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  1. My last POD Game against @Aresius is over, ending with a 4:7 MoV 98 win for him. I was first player ande we played advanced Gunnery. He killed my objective Raider, Ozzel on his Raider and Ciena, i killed one hammerhead and one Gr75. Very nice match, thanks again and best of luck for the elimination round. and thanks @BiggsIRLfor hosting, will surly try again.
  2. @NebulonB vs Bantha is starting tomorrow evening sometime between 8 and 9 CET.
  3. Had a rematch against chris, ending with a 5:6 loss for me.
  4. Just finished a game against chris for a 9:2 victory!
  5. Trying to qualify.. I dont know if non-standard games count? On Thursday i lost 5:6 against @Dark Raver in a 500pts Game and yesterday i lost 4:7 against @LTD.
  6. @Aresius and I will play at Wednesday at 8.30pm, CEST
  7. @Order66 Beta vs. Bantha ended 7:4 in my favour, MoV 82. We played his targeting beacons. I killed one ISD and lost one Hammerhead. Thanks for the good game. @geek19 I killed 1/4 and lost 1/6, his squads all alive.
  8. @Order66 Beta and I are scheduled for monday 18h CEST, UTC +2.
  9. No, its correct! If MonCal is imperial loyal you can turn it over to rebel loyalty by gaining 2.
  10. Great game! Like the best sunday morning activity you can think about! But the MoV was 623-43. Thanks @GiledPallaeon for organising the hole thing! Was a real pleasure and I will join the next one for sure
  11. @Dark Raver vs @Bantha will start tomorrow around 9am German Time. GMT +1 I think
  12. ok, if you are worried about more ships you could change one corvette for two gr75's. Et on the corvette makes it very very fast and your opponent will never know where you will end plus its really easy to dodge any frontarcs with Et-Corvettes. Its expensive but can pay off. I do like the Intel-Offizier for some reason;-). Sometimes TRC is enough... depends on you in my opinion. If he takes 1 Isd (120pkt) and 3 Arq's (162 pkt) and vader he has almost spend all his points for ships without upgrades and no squads.
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