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  1. Arttemis

    The obscure ships that wont ever see a re-release

    I expect them all to return. FFG is sitting on top of the most successful miniatures game around, and they've already invested in the model sculpts during each ships initial wave PLUS committed time and money to their rebalancing in the 2.0 refresh. It seems logical for them to keep all of their investments lucrative by continuing to manufacture and sell every ship they've already made.
  2. Arttemis

    What Will Incentivize FFG to Fix This?

    Sure, the obvious solution would be to allow users an option to download the data if they desire to do so. That said, if not including images, the card text would be in the range of mere Kbs.
  3. Arttemis

    What Will Incentivize FFG to Fix This?

    This app should be available offline to build lists, with a tournament button to generate some validation screen via internet connection if they insist. All rules and references should be available, and every bomb card should display that information when building lists. Every ship's dial reference chart should be added. Remove the menu animations and prioritize performance for snappy interactivity. Generally redesign the squad builder interface so that it is more useful. There is a lot of space that can be truncated at the bottom of the upgrade section of each ship. Instead of locking in the top inch of the screen to only display SQUAD BUILDER and a back button, use that space to show us the useful header content (such as total points remaining, name of squad, and the add ship button) that is currently only accessible at the top of the scrollable portion of the page and underneath the frivolous banner. Give us the option to filter only the cards from our collection when building squads. Give us the option to add or subtract individual cards to our collection. Allow us to duplicate a ship and its upgrades.
  4. Arttemis

    Small base in Falcon expansion

    You're in for a surprise!
  5. Arttemis

    Just the cards I own?

    It's an obvious feature that was available to toggle in many of the free, third party apps. I'm really surprised at how many features regular people stuffed into their personal-project apps (during their free time, working only on donation) that the professional app is missing.
  6. Arttemis

    So if theres an app now. Why do we need cards?

    Because this is a miniatures game, not a video game or toys-to-life game.The app is merely a very much needed means of allowing ongoing point and upgrade balance, and it's not intended to replace anything. I suspect FFG's new digital team is working on a fully digitized version of this, though. As an avid fan of the physical versions of X-Wing and Armada, I'd buy the video games if they made them, but I would never advocate they replace the physical elements in the miniatures games.
  7. Yes, BF2 stupidly gave the TIE/ln freaking proton torpedoes. In the campaign, it seemed fine because it appeared only Inferno Squad ships received the upgrade, but they all have it in multiplayer. It's really disappointing, considering Starfighter Assault is, to me, the only thing remotely worth playing in the game yet they steamrolled over a major detail.
  8. Arttemis

    What Will Incentivize FFG to Fix This?

    I was hoping for an app that surpassed third party options because it would be developed by a salaried staff instead of amateurs generously donating their spare time.
  9. Arttemis

    What Will Incentivize FFG to Fix This?

    Is it believed that FFG isn't going to improve the app? I just came into this sub-forum because I wanted to request the addition of all rules, references (especially bomb effects), FAQs, and dials.
  10. Arttemis

    2.0 Defenders

    I miss double tapping, but I'm not particularly surprised it was removed in 2.0. Considering the price of these things, a 5pt configuration allowing it would seem fair.
  11. Arttemis

    PSA: Cheap card storage option

    Looks great! Interesting idea about the foil box for dials. I was thinking of putting dials and small/medium bases sorted with the pilot cards for a unified storage solution, but I'll try this and compare.
  12. Arttemis

    New Scum Ships from SW Resistance?

    Thank you! Awesome; I want miniatures of every ship shown! I didn't even realize it was so close to release. Edit- I'm kind of confused why FFG would put so much effort into splitting up the factions by time period, but they're allowing a single combined scum faction across multiple eras.
  13. Arttemis

    New Scum Ships from SW Resistance?

    Where are these images from? Did a trailer release?
  14. Arttemis

    PSA: Cheap card storage option

    I never want to touch a binder again. Nothing is easier than a box like this. I have a 3-row box to fit pilots, upgrades, and miscellaneous inside. Just sort things alphabetically after faction or upgrade type, and you'll never have to rearrange a binder ever again.
  15. Arttemis

    The Day Twitter Broke X-Wing

    I disagree with everything in this post.