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  1. What is interesting to me is that I am currently playing the same campaign as empire with the same rebel characters and the same class and have lost most of the missions so far. We are a little more than halfway through, but the rebels in my group have some powerful weapons and have put Diala's force throw to good use. The matches were mostly very close with the exception of the most recent mission ("One Step Behind") which is exceptionally unbalanced in favor of the rebels. They even managed to win "Return to Echo Base." I don't think I have made too many egregious errors, and I am trying to stay positive, but I am worried I am dead this campaign.
  2. More of a philosophical question, but wanted to get the community opinion on this, since my group has built the application described below and we currently use it. I, however, have some doubts as to whether it makes sense to allow it during gameplay. Suppose I had an application that allowed the user to enter any combination of dice, alongside any extra surges or bonuses that might get added during an attack. Additionally, the user could enter the defense dice (i.e. a single black die, a single white die, two black dice, etc) and any other extra bonuses that might get included in the defense. The application outputs the probability of dealing 1 damage, 2 damage, missing, etc. Would it be a good idea to allow players to use this tool during the campaign missions, or does it offer too large a benefit? Does using it remove an element of skill that one should expect a player to exercise, analogous to knowing when to hit in blackjack, or knowing when to fold during a poker game, or is it just another legitimate aid, like knowing the contents of the deck before you play?
  3. Thanks Albert! Your answer makes sense. I wonder why they made them different colors; wouldn't it be more clear to make them all red and then just say "deploy to the nearest red point"?
  4. Hey folks, My group is about to do the mission "One Step Behind" and I have an important rules question. Aside from the green deployment points, there is a yellow, blue and red deployment point. When do these get activated? It is not specified in the rules. Is it the case that they get activated when the corresponding console color gets claimed? A follow up question: I see only one patrol droid active at the start of the mission and the rules say that I get to add 1 additional one when 2 consoles is claimed. Does that mean I only get a max of 2 patrol droids? Where I can put them depends on the answer to the previous question above.
  5. My understanding is that the space you place the Nexu in just needs to be 3 spaces away. It does not mention anything about being able to get there with 3 movement points.
  6. Thanks for all the replies! I like the point of using large figures as a potential counter. Trandoshans are great, but they are not available every mission and require a lot of threat to cast if they are one of my open groups, so I view that as less of a viable countermeasure. Aside from Red's examples, the force throw ability was used in this campaign to disrupt my officers from interacting with consoles and was successful in dragging my units through the fire spaces for massive amounts of free damage.
  7. I am playing my first full length "Return to Hoth" campaign as the imperials. The Rebel team consists of good players, but their main asset so far in the first few missions has been Diala's force throw. In missions where positioning is important (such as White Noise or Scouring of the Homestead) this ability has done a ton of work against me. Do any fellow imperial players have tips on how to counter this ability?
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