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  1. Let me see how many Leonx I have. I know I have 2 Maegans and 4 Flesh Rippers. Where are you at?
  2. I have some. Mostly cav and monsters. I basically rage-quitted and tossed about 150-odd infantry models into a Paint-and-Take bank for us at OKGamers to use for events. So, if desired, I have some Leonx Riders, Maegan, 4 Flesh Rippers and Oathsworn Cav available. But most of what I'm trying to get rid of is dials, cards and templates.
  3. Jsta, I don't mind splitting them up. You talking the Lateri or Uthuk? Skaflok, Middle US, Oklahoma.
  4. OK, looking to get rid of some Runewars stuff. I have three core sets of cards/dials/templates, 3 Latari expansions, 1 Uthuk expansion, Command Group boxes, extra infantry and character expansions. Looking to get $75 out of it all. No minis, unfortunately, those went for a Paint-and-Take event this summer.
  5. Yeah, I said 'screw it' and threw all my core infantry into my Paint-and-Take stock for conventions..... Still going to keep the cav, characters and monsters for fun painting.
  6. Why did it get cancelled? Not enough interest?
  7. GW does not have a metallic green or red (I had to make my own metallic red years ago...) Best bet is to use a glaze over silver or metal colors like https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Glaze-Waywatcher-Green or https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Glaze-Bloodletter You just have to experiment and see what looks good to you.
  8. Just seeing if you were local to any of us, get a little hands-on painting help. Agrax is more of a 'softer' wash, for fabrics and such. Nuln Oil works best over armor or metallics. As for cleaning, you want the Master's brush cleaner. https://www.generalpencil.com/the-mastersreg-brush-cleaner-and-preserver.html
  9. Ugh. Just talked to the one FLGS in my area that was doing some Runewars. They were told by their distributors that RW is totally dead, FFG just has not announced it in so many words.
  10. Did you try messaging Asmodee/FFG directly? They have a process in place for missing parts.
  11. Cusm, the Runewars group in Tulsa still meets. I missed it this past Saturday, had to deal with a plumbing issue at home.
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