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  1. I like this, and not just on the K-fighter
  2. No. 1. Being ugly is kinda their thing 2. The x-wing is THE rebel ship. It should stay that way. I'm mad at ffg for giving the rebels the TIE, I will not tolerate a scum x-wing.
  3. Also the decimator, which should be bigger.
  4. The K-wing is fine, it needs no help. EI is there. Miranda should die in a fire. The punisher breaks if it can do that. Double harpoons? Noone needs that. Of all the ships that could get reload.. why the z-95? The TIE fighter fix is okay. I assume it's a title E-wing... I guess? Bb8, r2 astro, FCS, Eu, PTL Corran seems nasty, but no Regen so it seems fine.. kylo still beats him and they cost about the same. Although I'm sure there are nastier combos than that. The phantom. I want wraith's ability on everything. Other than that. Not so fond. Most of these fixes enable one specific build, and often these are vastly overpowered. Triple k-wings with an extra hit result on their harpoons? 3 additional guaranteed hits for a 12 dice opening salvo? Pretty nasty if you ask me. Not too fond of these all in all.
  5. Obi-wan Kenobi Rebel only When another friendly ship is defending at Range 1-3, you may assign a face up damage card to your ship to add 1 evade result to the roll. Crew, 3 pts
  6. RufusDaMan


    I think even I would buy that
  7. And then Swarms are suddenly viable again A full health TIE fighter can do 5 hits and 3 crits into the ghost. For 12 points Crazy stuff.
  8. It's a fun card. Strong, but you have to kill your own **** to make it work. I think it would be fun with Ruthlessness Deci and a mini swarm Also, very thematic A better tactician. It enables Ezra, which is thematic. Seems balanced to me also, maybe a bit weak. Maybe I'll remove the fire arc restriction. And the big one. It doesn't do anything on the ship he is in, and he costs a lot (no TIE Shuttle for our blue friend) But I think it will be worth it. It is powerful, but there is definitely counter play against it (try some Purgill against the ship he is in). It further promotes the idea that you don't want to bring 2 ship lists against Imperials. Also thematic.
  9. RufusDaMan


    Dawnstone grey, agrax earthshade, the color of your chosen squadron, a bit of pink/red for engine glow, and you are done.
  10. Imperial only Do you want broken stuff? Because that's how you get broken stuff. So. I'm paying 5 points+ a crew carrier, and a crew slot so that I make one of the opponent's ship much better? (Along with my own) Why would I choose this over Krennic? Why would I want the benefit for the other player? There are matchups with this card that whatever you pick, you make yourself weaker, and then there are loads when you can't do anything that would help you.
  11. RufusDaMan


    And lasts about 2 minutes... Seriously what was that? A press release for ants?
  12. Thats a very expensive arc locked double tap on the y-wings.
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