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  1. Sounds interesting. I too could be up for playing in this game
  2. Like a lot of people have said, it depends a lot on how much the party gets split up. It also depends on the size of the party. The larger the party, the more you need to specialise in something to contribute, and the more a generalist/jack of all trades risks being constantly overshadowed. So a 333322 is very viable in a 2-3 person party, but (usually) a really bad choice when you get up to 5+ A few specs seem designed to act as secondary characters, specifically the advocate and marshal. even in a larger group, a 333322 marshal, who uses good cop and bad cop to soften people up before the main social character handles them, while still being fairly effective in combat, might be a worthwhile party member
  3. This could come up in a game I'm running on Saturday (but probably won't). The situation would be the PCs are trying to take out a minor crime boss in her hideout, and if things look bad for her, she'll attempt to flee down the tunnels (which the PCs may or may not already know about). Presumably the PCs will give chase, and any of her remaining lackeys will then give chase to the PCs. I could split the PCs into 2 groups - 1 to hold off the lackeys, and the other to chase the boss. That might work better - only thought of it as I was typing
  4. Thanks whafrog. So the way to run a chase with more than 1 character on each side is to treat everyone on 1 side as a single character? That wouldn't work very well for what I want to do. I might ditch the chase rules, and have number of successes represent distance travelled (measured in range bands). Or I might decide the whole thing's too complicated, and ditch this chase altogether
  5. I understand the chase rules when the PCs are chasing/being chased by 1 NPC - make the appropriate check, and move the PCs towards/away from the NPC, depending on whether they beat the NPC result. But I can't get my head around how chases work when there are multiple PCs chasing/being chased by multiple NPCs (on foot, or in separate ships). everyone makes their check, and then what? How do you work out how to adjust everyone's relative positions? Thanks, Cheech
  6. I do find the standard chase rules confusing when there are 2+ people/ships on each side, so I think some refinement could be useful. Not sure this is the right way to go though
  7. It doesn't increase the silhouette of the ship you've already chosen as you signature vehicle. It increases the maximum silhouette of vehicle you can choose. So by taking the talent, you can choose something like a freighter to be your signature vehicle, instead of being limited to fighters and shuttles
  8. Kallukorus gestures to the Chandra-Fan's rifle. "Take the Chandra-Fan. They'll be better support from the cockpit. I do my best work up-close and personal." The Zabrak grins unsettlingly
  9. Kallu rolls his eyes at the Klatoonian's response. "Yes, your ignorance makes you an expert. Now shall we get moving? The speeder's probably not going anywhere, but the captain's daughter can't wait forever."
  10. Kallu sniggers unkindly at Massan. "You, giving lectures on how to hold a blaster? Best stick to repairing speeders, little man." ooc: funnily enough, charm is not on Kallu's skill list
  11. Well, those boost dice didn't make a blind bit of difference. Shall I take 1 strain for the 1 threat? fear check take 2: 1eP+3eA+2eB+2eD 5 successes, 1 threat
  12. How many boosts do I get from my 3 advantages on the fear check I failed at the start?
  13. Posted. I'll use my advantages to make the leader of the guards view my intervention more favourably.
  14. Seeing the chaos in front of him, Kallukorus decides to take control. "SHUT UP!" he bellows, and all heads turn in surprise to see a fierce Zabrak bearing down on them, his face covered in scars and tattoos. "Most of you are already useless in this situation. Making nuisances of yourselves as well will not go well for you. Now settle down and wait for instructions." Kallu glares down at them for another moment, making sure they are suitably cowed, before turning his attention to his companions and the guards.
  15. Winning a fight against the Krath seems like it would be quite a morale boost. Can we use that to have another go at the fear checks?
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