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  1. Yes actually, it confirms kinda what I was thinking as well. Some weapons add Negative dice (1 negative dice 3 dmg) - I guess this is being added because its a harder weapon to use?
  2. Question on these stat cards for NPS PG 116 of Alien End of the World 1. When it gives me a weapon : Mandibles (2 positive, +3 dmg) Does the ant start with a base of 1 dice? and if he uses his Mandibles he gets +2 meaning a total of 3 Dice before adding other influences. I know how dmg works but some of these monsters have (1 negetive, +2 dmg) (2postive +2 dmg) Are the negetive and positive dice simply what you add when using that particular task? 2. Is Dexterity the prime stat to use when attacking with any weapon? Im sure you could work willpower into some laser gun but in most cases is it dexterity? 3. Am I to assume that (-Single-minded)means that a PC could take advantage of this monster by being smart in the way they deal with it.
  3. Start small and gradually go big. I started with smaller insects becoming a problem all over the world. Infestation problems, overrun problems, crop destroying etc. As the PCs continued, they ended up bumping into a scientist that had more information about the bug problem. Soon the world was overrun with hives and tunnels everywhere. Its a good way to build onto a story, rather then just saying * HERES A GIANT ANT*
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