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  1. I'll tell after the Euros Pease let me keep my wonder weapon concealed Even if I'll probably fail miserably, I still think Ketsu is the most powerful piece Scum has in their arsenal now.
  2. I hope my new Ketsu build will rock at upcoming European Championship
  3. Actually Ketsu, Talonbane and Guri could be Top Tier competitive squad. Didn't know it's Black Sun themed. Nice.
  4. You're mistaken, there's more than that: - worst hull/shield ratio - worst secondary weapon slot (Missle vs Torpedo) - worst dial to capitalise Afterburners (tallon2 instead of tallon3, hard1 instead of hard3) and most important: - lack of boost action which is crucial for blocking abilities on low Ini ships and arc doge abilities on high Ini ships. It's why they haven't seen much play until recent points reduction.
  5. @Hiemfire He referred to boost out of Cads Bane ability witch is red indeed, so no composure.
  6. Still on the computers of FFG Organized Play. Published nowhere. They claim they cannot publish due to GDPR regulations (European law about protecting privacy in the Internet) but it's not true in my opinion. They posted Polish SOS results with surnames shorted to the first letter, and they posted UK results.
  7. Played one Hyperspace Trial, and couple Hangar Bay games at Adepticon with Xizor (Xizor + Predator, Proton Torpedoes , Teroch + Predator and 3 Z95 Escort). He's fun but weak. Finished Trial 3:3, with better dice variance could be 4:2, maybe even 5:1 with ton of luck
  8. Mobile Opera - warning exists.
  9. I meant "intentional failed boost trick" but with different bonus (additional red dice from ability, instead focus form composure). Composure doesn't work with Lulo obviously.
  10. This isn't cheating, standard use of game mechanics. Doesn't work with Interceptors, but does work with Temmen Wexley (Resistance T70) and to some degree with Lulo (Resistance A RZ2) - he often intentionaly fail boost to get stress and additional red dice.
  11. Quinn Jast + Proton Torpedoes, Crack Shot (she can reload crack as well). Backed with Scum Junk squad (Seevor, Unkar, L3-37, Z95, Torkil in Hungary and Plaob, Unkar, Talonbane and L3-37 during Polish SOS) Lists aren't valid anymore after January points update. Trick was to focus from coordinate, then 5fwd +TL. If enemy landed r2-3, then Proton, if r1 than double moded 3 Dice + crack and if bumped (most often) k3/k5 and Topredo in following turns. Had matches with her firing 3x or even 4x torpedoes.
  12. I wouldn't sense irony even if it hit me in the face, so just in case let me point that Jack is friend of mine, and he's way better player than me
  13. Hey Kryats, I've listened to your episode (friend told me to, I need to reevaluate this friendship ) Among lots of things you're usually wrong about, I need to point one thing: Quinn Jast super fine! I've made top8 SOS with him and Top4 Hungarian Natio (serious stuff). I've dropped her only to jump onto Talonbane Cobra who is even more fine!
  14. Last year there where as far as I remember 4 SOS for whole Europe, and this year we got SOS every 2 weeks in peak season (literally - SOS UK was 2 weeks ago, now Germany and next is SOS Nordics within 2 weeks, next Italy 3 weeks after). This affects numbers greatly.
  15. Fenn is costed properly. My friend calls him PPE - Positive Play Experience: every time you see him on the board, you're terrified about his powers, and then you are almost always super happy when he dies after some stupid r2 shot/unlucky crit
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