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  1. As you mentioned in the BL-forum: "I don't mind buying expansions like with BattleLore, but it's discouraging trying to keep up with these infinitely expandable games." - I think it's the same to me. Especially since I tried a game in a game store in Vienna. I think it's a great game and nicely modular...but the expansion packs of BL were a bit more familiar. Also after calculating my preferences for the game I decided not to join it actively (same counts for SW: Legion ). I start hoping for Battlelore: Star Wars.
  2. I always enjoy watching this Battle Report from the awesome Battlelore 2nd because it shows love to the detail, has great colours and a good overview about the turns and potential strategies of the both players. Since I am to lazy to search for Runewars videos (because I don't care so much about the Runewars yet - not sure if I should step a bit back from Kings Of War, Battlelore 2nd, Deadzone 2nd, Twilight Imperium 4 and Descent 1 to step into another game system) - do you know similar vids so i have a better base to decide if I want to go into it?
  3. Back to the topic - I think that the stop of supporting BL killed Runewars in the long run. Many players I met told me that they're sceptical starting with the new RW since Battlelore felt so unfinished with only three factions.
  4. Wasn't aSoIAF a big failure for CMON?
  5. Chimonas

    No Distant Suns?

    That's why I wrote probably. I just compared the content old and new edition.
  6. Chimonas

    Runewars rumours

    Thanks to my american board game fans I heard rumours that FFG plans something about a kind of TI4 revival of Runewars if TI4 sells well. Do you think that could be more then just rumours?
  7. Chimonas

    No Distant Suns?

    Well. Maybe this victory point is a distant sun marker? Since they write: “With over 354 plastic units, 450 cards, 700 tokens, 50 galaxy tiles, and so much more, Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition redefines what it means to be epic in the world of board gaming.“ 561 command and control tokens and probably: 46 Fighters+ground force 40 trade goods 8 bonus counters Leaves pretty much the 44 Domain counters and 1 left (+ the option of more). Maybe there are more planets or they used sth from the TI3 expansions.
  8. Chimonas

    New Expansion or 4th Edition

    4th Edition my friends.
  9. With the path splitting of GW and FFG we are going to lose one of the greatest games ever. (https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/9/9/a-new-path-forward/) I was still hoping until now that they might release a second expansion to this awesome game. May it not rest in peace but rise once again. :'(
  10. Chimonas

    Any chance fpr essen preorder ?

    Well, they presented the game at GenCon. So there might be a chance that - if FFG is there - they might provide a demo or already the actual game. If FFG isn't there but the Heidelberger Spieleverlag it's a fifty:fifty chance since they haven't announced that they'll provide Doom in any language so far. Heidelberger: http://www.heidelbaer.de/dyn/products/main
  11. Well chess just has two fractions like shogi or go/weiqi.
  12. Chimonas

    Something big...

    Tell us more
  13. This is something I really will never understand. The game is perfectly playable with two factions only, thus with the content of the core set. It's not like there is something missing making the game unplayable. And we don't have 2 factions only, we have 3, and each of them comes with several unit types, so, replayability is huge. Selling a game because there's no 4th faction seems rather senseless. Selling a game because it's no fun? Sure. Selling a game because it's repetitive? Sure. Selling a game because you want Elves but there are none? It's kindergarten behaviour I agree in every single comment. Also I have to admit - I haven't played Battlelore a lot since I haven't that much time. So I am indeed happy that they aren't publishing every year something. I would also be happy about a two or three years cycle so that I can enjoy everything new completely in several ways.
  14. Chimonas

    Something big...

    What would you like to see in the next big box expansion of Runebound?