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  1. Well, Imperials won. Everything is fine.
  2. I am on hold with all list building until 9th January Except new ships there will be a lot of changes among old ones like possible dorp points on generics so who knows what will fit?
  3. Actually with Vader Admiral he doesn't need Ordnance Experts
  4. 🤔 Why do you think they need help in the first place? 5A are super solid list, it made top8 at Worlds and nothing changed since then. Not everything needs to be Seerswarm/Force users level powerful Besides, they will get new RZ2 pilots in the Pilot pack soon which will expand options.
  5. Yes, Polish Armada distributor (Galakta) is not part of the FFG/Asmodee so they don't have access to the FFG website (try to put something on their Web site if you're not the insider
  6. Sebastian B (Imperial Jerjerrod) was 5th, Bartek K (Rebel) is true 7.
  7. Polish Grands were in Warsaw not Krakow (Euros were in Krakow tho). Just for clarity
  8. Video has been pulled of. Will be cut to single battles and re-published later this week.
  9. Well, ships are fast so you can adjust tactics according what's on the table. Finn is obvious target for the enemy, so knowing your opponent's target priority is your advantage. Tallissan and Lulo deep fast flank, Finn slow roll in the middle, Poe on the second flank either to hit hard or to run away from the trap using double repositions + Black One.
  10. I just made this weekend top4 Czech Grands (44 players) with Poe/Lulo/Tallissan/Finn. Lulo is strong. Talli is cheap.
  11. Jakub Charmo has won, second was Daniel Unzeitig, third Alessio Iannussi.
  12. 25 attenders. Piotr Świetlicki have won Swiss with SSD. Edit: 1. Piotr Świetlicki (Piett SSD) 2. Jakub Charmo (Jerjerrod LMSU) 3. Dawid Czartuszewski (Dodonna Aces) 4. Bartek Kostuch (Rieekan Aces) 5. Alessio Iannussi (Raddus bomb Profoundity Hammerhead) 6. Daniel Unzeitig (Raddus bomb Profoundity Hammerhead) 7. Sebastian Bogusz (Jerjerrod SSD) 8. Mariusz Truba (Motti dual ISD) First Sloane 9th.
  13. Is there any way to sort saved fleets? I've got like 20 builds saved and I is pain in the back to find proper one. I keep most successful builds in the builder to have guick access to it (like World's winner, Euro Runner-up, Polish Championship winner etc). By name would be fine. Good work btw. Thx
  14. What I heard is X-wing despite being in very good shape as a game (more ppl playing, new players etc) is selling terribly because of transition from 1.0 to 2.0. Ppl are buying 1.0 stuff with enormous discounts and Conversion kits, there's almost no incentive to buy new things for old players (unless you picked new fraction) Back in days we got like 1 wave per 3-4 months, now there was no single new Empire ship since like 1,5 year (?). So game is in good shape, sales are terrible.
  15. And yet Star fortress isn't playable with or without Trajectory Simulator with one small exception for Vennie (not super powerful but ok)
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