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  1. I know! They're so worried to show works in progress because the final product could look different... Just add a disclaimer saying so and you're absolved, FFG!
  2. It's crazy how much the meta has changed. Dengar, Zuckuss, and pre-nerf Palpatine were the 'negative play experiences' that went hand in hand with meta matches when I competed. I have never flown my JM5k because of my inherited distain towards it.
  3. A Protectorate Starfighter or two (or four) is a blast to play. I am out of touch with the meta, so I'm not sure how tournament viable it is, but I'm really looking forward to fly them with the super arc of the upcoming scum ship in the next wave. The M3-A Scyk Interceptor is also a blast, though you'd probably want a C-ROC epic with the new title to bring its price down. You've definitely got the right idea with the Starviper and Khiraxz, because Guns for Hire is looking fantastic! A Lancer-class Pursuit Craft is also super fun with its Rigged Cargo Chute and mobile arc shenanigans and tractor beam effects.
  4. Well, the EA just canned its Visceral Studio, which was making behind making an Uncharted-esque Star Wars game that would be the next game after BF2. EA claim they are reworking the game to be some kind of 'games as a service' cash cow. Twitter posts from people following the industry are claiming that the studio was shut down because they couldn't adequately shove microtransactions into the single player game. Amy Hennig, the writer behind the Uncharted games, is possibly off the project. What a crappy turn of events.
  5. If this has an experimental slot, I'd rather it have a new card with different technology to go with it, and that the preview picture just doesn't correctly reflect it.
  6. I'm curious to hear of any updates that may have come from this! Phenomenal work!
  7. Wow, the 'shoot them move' design combined with the ship specific movement mechanics and fighter squadron system make this appear to be a video game equivalent of Armada! The fact that there aren't any Star Wars versions of this with AAA pedigree make me so upset. I really hate that Lucas Arts sold the license in exclusivity to companies in their respective field. We're about to be 3 movies into the Disney reign and still only have 1 game out... and the upcoming game is its sequel. There's an adventure shooter (like Uncharted) set between episode 4/5 on its way from Visceral, and a probably Jedi related title coming from Respawn.
  8. So killing enemy soldiers who would kill you on sight is now considered casual murder? I do think it's most likely that Han and Chewbacca hid in their hidden cargo bay until the troopers walked by, at which point Chewie jumped out and slammed their heads together, possibly fatally. We've seen Han tie up Imperial Troopers before in Return of the Jedi.
  9. I really hope they push the aesthetics in crates and minimize/reduce the gains from higher tier 'cards'. I love the variety in gameplay offered by the stat tweaks and skill replacements, but there's no reason the higher tiers should offer substantial stats boosts. Small boosts don't bother me as they can serve as a 'carrot on a stick' to keep players engaged and eager to play, but it's wrong to make some players inherently much stronger than the rest. ---------- After the beta, I've really been yearning for more Fighter Assault... and REALLY dreaming about a Rogue Squadron-type game. With all the 'star cards' from BF2 that match upgrade cards from our beloved XWM game (Hull Upgrade, Ion Cannon Turret, etc), I have been thinking how cool it would be to have a TIE Fighter/X-Wing/Rogue Squadron type video game campaign that follows through with that idea to the nth degree. Allow players to customize their in-game ships as much as we do here in this miniature game!
  10. But there's better food in the medical facility than general population!
  11. Nick is requesting all questions regarding this issue be redirected to the new thread within the Skirmish subforum here:
  12. I am trying to find a solution to your issue as well. Right now, I have the Core tiles in the Core box (along with every card sorted by type, dice, character sheets, and a lot of empty space) and every expansion tile set inside the Return to Hoth box. I'm thinking of repurposing the Core box into the sole location of each tile set contained in labeled gallon ziplock bags, and non-miniature storage for the cards and dice. The miniatures are kept in a display case.
  13. My girlfriend is a huge boardgaming fan and visited UK for two weeks with her sister over the summer, a week of it in London. She absolutely loved a gaming shoppe called The Thirsty Meeple, which was half café, half game store. I'm not positive they have Armada, but it sounds like a place worth visiting.
  14. I also expected a Tauntaun expansion! I guess the reasoning for excluding it was that it's too fast, but I fully expected some Rebel Calvary.
  15. Ah, you're right, I forgot about the ranged attack the Raiders have. You could probably find a second hand set of Tuskan Raider minis and deployment cards for much cheaper than a second Twin Suns expansion, and you could roll with two elite Bantha Riders, two elite Raiders, and a regular Raider. Otherwise, an elite Nexu with the Beast Tamer skirmish upgrade would be 7 pts, and that could work. If you pick up Jabba's Realm, you could easily imagine a group of Tuskan Raiders walking in single file behind their tamed Rancor...