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  1. http://www.dacardworld.com/gaming/star-wars-destiny-spirit-of-rebellion-booster-36-pack-box-ffg
  2. retailers and distributors have received this date already so it's confirmed
  3. i know mighty meeple in concord has a community and some great gaming tables.
  4. just do the 3 step process from Army Painter. Spray- paint- dip. done. anyone can do that even if they're brand new to painting, it would get them interested in it, but yeah i don't think requiring them to be painted is a big deal.
  5. they're going to be shipping the product in 3 waves. so we'll see how much wave 1 will have and going forward. Supposedly they're supposed to have enough between each wave everyone will be happy. so they say.
  6. so this will be my first time REALLY diving into the world of Terrinoth with this miniatures game. I've played Runebound and Descent but that's about it as far as the lore goes for me in "diving in". I want to know what other color options are available to kind of keep a narrative theme for my armies. anyone have a good reference that i can check into?
  7. be kinda dumb for a monday article though i feel like. i mean, it's releasing that week...the game's already out in the market from adepticon in the US. regardless of scans, this is a miniatures game. takes time to read through the rules and understand all the mechanics for new players jumping into a tabletop miniatures game. my thoughts anyway. because they are looking to target a new audience with this i know.
  8. So I'm just throwing this out there. for those that are upset about a store in your area "not" getting one. (confirmed or don't know yet), is it mainly because you want this to be similar to an MTG event where at least 3 stores in a 20mi radius have the pre-release event? I'm not trying to sound stupid here, but i want ANA to know that they can't have it so limited, because you have to give all the players in every area a chance to play at a place they enjoy. NOT have it spread out so sporadically. Granted who knows how they are choosing, but at least it should be available for a store to ask for 1 if they want it way ahead of time. not announce it to everyone and stores a month before the product releases.
  9. I personally feel that it's not just them, but the fact that tabletop gaming has been increasing over the years and the companies just aren't aware at times of how much it has grown. yes this destiny was a bit of a small release so far just this year, but in general it's been hard for a lot of companies. I work in the gaming industry and noticed that a lot of companies just haven't printed enough. it may be them it may not be. it may be the printing companies having so many requests and not being able to keep up with demand. we don't really know. All i know is is that almost every big hit release this year has been a small print run of the game. and they keep bringing in restocks in waves throughout the year. Who knows who's fault it is. we don't. just wanted everyone to be aware of it. I feel like the printing companies are the ones lacking and not the actual company. Although YES i would've probably waited till January on Destiny to have more available. BUT then again, they have been selling out like crazy so maybe that's what they wanted??? it's also the first time they've done a CCG in 10 or so years.
  10. it's a supply issue. it has nothing to do with distributors. distributors make the order, then they get allocated by ASMODEE. I'm not sure if they're transitioning between new printing locations or if shipments are just being delayed on some of the product. but something's up.
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