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  1. And as a corollary, how many people, when flying an SSD for the first time, will issue a navigate command, take 1 click of yaw, and immediately swing the back end off the table and die?
  2. Given: the Executor title allows an SSD to ignore command token count & uniqueness. nav Team allows you to spend tokens for speed OR yaw. there are plenty of ways to shuffle tokens around. Can Executor resolve a navigate command with 5 nav tokens to increase speed from 1 to 2 AND turn 90 degrees?
  3. Best time you've ever had getting totally owned in an armada game?
  4. Fair points, TheEasternKing. Thanks for the reply. I managed to trigger multiple OP's with my 4-raider fleet, but the losses each round to being 2nd player were definitely the weak point of the fleet. Really what this list needs is some Gozantis.... I'm going to try this list with setting the raiders back a bit and letting the opposing fleet move into blue range after 2nd round movement.
  5. I was happy to oblige Mr. Worthington FFG III, upon whose behest I packed you in my car like veal calves for slaughter, drove you in circles, wasted your hard-earned coin on local swill, and, finally, abandoned you to your fate at a Stephen King-esque motel...
  6. I think the strategy is cohesive and pointed, and can definitely see how it works. I also understand how survivable the Lando/Admonition combo is. I'm just saying that, depending on speed of engagement, the GR75's are either going to start going down to anything tossing Accuracy + 3 hits (which an ISD can do at long range, especially with H9 turbolasers) in round 2 or 3 or they're going to be out of range of the X-wings. This is especially true of the Toryn Farr ship, since she has to be within range 3. I'm not saying I don't get how it works; it hits hard early in the game. Buffing the MC30s and pushing fewer squadrons seems, to me, like a better way to support the main thrust of the fleet without putting fleet points into attractive targets that die quickly, like the 42 point flagship. I look forward to seeing you play the list, though; I'm sure you push squadrons a lot more effectively than I do!
  7. Well, I haven't played Hyperspace Assault with a VSD in the list, but the Raider fits nicely in the rear arc of most ships without being double-arc'd. It also doesn't pose as much of a threat, so people don't maneuver as carefully to avoid the drop. Once it is situated neatly in a rear arc, it's a tough choice to waste shots on it when there are bigger targets in more promising arcs coming at them from the front, so it has a relatively high chance of sticking around for a couple rounds and getting in ram damage/overload pulse shots. We'll see, though. With the prospect of an ISD Advanced Gunnery or a Victory Hyperspace Assault, people might just pick Minefields every time.
  8. Hey, folks! I had a blast at regionals, despite getting completely owned in most of my games. I brought 1 ISD , 2x Raider II, and 2x Raider I. Having never flown Raiders, I learned over and over that they are built to die quickly. Every game I lost at least 1 Raider before Round 2 activation. Even with good showings from my Overload Pulse/Avenger combo, by round 3 I was inevitably left with just my ISD and devastating activation/MoV disadvantage. With the ISD being the only thing left to shoot at, it went down in a couple games for a total route. I learned a lot, though, and the OP/Avenger combo dealt some really fast death to a few ships. I'm thinking that swapping the Raider I's for a Vic II would give me a bit more of a robust fleet with enough staying power to kick the Overload Pulse/Avenger combo in rounds 3 and possibly 4, rather than the "everyone's dead by round 3" I was experiencing. Screed's Black and Blue Bruisers 400 Fleet Points ISD II - Screed Avenger Gunnery Team Electronic Countermeasures SW-7 Ion Batteries XX-9 Turbolasers [175 points] VSD II Intel Officer Gunnery Team Overload Pulse XI7 Turbolasers [113 points] and two of: Raider II Overload Pulse [56 points each] Objectives: Red - Advanced Gunnery Yellow - Hyperspace Assault Blue - Minefields Here's the play: Round 1: scream out the gate with the raiders and the ISD to cover ground quickly and limit rounds of bomber fire Round 2: tag as many ships as possible with the Raiders/Overload Pulse to exhaust defense tokens. Screed guarantees a blue crit. Raiders blow up. Activate the Victory 3rd and wait for Overload Pulsed ships to close on Avenger. Deal 6-9 damage each on two hull zones that have to eat it because of Avenger. Slam on the brakes with Avenger to maintain arc. Round 3: Activate Victory (which is finally in range of something) to Overload Pulse as many ships as possible. Intel officer for good measure (the Avenger follow-up encourages spending the token anyway). Round 4, 5, 6: Repeat, as appropriate and possible. As a side note, I love playing Hyperspace Assault with the raiders. People usually pick it because staring at an Advanced Gunnery or a Mine Funnel going straight into the teeth of an ISD are both horrifying, and letting me drop a raider doesn't seem so bad. Then, round 2 or 3, I drop the raider double-arcing the rear of something that hasn't taken much fire. Side arc exhausts all the defense tokens, then front arc hits with 3 Blue, 2 Black (CF) and lands 5 or 6 damage +crit. Ram for good measure. Avenger to polish off.
  9. Seems like a really fragile fleet. I understand the x-wings in the face tactic, but anyone rolling significant red and blue dice are going to rip the title-less flagship to shreds and then burn the transports. An ISD will most likely outpace any x-wings which aren't being pushed with squad commands, and without the buff from Mon Mothma the MC30s have limited survivability. Remember, the GR75's have no redirect or brace, so a medium-range attack with a couple blue and a couple red dice stand a serious chance of one-shotting them. I'd go repair crews on one, drop the third, and Adar Tallon for the additional squad shot.
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