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  1. Auto include on an AF2A... But in seriousness I could maybe see it on a Hammerhead Scout. I believe it's the cheapest way to get it on the table. It can be a dedicated flak boat, especially if Toryn is floating around for those sweet blue rerolls when the squads are in medium range.
  2. I've run it about half a dozen times with HQ Uplink and Barrage Generator. You fire and recover, just chucking dice down range. It's been great, can highly recommend. The Range 5 is exactly what it needed. I usually activate it early in the round to get the suppression out on an unactivated unit. It has also been surprisingly good at killing Death Troopers at range, although I'm willing to chock that up to dice variance.
  3. I love the idea of her on a Liberty for a second Redirect + a pseudo ECM. You could run Endeavor for double Brace, double Redirect, Contain. Add in Aux Shield Team and that will be one tough Bruiser to kill. Walex to choice.
  4. So it does counter the Heavy given out by Intel? It doesn't have to be a squadron that natively has Heavy?
  5. Intel gives opposing squadrons Heavy, thereby allowing them to attack enemy ships. Is Advanced Transponder Net basically counter-Intel for squadrons defending a ship? If so, that's amazing. Because enemy squads cannot attack your ships until all your squads are dead. Eat through my 10 Y-wings your Intel is useless haha.
  6. Except that you can take 3 of them and then that'd be pretty broken.
  7. Doesnt the AAT have red defense dice? If so then lol.
  8. I think in the long run most Imperial armies will end up landing at 2 DLTs and 2 RTCs as the starting point.
  9. Barrage would make rear facing guns more worthwhile, not obsolete, because you could fire them twice if you had a shot. Getting both a front and rear shot at the same time is kind of a unicorn. Being able to shoot a ground buzzer twice at the same target is essentially suppressive. A unit that costs 200 points should be devastating and terrifying.
  10. I think Barrage is exactly what the T47 needs to be viable. The T47s main problems are: it dies to a stiff breeze (C2 pilot helps this) and it costs as much as 3 Z6 squads and does nowhere near the same damage (Barrage would help this).
  11. What I dislike about Fleet Troopers and Pathfinders is the same: white dice aka variability. Z6s are also variable, but have the black dice in the pool to add some consistency. Rolling 10 white dice and getting 1 or 2 hits happens as often as a big hit. Fleets on particular are going to get 1 good shot per game, maybe 2. If that shot whiffs that sucks pretty hard. Edit: Efficiency doesn't actually matter in my book if the unit is not also Effective.
  12. White defense die with no Surge is its weakness. Anything that gets through its Armor, its taking. There is no blocking damage.
  13. So thinking through using Han in a X34. If I play Reckless Diversion while he's riding in the speeder, the opponent can't attack him directly right? So they would have to attack only the second unit you give the token too. If that's right it seems like that could be another trick in your toolbox. Not sure if it's a valuable trick though lol.
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