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  1. I voted yes, because I fundamentally agree with the change to the mechanics, but I think the phrase "fully executing a maneuver" shouldn't have to require an addendum with additional text. Just change the rules definition.
  2. I'm genuinely surprised at the claims of the X-Wing 2.0 app being unexpectedly expensive to create and maintain. How is it that the free apps on Apple and Android, which were one-person passion projects, ended up being more thorough, detailed, and intuitive experiences than the official companion app!?
  3. The Facebook buy/sell/trade Star Wars page is perfect for things like this: https://m.facebook.com/groups/257083564416439
  4. Thanks! I hope we see more of them in season 2 or elsewhere in the canon.
  5. I watched Resistance, but I can't remember if we ever saw more than just the one FO Interceptor. Were there ever multiples in the show? And if there were, did they all have the red paint scheme livery?
  6. Just to list the contents of the post for posterity: TIE Dagger Kylo's TIE Fighter (as seen in the trailer) Sith TIE Fighter (similar to TIE Dagger, colored red) Special Forces TIE Fighter (TIE/sf?) TIE Whisper Fighter (similar to the one above, but with a larger, bulkier cockpit like Kylo's)
  7. I'm excited to read more about this product, and hopefully see plenty of more pictures!
  8. I like it. Between the modified TIE Silencer from the trailer, the crimson red First Order Interceptor from the show SW: Resistance, and this Dagger, I'm glad the sequel era is getting some variety! I'm excited to see T-85 X-Wings plus whatever new things for Resistance - hopefully something for the Scum faction, too!
  9. I'd love to see the template tray design! Having this arrangement with two styles of module token trays (the one in the main picture plus the one that can hold the acrylic arc rings for which I'm in desperate need of appropriate storage), with that ship holder tray on top and a template tray on the bottom seem like exactly my kind of ideal token tray. I've actually been contemplating buying a 3D printer just so I can put my ideas onto SolidWorks and print them out. This seems like a much more economic solution in the meantime! I do hope the token tray is logically laid out, though. I hate the trays that separate or jumble the range rulers and straight, bank, and turn templates.
  10. I really like this! Is the final product going to be white, though? I think gray or black would be a much more appealing color. Edit: Also, one of my biggest concerns would be depth. I would definitely appreciate a tray that's deep enough to accommodate ~8 acrylic tokens stacked.
  11. Clarification would be helpful. Just because the reinforce token isn't spent doesn't mean it isn't used, in my opinion.
  12. With The Mandalorian airing in the next several months, I absolutely expect to see an entire expansion themed around the conflicts and factions found within that show. I'm sure it'll include a couple ships we currently expect it to, but probably three or four ships and characters from the show. The twist could be that, since this game seems to be set before the events of ANH, we will probably get fledgling versions of the big baddies from the show, which is set 5 years post-RTJ.
  13. Saying it three times doesn't make it more true! Printed points meant there was no way to balance upgrades or ships as the game evolved and newer card combinations released. The art is identical, and better yet, the packaging is more environmentally friendly! The game in 1.0 was far more reliant on powerhouse cards and fix cards, action economy was hyper-inflated, and Agility has been reigned in, actions, repositioning has been curtailed for the better, and several mechanics are incorporated into the game without requiring stacks of upgrade cards.
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