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  1. And......we STILL have a missing SKU???

    Oh boy, I am excited for all of this!
  2. The new wave is in stores now!!!!!

    My FLGS is always 1-14 days late to receive FFG products from their distributor. Hopefully, it'll only be the 1-day delay this time and I can grab these tomorrow.
  3. what's in Wave 14? (Speculation)

    I think there's another thread about this, but I'd bet the RZ-2 A-Wing is coming.
  4. Elder Sign Omens

    The original game is almost identical to the app. I haven't cross referenced the cards to compare their text a but I believe it's a direct port. After buying some box expansions, you'll have even more variety. Grave Consequences is a must-have with the added insanity and gravestone mechanics. Unseen Forces adds some neat new stuff, too. The other expansions change the whole game in that they have whole new sets of location cards and introduce new game elements. Gates of Arkham is the best of them, IMO, and it also has the best cards to add to your item decks.
  5. I'm still skeptical; it's a photoshop.
  6. Will Raid ruin Armada?

    This is funny. I just finished reading the Chimera article and was so excited about the opportunities Raid tokens and the new shared fleet titles can bring to Armada that I couldn't wait to read what the forums were buzzing about. I am giddy at the thought of another campaign expansion that gives existing bombers new unique pilots with Assault!
  7. Could Armada implement a Holdo hyper ram?

    Personally, I don't think it belongs because it can skew points distributions radically. If it were to enter the game, I think it should only be allowable within a larger campaign and not a tournament-style match. Most importantly, though, is that it belongs in the inevitable sequel-trilogy version of the game with other campaign-specific elements like Active Tracking (which would be one First Order exclusive campaign ability, as the kamikazi would be one Resistance exclusive ability). To keep things fair and prevent players from skewing their points distributions into cheap suicide ships, the maneuver should only be allowed when the Resistance player has only one ship remaining, and is a larger-base ship with the Commander aboard. Using the tactic would require having the remaining enemy ships in arc and would merely force a draw instead of a loss for campaign purposes.
  8. FA Core Set $18 on Amazon

    Last year, Target had them on sale for $12, which is how I got my second and third TFA sets.
  9. And now? Next news? The future?

    RZ-2 A-Wing X-Wing 2.0
  10. Star Wars The Last Jedi [Spoiler Thread]

    I didn't say space was as hospitable. I did say that a vacuum is barely thermally conductive - much less than air, let alone water - meaning it wouldn't immediately freeze a person nor even feel like it... Furthermore, they were within a solar system featuring at least two stars, so the amount of thermal radiation would increase that listed temperature substantially. And again, a lack of pressure is only a difference of 1 Atmosphere, which is barely enough to make your ears feel discomfort. Deep sea divers experience pressure differentials orders of magnitude greater than getting sucked out into a vacuum. Humans can't live in space, but it's not like being subjected to those conditions are an immediate death sentence.
  11. Star Wars The Last Jedi [Spoiler Thread]

    I'll never understand this thought process. What do you think a vacuum is? Do you think Schwarzenegger's expanding face from Total Recall is what's supposed to happen? Do you know that being submerged 5 meters underwater subjects people to a greater pressure differential when compared to standard atmospheric conditions than actually being in space? Water is also highly thermally conductive, where as a vacuum is not, meaning cold water drains body heat faster than actually being in space. Also, Darth Vader does that exact same space-float maneuver in the beginning of the new-canon Lords of the Sith book by Paul S. Kemp.
  12. You mention Boarding being inspired by the ending scene in Rogue One... Well, I'm reading Lords of the Sith by Paul S. Kemp, and in the opening chapter, Vader and a squadron of V-Wings attack a stolen cargo freighter. I'll spoiler tag the details, but what happens is so awesome that it hooked me right away. I think it would be cool to add a boarding mechanic via an upgrade card to Lambda Shuttle squadron, and other squadrons capable of carrying a boarding party. I think it would be SUPER BADASS to have that kind of upgrade added to Vader himself.
  13. Tray with Templates...contemplating the dive.

    Couldn't imagine playing without these:
  14. SW Battlefront 2 whats in it for X-Wing *SPOILERS*

    That is most likely the case, and it's absolutely a problem. Disney, Lucas Arts, EA, FFG should all have a collaborative approach for every launch, or at least have access to a Disney liaison that can communicate the appropriate and pertinent information for each launch between studios for proper cross-promotion. The current system just isn't working well.
  15. Interceptor-class frigate thread

    I really dislike this mentality. Asymmetry is a beautiful element in game design that is ruined by that kind of 'balance'.