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  1. You merely get two command tokens in addition to what you still have left on your playmat from before. The number you gain doesn't change.
  2. No, existing 3rd edition expansions aren't compatible to 4th edition.
  3. I think the bottomline many of those drew who tried to pinpoint it mostly was something like this: 'Each and every single change looks small at first glance, but the sum of them makes for a greatly increased experience.' For more detail you might check out the following review. It (later in the video) dedicates a few minutes to comparing the two editions and IMHO pretty much nails it: Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition - Shut Up & Sit Down Review Also The Dice Tower did a dedicated comparison video: TI3/TI4 Comparison with Sam Healey
  4. I'm pretty positive that the new hexes are larger because they intend to introduce a new ship type in an expansion... one significantly larger than war suns.
  5. Apparently not. ;( This is frustrating.
  6. They went out of their way and made a plastic insert ... and they did it in a way, so it does NOT accommodate cards sleeved in the sleeves they advertise on the back of the box???? Oh FFG, well at least you took the first step to making useful inserts...
  7. My personal guess would be, that the retailers are not supposed to allow customers to preorder the entire volume of their order. Like ... maybe: "Dear retailer, order 10 boxes from us (FFG) and let your customers preorder five and put five on your shelf."
  8. That's not possible as far as I know. (Well, except maybe if you were to run a remote desktop solution on your iPad to remote control a computer running Valkyrie.) Valkyrie is an entirely separate application, completely unrelated to the official application for MoM (or Descent). It's not a 'campaign file editor' that would allow one to create new content for the official app, but instead content created with Valkyrie needs to be played using Valkyrie. It's available for Linux, Windows and OSX, but not for Android, iOS or any other OS at this point.
  9. Same here. My LGS has the base game in stock and I 'want' to buy it, but I don't want to have an incomplete game.
  10. I think the easiest way to handle that would be to add prohibited monster traits to the scenarios. Just excluding 'dark' and 'cursed' would potentially exclude all inherently evil creatures. Might be problematic that (including alle expansions and hero+monster collections) only 25 monster groups remain when excluding those two traits.
  11. About 3: Of course no 'weapon' surge abilities, but it should be possible to recover 1 fatigue through a surge when attacking unarmed, right?
  12. If text boxes don't fit on Linux they won't fit on Windows as well. If they fit on Windows they will fit on Linux. The ONLY way to deliberately cause the problem you describe would be to 'not' include a font in the build you make with Unity and maybe at the same time utilizing some very specific Microsoft Font. So there is no reason to run separate tests for the translations. Really: If one of the following two scenarios applies I could understand it: 1) You make some cutting edge game and try to utilize the latest DirectX 12 features. 2) You company doesn't actually work with Unity only, but has some other middleware that you can't shed easily for whatever reason. However: #2 obviously does not apply: The FFG apps are as barebone Unity as it gets. They didn't even get rid of the default Unity launcher. #1? Seriously ... no. If they had no OS X version I could possibly (for a while) forgive the lack of a Linux version, but if you already use Unity (or UE4) for you project and you ALREADY go multi platform, thus dodging all optional Microsoft-specific things you technically 'could' do: THEN not providing a Linux version is simply NOT forgivable anymore.
  13. With modern engines like Unity or UE4? It normally doesn't require any relevant effort. That's the reason why such a large part of the nerver-ending flood of new games on Steam does run on Linux even though they are made by very small indie studios or even single developers: Even if it only generates ten or twenty additional sales it's still worth it because it takes almost no time.
  14. Yea, I just noticed I actually worded my post poorly. Sorry for that. What I actually wanted to express was: 'IF they wanted to make an XBox version of their app they would do so using the Unity Engine with which their apps are already made right now and which (in principle) allows easy cross-platform development. There would be no point to make an UWP app.' When I wrote "Maybe they just don't want to..." I probably should have written: "They probably don't want to and might have reasons for that." Among what you have listed I guess controls are one major factor: Their app presently works by clicking / tapping interface elements. When porting to consoles the only 'easy' way to port it would be to have the controller handle a mouse cursor, which would be cumbersome and lead to complaints. Developing an entirely new input scheme on the other hand would be a lot of work for very little benefit, since the combination of supporting PCs and all iOS and Android devices already covers almost all users. Another factor (possibly even bigger than the controls) would be the distribution: FFG would have to manage the abominations that are the closed off web stores of the different gaming console makers. The only additional version I'd personally ask for would be a Linux version and I think that wouldn't be asking very much since: - Unity already supports it. - The controls would be the same. - Testing it costs close to no money or time. - They could use Steam: The same platform they are already utilizing to distribute the Windows and OS X versions.
  15. Their app is available for Android, Windows, iOS and OS X. Switching over to UWP would gain them the xbox while loosing Android, iOS and OS X. Seems like a terrible idea. AFAIK the FFG apps are based on Unity though (?) and they are simple enough not to require some additional platform-dependant middleware so providing other versions (as in: XBox one, PS4, Linux, PS Vita etc.) should technically be easy. Maybe they just don't want to...