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  1. Newcomer here. Never played the old game, but did collect some of the cards as a kid. Magic stole my interest around the same time and has been my main card game since (going on 15 year or so, so I'm very familiar with card games and the CCG model). I've also played some Conquest and Destiny, but mostly casually with friends and never in a competitive setting. I'm super stoked. For many reasons, but here are a few: LCG instead of CCG = cheaper and easier to collect, and then also easier to get involved in the competitive scene. It's not an entirely new game, but rather based very closely on an existing game that was well-loved and heavily played. That says a lot about the core mechanics and general design. It think it's fair to assume, that if it's close to the old game, which it looks like it is, it will at the very least be a relatively well-designed game that is fun and engaging to play. A lot less risk than with an entirely new game. Story Prizes? Get outta town. That's so awesome. I really like the idea of clan identity and community and then also being able to directly influence the story and future card designs. That is something that would probably never happen with Magic and I'm really excited about the concept. Hopefully they can execute! Mechanically, I think the signs are all good so far. Lots of hidden information (bidding for cards/dueling, provinces, conflict deck,etc.), not such a heavy focus on curve and resource generation (leads to getting 'flooded' or 'screwed' - variance is great to an extent, but I think minimizing it in terms of resource accumulation is generally a good thing), distinct clans/factions with different mechanics/playstyles and even win conditions (this is huge and so far it seems like they're doing a pretty good job of it. *edit: This also means deckbuilding can be a source of endless entertainment. A big part of what makes Magic so successful is the endless number of viable options you have when deckbuilding*) If the clans all end up feeling pretty much the same, I'll be hugely disappointed.) Of course, I'll have to actually play the game like everyone else to see if it's really the engaging, 'different every time', skill-based, deck-building and style-reliant game it appears to be. I do LOVE the flavor though. That's about 45% of my hype at this point. Ha
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