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  1. And I played a Sync'd Turret Ghost Fenn list too!
  2. Omaha Final was Rey, Stressra, Rex vs Kylo, Vader, Academy Pilot with the Rebels taking the win. Most of the top cut is listed here in Juggler: http://lists.starwarsclubhouse.com/get_tourney_details?tourney_id=4109
  3. I agree that Harpoons are good for the game for the most part, but I also think they push the power curve a bit much even for arced ships. I have no problem with a powerful missile that delivers an extra damage to it's target, or splashes damage to it's wingmen, but both is too much. Honestly, if it was one or the other, it would still probably be the best missile in the game while being less oppressive. Heck, even if the card had text for both effects and let the attacker choose one or the other to trigger, that would be more balanced. There are nuanced ways that they can correct this card without destroying game balance.
  4. It could still make sense on Manaroo and/or Palob, where you can maximize the the efficiency.
  5. Uh... JumpMasters are still really good. From a points efficiency standpoint, they are better than Scuurgs I would argue. The reason I stopped flying Jumps at store champs (after having a really good regionals/worlds season with them) is that I want to move on and challenge myself with other ships. Put another way: If all I wanted was to win, I'd only run JumpMaster because they are that good. If the leaked changes are true, this does a lot to bring them into line with the rest of playing field. They will still be competitive, but not as game breaking.
  6. I've been playing with QJs quite a bit and have settled on this: 2x Jakku w/ Spacetug, Pattern Analyzer, Intel Agent Syndicate Thug w/ TLT, R4 Agromech Fenn Rau w/ Title, Autothrusters, Push The Limit I made top 4 in a 16 player store champ, and it wasn't the QuadJumpers that let me down, but rather I made a poor play with Fenn that cost me the game. I think the key to the QJs is to fly them as blockers against large base, while just using the tractor control for small base targets. The TLT Y is also a good play against a lot of large base targets. I had been running two QuadJumpers, Two TLT Ys and Sunny Bounder in a Scyk. It's a fun list, but is a much bigger victim of variance swings, and it lacks the pure offensive threat that Fenn brings.| Regardless, I think the QJs are appropriately costed based on their the combination of their frailty but also their potential. There is a lot of nuance to playing them effectively since just jamming them into combat is a surefire way for them to explode very quickly.
  7. I've been running 3x Mindlinked Contracted Scouts since last summer and made the cut at each of the regionals I took them too. It has always been a really good list but just flew under the radar while everyone was figuring out how good Mindlink really is. The cat's out of the bag now. That said, they still have weaknesses and can be countered. They struggle against higher PS swarms <cough> crackswarm </cough>, or anything that can out PS them and hit hard since they can't reliably get the alpha strike off in the opening engagement. I think the meta will adapt and hopefully we won't need another nerf (either on the chasis or Mindlink). I think we really are in a much better spot with Manroo/Zuckuss/Palp/Defenders taken down a notch.
  8. I ran Palp last night and he still held his value for me. I ran him on an Upsilon with Pure Sabacc and a Maarek Defender as wingmen. Granted it is only one game, but I felt like I got good use out of him nearly every turn.
  9. On the interaction between the Illicit Cloaking Device and Cikatro Vizago: The effect on Cloaking Device that requires you to roll is no longer equipped to the ship so you wouldn’t. That ship would stay cloaked until you choose to decloak. Thanks for playing, Frank Brooks Associate Creative Content Developer Fantasy Flight Games fbrooks@fantasyflightgames.com
  10. Kylo is a lot less scary if you can land blocks on him. No action, no ISYTDS. Granted, the Dauntless title solves this, but it makes him more expensive. Boba Fett can also serve as a strong counter. Kylo will likely be bound and determined to shut Boba down, so it allows the rest of your list to burn down RAC. Yeah, it will change the meta, but I think that is good. We'll see less 2 ship builds, and I'm OK with that. There are multiple viable ways to counter him, so I'm not worried.
  11. slowdive

    the rant meta

    I am a relatively new player (been playing about 2 years) and I absolutely love where the game is at. Hands down. Maybe it's because I never experienced the wave 1-3 jousting meta? But, when players can take a "non-meta" list to a tournament and make the cut, that tells me that there is still a place for creative list building and good flying, and I think that is telling of good design. I'm happy with the current imbalances as long as they FAQ cards or introduce fixes from time to time. That said, I do wish they would slow down the rate of release a bit. I think there are ideas/build that get left in the dust by a new release because everyone is so quick to move on to the new thing. And if you want to be good with a list, you (or at least I) need to spend time flying over and over. It makes the game less overwhelming too when you don't need to buy/learn new things every 3 months, but can focus on developing with what you already have. I think a slower release rate would also make more room for alternative casual formats to develop and be created (e.g HOTAC, Mari Kart, Tron, etc). But alas, the game we love is tied to the Disney/Star Wars marketing monster, and, like it or not, Star Wars is a machine designed to make money, and Disney is milking it for every penny. I don't expect them to slow down any time soon.
  12. Hey man great writeup! I was running the Jumps. Didn't realize you were CatchySlim from Vassal League!
  13. This is so true. IMO one of the keys to beating named x7 Defenders (with lower PS) is to block them to take away some of their tankiness. You can't block Deltas (since other PS1 is almost non-existent), and they can very easily block you. And they still deal the pain when they need to.
  14. It can be both. It's both. If you never get shots, or you get markedly fewer shots than your opponent, all the mods in the world are unlikely to matter. If you get a tonne of shots with naked dice, all the shots in the world are unlikely to matter. You have to be good at getting shots, good at avoiding shots, AND good at getting mods, to win. It's both, but like blade_mercurial said above, it's positioning first and foremost. Followed by matchup/build (ability to modify dice) followed by dice luck. If you have a jousting list, and are simply going to line up across from a jousting list, then yes, it is dice mods. But, if you can plan ahead with your asteroids, and lead your opponent through the rocks to break up their formation, then positioning trumps dice mods. Even simple things like range control effect dice mods (e.g. Autothrusters), and range control is a positioning skill first and foremost. I think if you want to learn from your losses, you have to look at this game as a positioning game first, because then you run out of excuses when you lose. You can't learn from your positioning mistakes if you blame the dice, or, even the list first.
  15. Just need the Death Star coming up on the horizon.
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