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  1. Dunno about RW but we normally play up to 2000 points of 40K on 6x4s; in fact, I have 3 platforms we use for demos and tourneys in my garage.
  2. Yes, this game is comparable to Warhammer Fantasy Battles and a viable army's a heck of a lot cheaper than what you'd spend for WFB, trust me (had 6000 points each of High Elves, Empire, Orcs/Goblins, Dwarves and Skaven...). Just have to give it time.
  3. Most FLGS carry terrain from different sources, because it's usable in different game systems. Anything FFG'd put out would be usable with, say DnD or Aos in addition to Runewars...
  4. This is the containers I use for Xwing, 40K and now Runewars: https://www.flambeauoutdoors.com/Fishing/Divider-Systems/Tuff-Tainers/6-fixed-compt-bulk-storage-with-div-and-zerust One for some troops and dials, another for more troops and the bigger models.
  5. I did something like this for WFB years ago, with 'territories' allowing additional items, you started out with a basic army composition but could get additional upgrades/magic items/max army points with territories. Then, for fights, anyone could fight anyone; we'd generate a neutral territory and each player'd ante one of their territories. Winner got to pick the neutral or steal the loser's territory, so no-one loses too much. At the end, we fought a mothering-great mega battle, with random sides. I might have to look for that territory list...
  6. Maybe a long thin shoebox, organize by army then alphabetically?
  7. yeah, I have built a metric crap-ton of terrain for 40K myself, with ruined buildings (both GW kits and a template I found in an old rulebook), craters and tree kits. The GW 'Citadel Woods' would work for Runewars, since the trees are removable. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Citadel-Wood-AoS I may drag out my terrain and compare templates/footprints.
  8. Technically, there's nearly 1000 Chapters of Space Marines. And there's 9-10 different 'First Founding' Chapters/Legions you can choose from with their codified paint scheme or a subsequent Founding/DIY Chapter.
  9. Per the great paint god Duncan, always do two thin coats. I'm going to go with a white undercoat and do up my Lateri like the old WFB Wood Elves schemes. Going with red/silver for Daqan, tan/bone/obsidian for Uthuk and gold armor for Waiqar...
  10. What expansion set does this come in?
  11. With most other infantry units having a linear progression in upgrades, is it a typo that the fourth slot has 5 upgrades instead of 4?
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