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  1. Sk3tch

    Interesting spoilers from Poe Dameron Comics Annual

    Resistance refit ARC 170. Would like to fly.
  2. Sk3tch

    More Core Sets?

    At least 12. 3 ships and Damage deck and templates for new players all for 39.99 Put it this way, I jumped on X Wing because of the new blue core. Don't know why, just new core seemed like a good entry. It will surely be the same for prequels fans.
  3. Sk3tch

    More Core Sets?

    I think not making a Prequel core set could be a mistake. How many new players would jump on a self sufficient relevant? entry to the prequels in XWM.
  4. Sk3tch

    More new ships from Star Wars: Resistance

    Resistance, Scum and FO ships will surely appear in the backgrounds. They won't be consequential to the show but we'll spot them when they show.
  5. Sk3tch

    Does the TIE Interceptor dial have a 1 bank?

    Yeah, seems like every article has an obvious mistake. Has been that was way as long as I remember.
  6. Sk3tch

    Extra, extra, extra, extra, EXTRA cards....

    So you'll not own bombs that you never previously owned. Got it.
  7. Sk3tch

    Vader Crew 2e

    Does Vader crew do damage against someone with no green token? At the start of the Engagement Phase, you may choose 1 ship in your firing arc at range 0-2 and spend 1 [force]. If you do, that ship suffers 1 [hit] damage unless it chooses to remove 1 green token. Only relevant(ish) part of rules reference I saw. A ship can pay a cost for an effect only if the effect can be resolved. I am 90% sure it will do the damage, but wondered what people though or even if there's any question at all? Did I miss something that covers it directly?
  8. Rule book under engagement phase. Clear as day PHASE 4: ENGAGEMENT PHASE During this phase, each ship engages one at a time. Ships engage in initiative order, starting with the highest initiative. When a ship engages, it may perform one attack, therefore, ships with high initiative get to attack first. After all ships have had the opportunity to engage during the Engagement Phase, the players proceed to the End Phase.
  9. Sk3tch

    Re-release schedule????

    I'd rather they kept a steady but sure pace and tested things better, there's enough to be playing with for a long time
  10. Sk3tch

    Wave 2 factions: how many are converting?

    FO for sure, gunna stokck up on TIE/FO's even. Resistance, probably. Purely for Poe.
  11. Sk3tch

    Packing Up 1.0 - How are you doing it?

    Aggressively. Done with 1.0
  12. Sold. To be clear, I hated the idea for it, but now I see a swarm of these dropping in at various points across the combat zone and it looks freaking cool.
  13. Sk3tch

    Edited post because I misread rules and was wrong

    We should fix this. Swarm tactics and Roark is unplayable jank! Doesnt even work. Rebels need a ps7 alpha strike option that isnt luke. /s
  14. Sk3tch

    Edited post because I misread rules and was wrong

    No you don't. Roark; ..If you do it engages at initiative 7 instead of its standard initiative value this phase. Movement and actions happen at normal init. you just pew pew at init 7.