" but never found the squad that it fits in nicely. Torani with Clusters and R3 Astromech (for double TL) is only 58 pts - that looks very efficient.
  6. Oldpara

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    What about 5x TIEsf with Optics/Homing/Ion Missiles. 30hp behind 2 greens with good dial and consistent dmg (Optics) or annoying missiles that can be shoot backwards (Homing/Ion).
  7. Oldpara

    D'qar List Gunner Advice

    If this is only for being safe then fair enough. I tought you've made common mistake thinking you can do TL action into linked failed boost to get double mods.
  8. Oldpara

    D'qar List Gunner Advice

    Paige does the same job for all bombers - double tap with free Turret turn. Most of ppl are trying her on Vennie, but she's as same good on Edon. I think Edon wants Skilled Bombardier tho. I would drop Composure in a-wings, as it doesn't work with linked actions.
  9. Oldpara

    Double-Tap Vennie

    Not primary arc, my friend, but primary weapon . Both Vennie's forward arc and Turret arc are primary attacks (contrary to some cannons/missiles which are secondary attacks). Then yea - you can rotate after each shot so you're rotating like a pro
  10. Oldpara

    Double-Tap Vennie

    I don't think you get the idea of Paige. She allows you shoot every direction and be almost unable to be arc doged without spending single action on rotate Turret, so you're almost always double focused. Procedure is as follows: keep arc sideways (so 270' effective arc) - get double focus from action - shoot at whatever you want - rotate arc with Page - double tap with Vet. Turret Gunner - rotate arc again back to sideways 270' with Paige. So you're double taping the same target forward or you're shooting backwards, even having arc always positioned sideways. Crazy good.
  11. Oldpara

    A Scyk's Time to Shine?

    Actually I have some pretty nice successes with Scyks even before points adjustments: top8 Polish SOS (and nice Worlds Invite on the first go ) and top4 Hungarian Nationals using torpedo Quinn Jast. Friend of mine also hit top4 in the same Hungarian Nationals using variation of my list using even 2 Scyks (Quinn Jast with Proton Toropedos and PS3 generic with Tracotr beam) So yea - they are viable
  12. Oldpara

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    This Spanish tournament was weird. Old points and I saw on this stream 4 A-wing list flying with Outmanuever 😜
  13. Oldpara

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Interestingly our staurday local tournament has been won also by 4X (Luke, Wedge, 2 generics just with Servomotors). No one bring Tripsilons as well - last week tests weren't so good (with 2 Upsilons + QD variant) so FO players dropped the idea.
  14. Oldpara

    Poland - the land of game spies?

    Starting 2.0 edition there's new reseller in Poland: Asmodee bought one of the major Polish game publishers Rebel.pl and since then they are handling X-wing stuff. Two "leaks" was date misunderstanding (Rebel.pl published Polish version of the FFG article bit earlier then other local resselers and FFG intended) but the last article afik everything was fine, just FFG central is bad at handling their website so main article was late, not Polish one too early. So all "leaks" are coming directly from Asmodee/FFG and Polish branch is just hyper active
  15. Oldpara

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    I feel that Tripsilions is just a minor problem. Needs to be taken into consideration, will hunt middle tables but never win nothing Biggest problem is huge bid war incoming: I predict 15+ bids all over the place. Mark my words