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  1. That sounds awesome! I hope you'll have many more opportunities to play this awesome game! 😊
  2. Hi everyone, I'm a bit unsure how these two artifacts interact. Annihilation Ritual states: Strange Gizmo reads: My first assumption would be, that I purge all creatures (removing them from this game session) and destroy all artifacts, putting those in the discard pile, but I could imagine, that someone might argue that the Annihilation Ritual is already 'gone' when the creatures would go to the discard pile ... and so the Annihilation Ritual doesn't trigger any more. Which one is correct?
  3. Aww, man. It was really a game I liked, but I wish there was a bit more to it. It's really one of those games, for which I'd really want to have an expansion. 😕
  4. I guess if games become ultra-competitive things end up being that way. If you take it to the extremes you end up with something like Magic the Gathering, where the full rules document has ... I think it's around 220 pages of game rules PLUS 50something pages of tournament rules PLUS some other documents I don't have access to PLUS there being a certification program that helps people to study for and get certified as official judges ... because there is no other way to actually have people who know all that stuff. Well, in MtG you have a lot more content 'and' there's a lot of money on the table, which isn't the case here, but I guess if it comes to it and they have to be 100% verbose, as I've mentioned before, they'll just pick the easy way: Instead of allowing people to use their own counters they might just end up limiting organized play to the official tokes from the starter.
  5. Well, if you want to go so far as to completely ignore RAI and strictly stick to RAW I guess you wouldn't have to go for a spin down counter, but could use any D8, D10, D12, D20 or whatever, since the definition of dice in reputable dictionaries only covers the classical D6. (It does NOT however cover how the numbers or pips are distributed across it.)
  6. You started a discussion on the RAI vs RAW discussion. The RAI is perfectly clear on this matter. The verbosity required to produce a rules text that covers/excludes every possible misinterpretation would be excessive. So I guess if enough people really end up pushing this point and trying to use die-shaped objects with numbers on them as counters because they feel they don't qualify as dice ... the only rules change this could lead to would be, that they ultimately change their mind and simply require people to use the official cardboard tokens provided with the starter set.
  7. Yea, and since they only write a lot about cards in the manual, but don't have any official definition of "card" in there I suppose I could put a sandwich into my archive?
  8. All cards that archive opponents' cards read "IF any of these creatures leave your archives, they are put into their owner's hand instead." Since the Archive rule reads "After choosing a house, the active player has the option to take all cards in their archives and add them to their hand." you cannot choose to leave some cards in your archive. So that basically means: If you have both your opponents AND your cards mixed in your archive he will get his back as soon as you choose to return yours to your hand.
  9. What makes you say that? Did you see any store / shop getting a new copy within the last 1 1/2 years? I wish you were right, but ... I don't see it.
  10. Theoretically you could have a PDS II threaten a total of 14 hexes: - the hex it's on: 1 - the surrounding hexes: +6 = 7 - You are Creuss and built it on a planet that's on the same hex as a wormhole, thus threatening another three hexes because of your quantum entanglement racial ability: +3 = 10 - Using the Wormhole Generator racial thech you've placed both wormhole tokens: +2 = 12 - You have the Hil Colish on the same hex as the PDS, thus also enabling it to shoot your own homeworld as well as the hex leading to your own homeworld: +2 = 14 hexes (or rather: 13 hexes and a vortex-shaped homeworld placed next to the board... )
  11. On Reddit a user called OrionEve posted the following document which I found to be very useful: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Y_av0_M5Cyz8viBIMOqDjf_ZbawR9GGNWztPqR-zuso/edit#gid=0
  12. I don't think so. We AFAIK don't have a specific rule that directly resolves this, but after reading the following from the rules reference: This paragraph makes me assume, that "producing on" and the consecutive act of "placing" the stuff isn't intended to be one and the same. "Logic" would dictate, that units produced on a planet using integrated economy can either be placed on that planet or in the space area of the active system. Of course the underlying problem is this: - Rule 58.3 states what happens when producing units using "Production" abilities of other units. - Rule 58.4 states, that all abilities that allow to produce units outsude of the tactical action specifically state where the player can "place" the units. --> Integrated Economy triggers within the tactical action. So it does not fall under rule 58.4 and even if it did the specification of the placement would be missing. So for the time being, considering the following two rules: I think the best thing to do would be to consider there to be a "virtual own unit with the production ability" on the planet in question, because for 'that' we have very clear rules.
  13. You merely get two command tokens in addition to what you still have left on your playmat from before. The number you gain doesn't change.
  14. No, existing 3rd edition expansions aren't compatible to 4th edition.
  15. I think the bottomline many of those drew who tried to pinpoint it mostly was something like this: 'Each and every single change looks small at first glance, but the sum of them makes for a greatly increased experience.' For more detail you might check out the following review. It (later in the video) dedicates a few minutes to comparing the two editions and IMHO pretty much nails it: Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition - Shut Up & Sit Down Review Also The Dice Tower did a dedicated comparison video: TI3/TI4 Comparison with Sam Healey
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