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  1. Ahh you'll have to ask the author of the current Arkham Horror sheet: Glad you're enjoying this one too though [=
  2. No worries, glad people are still using it [=
  3. Can you expand on this? I think the outcomes should cover everything. Either the 'investigation was complete' (even if it wasn't the best possible outcome) or the investigators were eliminated, or the 'investigation was not complete'. I wasn't aware of any other possible outcomes; let me know the situation you came across (maybe in a PM if it's full of spoilers) and we can see [=
  4. Scenario: Behind Closed Doors App: v1.5.0 (767) Android Similar issue to above. When interacting with the box in the basement Lewis just said: "BASEMENT_SEARCH_LEWIS_TRUE_ALT" with the icon for the Silver Twilight Membership ring.
  5. Sorry for the slow responses! @TwiceBornh: Father Mateo was lost in time and space. He's reappeared now. Thanks for spotting that. @Soakman / @Lorinor: In short, 'yes'. A victory is a victory, even if it isn't the best victory. I think it would be overly tricky to try and keep track of the different possible outcomes for the different scenarios (at least, given the amount of time I'm prepared to commit ;]). Admittedly that does make the results a bit squiffy for scenarios like Dark Reflections; but I prefer the simplicity. Thanks all!
  6. Sorry for the delay, had to wait for my FLGS to unpack their deliveries Form has been updated now!
  7. I like Yorick because he's a reasonable 'all rounder' with good core stats [= Also when dealing with the mythos, having a gravedigger on hand generally seems like a good idea. Bob's ability is more useful in certain scenarios, which is kinda borne out by the stats (though the data is a bit lacking to be significant).
  8. Thanks! Should have thought to check the keywords. (and my asmodee accounts seem to have been smushed, oops).
  9. Thanks for the ongoing submissions everyone, looking forward to seeing how the new scenarios stack up against the original ones - particularly around the difficulty for lower player counts. Personally I have lost 3/3 of the Beyond the Threshold games I've played so far Go team!
  10. You're right, I'm just misreading it, my bad ;] 'At the end of your turn an alien will takes control.' (The wording is a little odd though, maybe an alien will was behind it)
  11. Given there were very few new components there was still a typo on the front of the 'Mesmerized' cards: 'an alien will takes control' And since coming across a bug that killed my first play of Vengeful Impulses, I'm a bit disappointed =[ The miniatures seem a bit better than some of the figures in previous boxes though?
  12. Another bug which has spoilt my first play of a scenario. I’m really disappointed =[ Vengeful Impulses App version: v1.3.1 (566) Map layout – North to south along the east side of the house – Library > Kitchen > Dining Room Before the lights went out we had not yet discovered the library. When the lights came back on the ‘people’ tokens were replaced in the various rooms but May Nguyen (who was our suspect) was not put on the board (we assumed she must be in the unexplored library). Bruce was put in the Dining Room. We then explored to reveal the library, but instruction said to put Bruce (who was already in the dining room) in the library – but his token on the app remained in the Dining Room. Therefore Nguyen was not anywhere on the map, and we couldn’t accuse her of the murder. It seems like this bug appears when not all the ‘main’ rooms are revealed before the lights are turned back on? (Maybe under more specific circumstances).
  13. That's great, thanks for the pinning! (: I'm not sure I'd be able to add a field to select which map arrangement was used without spoiling all the possible layouts. (Also I'm not sure what all the different combinations are, and it would add quite a lot of maintenance work if any new variants are released with expansions). Sorry about that. One would hope that all the different layouts were evenly balanced? Out of interest, has anyone experienced otherwise?
  14. Good points above. I suppose that's the only case this would apply to: when an investigator makes an attack. It could use the same interface as the 'hidden result' where you have to tap in the number of successes. Though I can see that might interfere with the flow of play, in exchange for a more thematic experience.
  15. It does seem like more investigators makes for an easier investigation (generally), the stats we've collected so far seem to bear this out: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/239815-statistics-submit-your-plays/
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