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  1. Oh, yeah, I'm subtrendy2. When I'm at home, for some reason this account is still logged in. Not sure how or why.
  2. This is a thread for discussing The Last Jedi and for discussing spoiler material- that way, spoilers won't infect the other threads. Also, it probably wouldn't be a terrible idea to use the spoiler tags here, just in case. You don't want to be the one to ruin it for someone, even if they accidentally clicked on in here. So just to be totally clear, if you're reading this thread, you will see spoilers. You really can't complain if you continue at this point. So, with that out of the way...
  3. I wouldn't count on it, but it looks like I was totally wrong about no Star Wars today.
  4. What if we just made a thread specifically for spoilers? That way, it's easy to avoid.
  5. There is something tanentally relevant to IA that I want to talk about, but I'll give it a week (and use tags when I do)
  6. Whoa, Ezra's art in the Destiny preview. It's gonna be weird seeing more realistic versions of these character depictions.
  7. Weird. My other computer logged me back into my original account. Anywho... I'm mostly being facetious, but I meant not that no one would necessarily play them, but that they could be included in story missions where they'd make sense, but sort of discourage them as open groups. Really, really unlikely. Just a way for me to try to rationalize how weak they seem to be.
  8. Regarding numbers, I remember reading somewhere that only Palpatine knew the true number of Royal Guards, but that their numbers were at least in the thousands. They absolutely completed tasks outside of simply guarding station for Palpatine. That being said, there are some silly situations that they probably shouldn't be in with this game. Dumpster duty in The Source is Exhibit A.
  9. Here's an thread I remember reading a while back, nice list of depletes on it: May need a bit of updating now, as it's from last January. I'm actually really starting to appreciate the subtleties in Agenda sets now. It's pretty clever to have them come in sets of 3, rather than letting the Imperial player construct their own deck of 18 singles. Oh, the damage I could cause if I had that ability...
  10. Meh, get a little splash damage with Fenn near one objective while Vinto starts dealing out pinpricks near another objective. It can happen. I put this in the other thread, but I think it's applicable here, too. Not really groundbreaking or anything, but it's how I do things. Though those maps look really, really cool. FFG should sell neoprene versions of those.
  11. This is what I do for campaign (and the few skirmish times I've tried): 1) Now that I've painted, I have elite groups/figure bases painted red, regular painted grey- this matches the borders of their respective deployment cards. 2) For groups containing more than one figure (like Storm troopers) or groups that might have multiple copies of regular deployments (like Imperial Officers) I put a colored sticker on the base. 3) I store my minis, by group, in a plastic plano-type of box. I also store the cardboard chits that correspond to those minis in their respective compartments, so I don't have to search through all 80+ tokens to find the one I need each time. 4) When deploying, I grab the minis along with their tokens, and the deployment card. I place the tokens on the deployment card (either on the art, or next to the card). If the unit takes damage or gets a condition, I stack it on the token. I make sure to leave enough space between the stacks, to avoid them getting mixed up. I usually keep a list of all condition cards near my play area, for reference. A couple of notes on this: For campaign use only, this is nice because it means not all units need stickers. Stuff like the Nexu or the recent Jawas are only single deployment figures that only include one version of both elite and regular. Damage and conditions can be placed directly on the card. Also, personally, I kind of screwed my own system up early on, before I painted. Because I had no way of differentiating between elite and regular when all my units were grey, I did put stickers on my Nexu (and have since thrown away the extra stickers) and all other units that really didn't need stickers. So, I don't really have enough stickers right now, and I'm a little behind. I think the only units that currently don't have stickers are the Alliance Rangers, so I'll have to get a little creative when using them. Regarding multiple similar deployment groups (for instance, two rStormtrooper groups), I really just do whatever I want. Since they already have tokens, I don't need to differentiate between them, but I can if I want to. For instance, I've painted all regular Stormtrooper deployments with red details. Then, I have a standard white stormtrooper group for regulars, and one with blue details. On the other hand, I made no distinction between my wing guard groups (though I did paint different skin tones on individual figures). Also, note that there are two rWing Guard deployment cards, and 1 elite. In cases like that, I paint all grey, just in case. Their elite status can still be identified by which group's tokens are on the elite card.
  12. Dang, I could have definitely used that. That is literally the most recent mission I played in my current campaign. Got down to the final terminal, but the Rebels locked it down pretty well. I probably could've been a little more clever with getting my officers into position, but that was the second mission of the night, and I had a little too much wine at that point. Currently looking at 3-0 in Rebel favor, but I have Armored Division (as I said earlier) and also Mortar now. I think they're gonna be in for a rude awakening soon. But yeah, just goes to show that I should probably do a thorough read through of the agenda sets.
  13. Yeah, I really typically just get missions from the Agenda deck for flavor. Most agenda cards seem obnoxiously Min/max, especially the ones that aren't depletes. However, some seem pretty useful. For instance, I'm running Armored Onslaught right now and got Armored Division from Sorin's agenda set, which lets me reduce a vehicle cost by 3. Outside of just generally making vehicles cheaper, I can now deploy rJettroopers for just 1 threat. I really need to go through the multitude of Agenda sets now and see what other gems might be in there, because something like that almost seems XP tier rather than agenda.
  14. I don't expect anything for at least 2 or 3 weeks, possibly even longer.
  15. To be fair, cleanup does look a lot easier.
  16. I'm trying to figure out if your "Bith, please" was intentional or not.
  17. That'd be fun! I'd considered The Simpsons as a possibility, too, but I don't know how much goodwill the public has toward them (I still like them!)
  18. Pretty cool idea! I like the idea of creating your own class decks. The only issue I'd see is for when class cards react with an ability on the hero sheet- but I guess it could be designed to not have class cards do that in the custom sets.
  19. Yeah, there are especially a lot of Threat missions that will probably never get played by my group that look really fun. First of all, with the growing amount of Agenda sets out there, a Threat mission actually has to be included in the 6 the Imp brings. Then, the Rebels have to oppose it- which often doesn't happen, anyway. I wish we'd just get a lot more grey missions. They seem to add perhaps the most replayability to the game, especially for groups that have a favorite hero or ally that is often brought.
  20. Yeah, I think a blister wave alongside the app is ideal. Anything else would be almost too much at once- though maybe it could be a larger blister wave, than simply one pack per faction.
  21. Yeah, I've been wondering if that might happen. It wouldn't be a bad idea- the app is supposed to bring new life to this game, so it's definitely a good idea to do it at GenCon.
  22. Oh god. Is that from what I think it's from?
  23. Rewards are probably super hard to account for, since I'd say that not all rewards are created equal. Completely disregarding credit or XP gains, even just looking at the actual rewards. For instance, in the above example, consider that in Side Mission 1 the Rebels earned Veteran Prowess for Fenn. That's a pretty dang good card, as it makes what is already a good and often used ability of his even better. Or, maybe they attempted a different mission, and got a lesser reward. Sure, it'll still help them, but Fenn isn't gonna have that Blast 2 for a while still, and it's almost impossible to know how the game could have gone differently if he had. Regarding design- I'm not really sure exactly how they do it, but I imagine it's sort of a guess and tweak type of thing- in that they'd design a mission, test it with users and their team, and make adjustments as needed. But of course, there's still no way you'd be able to account for all variables with that sort of testing. Nor do I think there really is a way that a mission could be completely balanced for every possible factor.
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