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  1. Yep. Adepticon 2019. Where they sold limited edition droid ships. They did not give tickets to the x-wing event attendees.
  2. I was there. Tickets were available, but they did not give them to the people playing x-wing. In fact you had to line-up at the main exhibitor entrance at the same time as the x-wing event was starting. Virtually no person playing x-wing got one of the limited edition ships. I don’t think they brought enough ships to do that.
  3. My movement strategy: sometimes I go straight, sometimes I turn left, sometimes I turn right, and if I am feeling really spicy, sometimes I turn around. Very rarely do I fully stop, but when I do, it feels stressful. She’ll hold together! Here me, baby, hold together My dice strategy: I pick them up and shake them in my hand/hands, depending on the number of dice. Before they hit the table, I know two truths. 1. the green dice will fail me, and any successful evade will probably get juked, and 2. My red dice will be blank at a rate well above statistical norms. That’s impossible! Search your feelings. you now it to be true. Special tip: Be careful in asteroid fields, as the odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720:1. It doesn’t feel good to land on a rock. Don’t do that, unless you have to. Pro tip: Practice with your list. Look good against remotes is one thing. Good against the living, that’s something else. Final thoughts. Remember to quote Star Wars as often as possible, it is scientifically proven to improve your game play and may the Force be with you.
  4. Except... 3 Sigmas with juke and 1 with crackshot is imbalanced. Mic drop. Peace. I’m out.
  5. Until this last weekend, I was a casual player, although I have been playing and supporting the game since the original wave 5. I did play in an open series last weekend and I am complaining about what was, for me, a negative play experience. It was a game that has tainted my first competitive X-wing event. Besides, I don’t care about first edition issues anymore, because this is second edition, the lists you mentioned are not relevant anymore.
  6. Negative Play Experiences (NPE) do not advance the game call me a crybaby, maybe that’s fair. This is my thread after all, but NPE does not advance the game. was it 5 or 6 of the 18 lists that made the top cut at adepticon. I personally think it is an undercosted list, but my dislike is for the juke mechanic, since ther is no true limitation.
  7. Mine isn’t fake outrage. I got stomped by a sigma juke list. It was a very NPE, my opponent was nice enough, but it feels bad when you lose a ship each turn. Without doing any damage to your opponent.
  8. I was trying to defuse the it takes skill to fly them argument, before it started.
  9. Wolfmanhays

    Sigma Jukes

    I don’t care if they get nerfed, but if I see them across from me again, I will probably just concede. They are not fun to play against. Only 5 points for juke. That is ridiculous. Ok. I get it, to fly in formation with that ship, it takes a lot of skill, but they, because of the cloak action, are super maneuverable and as a result likely to be unpredictable. Plus they have ridiculous action economy. Take away juke and it is a very potent ship. It has essentially permanent double mods. Remove juke and you will still see a lot of 4 sigma builds. Juke just makes it an NPE for your opponent. Why even roll the dice on a single agility ship?
  10. Yes, but each of those pieces can be used in other lists. Your 5th A-wing is currently only going to be used in a 5 A-wing list.
  11. I should have been more clear. I don’t like the character Poe.
  12. I think you have to make 7 lists. 1 for each faction.
  13. Scum as a faction isn't very good. (This might be popular for some.)
  14. I heard this problem will be solved in the upcoming corellian conflict expansion.
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