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  1. Yeah, I said 'screw it' and threw all my core infantry into my Paint-and-Take stock for conventions..... Still going to keep the cav, characters and monsters for fun painting.
  2. Why did it get cancelled? Not enough interest?
  3. GW does not have a metallic green or red (I had to make my own metallic red years ago...) Best bet is to use a glaze over silver or metal colors like https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Glaze-Waywatcher-Green or https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Glaze-Bloodletter You just have to experiment and see what looks good to you.
  4. Just seeing if you were local to any of us, get a little hands-on painting help. Agrax is more of a 'softer' wash, for fabrics and such. Nuln Oil works best over armor or metallics. As for cleaning, you want the Master's brush cleaner. https://www.generalpencil.com/the-mastersreg-brush-cleaner-and-preserver.html
  5. Ugh. Just talked to the one FLGS in my area that was doing some Runewars. They were told by their distributors that RW is totally dead, FFG just has not announced it in so many words.
  6. Did you try messaging Asmodee/FFG directly? They have a process in place for missing parts.
  7. Cusm, the Runewars group in Tulsa still meets. I missed it this past Saturday, had to deal with a plumbing issue at home.
  8. There's a group that may still be playing up here in Tulsa, at Top Deck Games, but have to check in and see if it's still happening.
  9. You might need to ask that in this other forum section: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/forum/146-runewars/ This is for the Runewars miniatures game, not the board game.
  10. Xelto, when did FFG (if they did) announce they were doing this? Just caught me unawares.
  11. I received the Berserker expansion, Wraiths expansion and Rune Golem expansion for Xmas, and noticed that the upgrade cards included with the 'Zerkers and Wraiths are the same size as the unit cards. Is this an error or the way going forward, like X-Wing 2.0 went?
  12. No, that just means they're not supporting tournament play at the time. Doesn't mean it's dying.
  13. Buy them off discount sites. Only paid $173 for all 5 kits off Miniature Market...
  14. Same. I would Gibbs-smack someone that suggested this for 40K...
  15. I had moderate success with (IIRC): Ryad with X7 and Expertise Vessery with Tie/D, Ion Cannon, Ion engine and Expertise Backstabber with Ion engine.
  16. it's a fricking pride thing. Have pride in your army. Paint your minis.
  17. OK, answer me this. Why is Lance CPL better than the Citadel Weapons Master? Other than the higher armor value, I'm not seeing the benefit of making modifiers white except making the hit white with the 3 Init attack... That's better than an additional red die?
  18. Where are you getting the extra points from? 3 2x1 Archers are 51 points...
  19. I do not as yet. Only 4. I like the idea however...
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