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  1. Arttemis

    The Day Twitter Broke X-Wing

    I disagree with everything in this post.
  2. Arttemis

    Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0

    Sorry if this is off topic, but does anyone know if the chrome extension for X-Wing Companion Card Viewer will be updated for 2.0 or if there is a separate extension that will serve this purpose?
  3. Arttemis


    Card packs that allow me to maintain complete collections of upgrade cards without having to touch any content from era are essential, more than ever now.
  4. Arttemis

    Quick reference sheet

    Yeah, I created a frankenstein's monster out of the reference sheets from a website I found. Unfortunately, I no longer have the file, but it would be outdated anyway. Here's the once-great, now outdated cheat sheet rules sheet that I used as a template base for the game: https://www.orderofgamers.com/games/star-wars-armada/ What I did was snip out the unimportant columns and replace them with the essential squadron information that has been pasted on this page.
  5. Arttemis

    Who is passing on Saw's Renegades expansion, and why?

    I had no idea about this news (working overtime every week for the last month). Has a second printing with corrected contents been confirmed?
  6. Arttemis

    EA abandoning battlefront 2

    Disney just needs to hire Platinum Games to make a Jedi game that mixes the physics based force abilities from SW:tFU with the polish and action competency of Metal Gear Rising. P* makes games for cheap, their licensed games make huge returns on investment, and they're very quick.
  7. Arttemis

    Full Rebel conv kit contents on FB

    Horton and Dutch look awesome! Gavin in the E-Wing is rad! I'm loving what I'm seeing so far!
  8. Arttemis

    Luke vs the New Turrets

    I love the intention of 2.0 to emphasize tactful maneuvering, judicious access to actions, and reining in defense to allow for two dice attacks to become viable. Has Luke's card text been confirmed? I've only read the first few pages of the read; there's too much to keep track of have I've been working overtime for the last month. Hopefully, it's not. I think it would be crazy to undo the amazing rules slated for 2.0 within the same wave they're getting released... The only benefit would be that it would be the auto-include crew member for my super-newbie friends, removing any mental stress they have about how to build a team. I'm really hoping the card translation was incorrect, though.
  9. Arttemis

    New E-wing sculpt for 2.0 petition

    I would definitely prefer a sleeker looking E-Wing resculpt. I don't care about the center gun, I just want a more angular look instead of the current blobby one.
  10. Arttemis

    Jon Favreau Star Wars Series

    Even better! It gives them more freedom to really craft some detailed, unique characterizations with the new cast.
  11. Arttemis

    Jon Favreau Star Wars Series

    Between this and the animated Poe Dameron cartoon, I'm happy to say I'm finally excited about Star Wars shows!
  12. Arttemis

    One weird side-effect of all this 2e nonsense

    I think it had the opposite effect on me. Last night, I bought the C-ROC because it was the last thing I was missing.
  13. Arttemis

    2 Question Poll about X-Wing and 2.0...

    Yes No
  14. Arttemis

    Where did we all get so entitled?

    I've been wanting an updated version since Jumpmasters released. I will be buying the conversion kits and a new starter the day of release. This announcement is like Christmas morning to me.
  15. Arttemis

    Thanks For All The Fish

    Oh man, I highly recommend Skirmish mode. I'm sorry to hear you're giving up on the game, though. I've actually never done campaign.