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  1. Arttemis

    Who's the fool?: Rule dispute.

    Whew, I'm glad someone mentioned it on the first page. Moving first has no detriments if you're flying ships that can't boost, barrel roll, or reposition of any kind.
  2. Arttemis

    Hooray. Upsilons on sale at Amazon for 12 bucks.

    I jumped. Got one of these and a Quadjumper for $18. That's crazy!
  3. Arttemis

    What Does 2.0 Offer to the Casual Player?

    I wholeheartedly think 2.0's changes were sensible ones that fundamentally improved the game at a mechanical level. Tweaks to the rules have streamlined the game, reeled in the power creep, balanced stats like agility, and simplified some obtuse elements. I'm always glad to hear sceptical people embrace the transition because I genuinely think it a superior system, and hope they can find and enjoy those benefits.
  4. Arttemis

    Playmats at Adepticon

    It's just a painted, oversized mousepad and a different color Vulture Droid. No unique cards, abilities, upgrades, etc. No one is missing anything by not being able to get these, and you can repaint the ship yourself for $4 worth of paint and a cumulative half hour spread across three days. Unique aesthetics are a great idea for conventions.
  5. Arttemis

    Hooray. Upsilons on sale at Amazon for 12 bucks.

    Quadjumpers are under $7! Armada Interdictors and Neb Bs are super cheap, too.
  6. Arttemis

    Hooray. Upsilons on sale at Amazon for 12 bucks.

    Oh man, I think I need it...
  7. I'm really surprised FFG isn't creating the entire lineup of existing ships as expansions in one wave. Encourage retailers to firesale the 1.0 content, push conversation kits to bring it up to spec, and have them replaced their stock with the 2.0 kits. Pushing that inventory would only make it that much easier to entice anyone currently on the fence.
  8. Arttemis

    Same dice as X-Wing ... what do you think?

    May I ask where this information came from? Attack or defense dice?
  9. Arttemis


    When I started reading the article, I was actually hoping it was about unique, player-created characters. You don't really need an expansion for that, but official support to create your own character board with your own ambitions and stats would be my biggest request.
  10. Arttemis

    Can't take the outer rim from me...

    That game looks utterly amazing! The more elements of that incorporated into this competitive multiplayer game, the better!
  11. Arttemis

    N1 Announced, Can this be Next?

    I've noticed the FFG articles don't accurately depict paint quality, and are often CGI renders. There are definitely paints out the capable of perfect chrome reflections, like Spaz Stix mirror finish chrome. I would like to think FFG gets the good stuff.
  12. Arttemis

    So where are B-wings configurations at?

    I bet we'll get something like an Aces kit for each faction that will add new pilots and upgrades for a few ships like this.
  13. Arttemis

    What have you bought to convert 1.0 to 2.0?

    I'm behind right now, but so far I have: 2 core boxes 1 of each of the first three conversion kits 1 Saw's Renegades 2 T-65 X-Wing (I had to have 4 with poseable wings!) 1 Firespray (Christmas gift) 1 Lando's Falcon Once my new job starts in a few weeks, I'm going to grab the other conversion kits and new releases.
  14. Arttemis

    Do I need it?

    The fundamental changes to Evade and the substitution of Push the Limit with red actions have made this game substantially better. I loved 1.0, but it had balancing issues. I am really blown away at at they've done with 2.0.
  15. I agree. I'm happy that the rereleased ships aren't sold with upgrade cards that weren't included in the faction packs. I think the overwhelming response to that would have been negative, affecting far more than those on the boards. Unless they have a new sculpt and/or paint job, I can safely and confidently dismiss their release and focus on the new content. Ultimately, reprinted ships should contain nothing beyond what was in the faction kits, because people who own 1.0 content should never have to repurchase ships they already own for new content.