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  1. So, after a busy few weeks where I didn't get any articles up, I'm finally back with a Fleet Troopers unit guide. I'm also working on revamping my Buying Guide. As always I'd love to hear any feedback you might have.
  2. You can only perform 1 attack action per activation. Charge lets you perform a free melee attack action, so after using charge you cannot perform a normal attack action. Son of Skywalker lets you perform 1 additional attack; notice how it doesn't say it is an attack action, just an attack. In short, no you cannot perform 3 attacks with Luke while using Son of Skywalker, and you can never perform more than 1 attack action with Luke during his activation.
  3. Personally I think I would hate to see such an expansion. A generic jet pack upgrade that I have to buy a separate box for, and then attach to a separate box of troopers that in all likelihood I've already put together and painted? No thanks. It would almost certainly be too much hassle and not enough value for me. On the other hand, something like a Jumptrooper special forces expansion could be excellent. In that case, the jetpacks already on the models and the gameplay abilities already on the unit card, just like with Boba Fett. There'd be sufficient value in one box to justify the cost, and there would be a hard limit to the number of troopers zipping across the battlefield.
  4. From the Learn to Play booklet, page 22: So at the very least we could expect to see medics and engineers as personnel upgrades. Obviously there's no telling how (or when) they'll become available though.
  5. @AintNoPoser-- I'm not sure where exactly they said "the height of the Galactic Civil War", but like @Jman444 I suspect you're reading into it too much. They almost certainly are using "the height" as a more flavorful turn of phrase than simply "during". The Legion product page says "...join the unsung battles of the Galactic Civil War..." which sounds pretty broad to me. And even if the designers are specifically working in "the height" of the war, their view of what that means could very well be different from your view or mine. In any case, I'm not gonna stop hoping for Rogue One characters! ?
  6. Keep in mind that what we can read on the card is simply reminder text rather than a complete explanation of the rules. We will probably have to wait for the rules insert in the expansion box and/or an update to the rules reference pdf before we know exactly how it works. Personally I'd like to see bounty give the opposition a chance to gain that victory token if the target survives. It think it would be more fun and add an interesting element of risk to using it.
  7. It looks like they only have Scout 1, probably to balance them being so dangerous at close range. They still look really good to me though.
  8. I've just finished the unit guide for Leia. I think she will and be very impactful in the right hands, and her command cards look really fun to play. Please let me know if you notice any mistakes or have any suggestions. Also, I wrote a bit about selecting Battle Cards over at Imperial Terrain's blog. I hope you'll take a look and let me know what you think!
  9. If you want more options, focus on narrative play, and don't care about the cards themselves, then why does it matter at all? You can make up your own custom cards, and you can almost certainly find like-minded people who are in to that as well.
  10. Yeah the "Additional Information" section in that link looks inaccurate. We've been told that Priority Supplies expansion includes 12 objective markers (not objective cards) as well as 3 Battle Cards (1 objective card, 1 deployment card, 1 condition card). From what I can tell, the Barricades Pack only includes 8 barricades; there's no compelling reason to buy this one unless you really want some more barricades, like if your core set barricades get lost or damaged or you want to build them into larger terrain piece.
  11. Yeah, you can only issue the commander-specific cards from the given commander. If one commander dies, you can't use their cards. The other draw back is you are limited in who you give the orders to, like only trooper units for the 2 pip cards.
  12. Well I wasn't there watching the thing, but I got the impression that "Something big is still coming" was somebody's own interpretation, rather than something explicitly stated. See this post:
  13. As I recall, what happened at GAMA was that somebody asked, "You guys said back at GenCon that 'something big' was coming for Armada" and the FFG spokesperson said, "We did say that, didn't we?" That's hardly confirmation or clarification.
  14. I've always thought that Thrawn and the Profundity were the fulfillment of that original "Something big is coming." It's been morbidly amusing to me how many people have decided "something big" must mean an SSD, when "something big" is a very standard phrase that gets used all the time when marketing want to build hype something without actually revealing anything of substance. Of course, for all I know they might actually announce an SSD (or new factions or Armada 2.0 or the Deathstar) by the end of the week. But even if they do, I'm still quite sure that when they said "something big is coming" during the GenCon presentation they simply meant wave 7.
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