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  1. 1. Bill the Pony + Sword-thain = Hero pony 2. Attach 2x Armored Destrier + Arod + Asfaloth 3. Attach Elf-Friend 4. Attach Rivendell Bow Result: Bill the Pony riding four horses simultaneously, wielding an elvish bow. Obviously you can get more absurd than that by attaching every other possible attachment, but the mental image this evokes for me is downright amusing.
  2. Diligent Noble! Finally, I can attach both Heir of Mardil and The Day's Rising on Beregond for that sweet sweet resource generation!
  3. Personally, I find the Southron Refugee to be quite attractive! Wouldn't mind having a few copies of her in my deck!
  4. I've got a friend who is totally in to Lovecraft, and he just expressed interest! Let's hope that FFG learned a lesson with this core set, and didn't include any one-of cards when you can have three in your deck. Buying a third core set just for a third copy of Unexpected Courage is such a joke! Edit: Thanks for the hug, Robin. I needed one!
  5. From the looks of it, this game is all about you as a character. It looks like all the cards you get are skills and items, and few (if any) actual characters that you can play. This is very different from The Lord of the Rings, where a large part of the game is amassing an army of allies. Either way, this game looks great, and I just happen to have a friend who might love it!
  6. The Arkham LCG is real! Hype! The news is on the main FFG page!
  7. If Rebels gives us a Gunboat, I swear I will never bad mouth anything Rebels ever again. Even if Hera and a resurrected Inquisitor have a romance whilst riding rainbow dash and twilight princess in a My Little Pony crossover. But I'm a realist so I guess my last purchase will remain the TAP. Surely you meant Twilight Sparkle? Don't worry, Hera is one step ahead of you. I like the Rainbow Power colors on the Phantom. Edit: You know, from the end of Season 4, and that one episode in Season 5.
  8. Ioreth, being the only 0 cost ally in the game is a great option for a quick sword-thain.
  9. Could someone explain the combo potential with hero Gloin and Livery of the Tower? Edit: Also, hero Sam with Nor am I a Stranger and Golden Shield defends for 6!
  10. jodudeit


    After looking at the combos that are made possible by Electronic Baffle, I have to say that this ship might just be the ultimate counter to aces. The major reason for this is that you get to make an attack during the Maneuver Phase, and, with proper initiative, before the other aces have moved. In this way, "Quickdraw" would actually have been more valuable as a lower PS ship. But, the high PS does offer some flexibility to play the role of ace in its own right. I'm just trying to imagine a Baffle + Rage "Quickdraw" moving before Soontir, getting a range 1 shot of nearly fully modified dice, before Soontir has even had a chance to get his tokens in place. Pretty deadly, and all at just the cost of 1 stress token and a shield. Or, "Quickdraw" with Baffle + PTL + EU would make for an expensive ace (we still don't know the dial, but if it has a green turn of any speed, this will work sooooo well) with again, the ability to make snipes at aces before they've even activated. So, while this ability would have been amazing on a lower PS ship, as it stands, the versatility of being able to activate before the other PS 9s and also do arc dodging (it still has a native barrel roll) against lower PS ships makes "Quickdraw" look pretty good in my book. Plus, we still don't know what the new Tech Upgrades will be, so there might be even cooler shenanigans down the road!
  11. "Quickdraw" 29 Fire Control System 2 Marksmanship 3 Throw on a shield upgrade to get the combo to proc more often. 4 38 Points! Sidle up to some unsuspecting large base ship with low/no agility (Decimator or VCX-100 are prime candidates). Get it just right so you are not touching, but have the ship in both your primary and auxiliary arcs. Take a Marksmanship action Fire at PS 9, shooting from the front arc at range 1. Fire from the rear arc at range 1, now with a target lock from fire control! Lose a shield from your 2 agility, and shoot again! That's right, FOUR 3 dice attacks on one large base ship from one small base ship, 3 of which will be fully modified with the marksmanship action alone, and all four could be fully modified with a previous round's target lock. Difficult to impossible to pull off? Probably! Rage inducing if actually done? Certainly! And the best part is, you could actually do it multiple times a game, since you do have 3/4 shields!
  12. I agree that the art of Nightmare Mode is amazing, but it really is satisfying to take your most overpowered deck that isn't really fun anymore in Normal Mode against a Nightmare scenario! Or, you could just play Heirs of Numenor, and get the same difficulty! That said, I have always liked this treachery from the Core Set. The hopeless gaze, the futile map, the lamp that must be running low on oil, this is one of my favorite cards that with just a title, picture and effect tell an entire story.
  13. I shudder to imagine the font size that would be required to cram all that text on this version of Dain. Hope the pack comes with a free magnifying glass!
  14. Looking at the spread of the contents of the new Heroes of the Resistance box, and there aren't any target lock tokens in it! Instead, at the bottom are three sets of new tokens. Maybe they're for missions, but maybe they are meant to be a new kind of target lock token. I don't see how they would work, though, since having two of the same token doesn't identify who has the lock and who is being locked on.
  15. Huh, they didn't give an exhibit on Vanish from Sight... Maybe they're working on an FAQ as we speak?
  16. There are only two other player cards that use the word considered. Hero Gandalf and Ally Saruman.
  17. Regardless of which interpretation is the correct one, we will need a new FAQ entry for Vanish from Sight, since the card's text is sooooo unclear about its implications.
  18. If that's the case, then playing this card opens the floodgates for all the doomed cards! Doomed ZERO Legacy of Númenor? Yes, please!
  19. My thought for Vanish from Sight is that your threat dial and your considered threat are separate. Raising your threat with an effect means you increase your dial's value, and then after the effect is complete, you check your dial and any other effects to determine your considered threat. If that's the case, then the combo might work!
  20. So, I have combo idea to use with Vanish from Sight. Have Wandering Took and Song of Eärendil in play and have Loragorn. Might need Desperate Alliance if you are running three heroes. Play Vanish from Sight during the Refresh Phase, making your effective threat stay at 20 for the rest of the phase. Use Wandering Took to travel between all other players, constantly taking all their threat into your threat dial, but you still only are considered to have 20 threat, so you can't threat out. Finally, once all other players have zero threat, activate Loragorn, returning your threat to your starting value, and leaving everyone else with zero threat. Will this combo work?
  21. I really like the new Tactics Éowyn by Magali.
  22. They are indeed 8 1/2" x 11". I bought a large pack of 100 page sleeves, and keep all my quest pages in a binder. I had to cut the two-page ones down the middle crease to make them fit, but all in all, a very nice setup!
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