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  1. White defense die with no Surge is its weakness. Anything that gets through its Armor, its taking. There is no blocking damage.
  2. So thinking through using Han in a X34. If I play Reckless Diversion while he's riding in the speeder, the opponent can't attack him directly right? So they would have to attack only the second unit you give the token too. If that's right it seems like that could be another trick in your toolbox. Not sure if it's a valuable trick though lol.
  3. Yes 7 dice, but only at Range 2 right? And most are white dice, which....usually doesnt do well for me personally.
  4. I think this would take snipers to the other end of the spectrum and make them near worthless, which is also bad.
  5. I would ditch the Impact grenades on the Paths and give some of the Z6 units Frag grenades. They do a good job against Armor or any close range threats. 4 Red 6 White with Surge Crit is scary.
  6. This looks like a lot of fun. I foresee this list either smashing the opponent or crashing and burning spectacularly within 2-3 rounds. But either way it would be a wild ride and an interesting game haha.
  7. Nice! Is 3 significantly different from 2? I ask cuz I only own 2 but have been meaning to run the guys more often
  8. Do you run them with just E-Stims?
  9. The Tauntauns seem like they'd be pretty decent at harassing Sniper Teams early. And are fairly resistant to them with their decent health pool.
  10. I dont think so, they're more expensive. The main attraction of Rebel Troopers for me is that I can get a Z-6 squad for 62 points. Rebel Veterans will not be able to compete with that on cost I don't think. These will be a lateral choice not replacement.
  11. You'll be able to make an almost entirely Hoth themed army. The cool thing is that there is actually some decent synergy to doing so with the new keywords.
  12. I'm pretty whelmed by Bistan until I consider what is about to enter the ecosystem; Occupiers flinging Vader/Palp/Snows/IRG in my face. Suddenly Ion, especially R4 Ion, may actually be worth its points. I'm still skeptical, but there is definitely a real reason for it lumbering on the horizon.
  13. They need to use LOS blocking terrain well in order to survive long enough to make a difference. I like using them to bully objectives, especially on a flank. Use them to kill speeder bike units that zoom up on you.
  14. Basically, the answer is both heavy weapons can be good in either configuration and its largely up to personal choice and playstyle. There isn't a 'correct' choice that makes any other option worthless in comparison. Almost like they were well designed haha.
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