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  1. Looking to trade for the following: Ashoka, Ghost Have: Black One, AT-ST, Chopper, Commanding Presence, T-7 Ion Disruptor Rifle, Poe, q3 shield tokens Have done tons of trades on facebook if you're looking for feedback on me. Thanks!
  2. I use a cheap tackle box, I think mine was under $5--Bring a couple of dice to the store to make sure they fit. The new starter tomorrow might be another good addition, I know I'm getting at least one.
  3. It's still a legal die so it's usable, just a random production issue. Quality control on this product hasn't been 100%, I've seen a lot of packs with mis-matched cards and dice- along with some splotches like you have as well as small divets (my buddy has a SoR Vader with a noticeable divot in the 3-melee side. It shouldn't affect the game, just the aesthetics.
  4. eHan/eSnap. The ability to fast hands both of their native disrupt sides is awesome. Planned explosion is crazy, if you god-roll you can get it with just character dice. I've gotten out a planned explosion on round 3 with some smuggling freighters and DH-17 blaster pistols in play. It was tasty.
  5. I played a eChirrut/Han Solo deck that was pretty decent, but this was before the release day of SoR so that probably skewed it. I've been thinking of a Finn/Chirrut (one would be elite, not sure who yet) with some Riot Control Batons. Gotta keep testing!
  6. eBaze + eRey is going to be like Han/Rey with the action dickery of holdout blaster & force speed, but Baze is going to bring the pain a lot more quickly than Han. I'm excited to try this one out.
  7. I'm graced with the fortune to go to two events--If I get some Deathtrooper and two "Training" upgrades I'll be so happy.
  8. Phasma/Deathtrooper/Tie Fighter Pilot Phasma/Deathtrooper/Guavian Soldier ePhasma/Guavian/Stormtrooper If you can't tell I really like Captain Phasma.
  9. Methinks Thrawn will come with a bunch of characters from Rebels--Maybe Ezra, Kanan and Maul will be there. Also hoping Jedi Holocron drops alongside Ezra. A guy can dream right?
  10. Already thinking about Hero Control/Mill with Ackbar/Padme/Snap on Lothal (New Orders if you're in a pinch). Add some Fast Hands and Lone Operative/Diplomatic Immunity/Second Chance and you're tankin'. Put on Commando Raid, Outpost, and Cunning and you're milling the crap out of your opponent. Snap's ability can assist in more battlefield control too so your opponent isn't milling you. This set will open up a LOT more options. Thanks Chance Cube and FFG!
  11. Characters--Hoping for a Chewbacca yellow with both Melee and Range damage. I really can't wait to see IG-88's special, I think it'll be nasty damage. For upgrades I'm hoping Chirrut's Lightbow will be included and sort of like a Rey staff. I'm pissing my pants for Force Lightning in a Holocron Phasma deck.
  12. Finally I get to see that **** decklist! I believe I played against you this past weekend with my Phasma/Bala/Kylo list--and folks, this guy's list and playstyle made my record 3-1 and I think we went to 33 minutes. This deck's killer for mitigation and Dooku packs a punch when he needs to towards the end. I fell right into your trap and spread damage around, leaving Dooku standing...and then in hindsight not realizing I had probed your deflects was pretty hilarious. Great list concept, I don't use the term, "break the meta," loosely but yours does it.
  13. Yeah you can switch around your red dice to any side showing ranged damage. Anyone who told you otherwise was wrong. You go ahead and turn that 2 to a +3 on the IQA, then listen to them squirm as you resolve it.
  14. Interesting idea--Maybe something like that will be a buff card for Obi Wan as well. Since Obi-Wan was a master of Soresu, it'd be awesome and thematic if his saber had a special side that acted like a deflect.
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