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  1. Sk3tch

    Who uses crit tokens?

    Since Second Ed dropped I started using Crit tokens. They are so helpful. However, I forgot to over the weekend, and none of my opponents used them, there was one game wear I forgot my opponents hard turns are more difficult, and another where I forgot (And I am almost positive they forgot as well) non straight moves do damage.
  2. Sk3tch

    Vader Swarm 2.0 (Hyperspace)

    I flew basically this sans afterburners. But I'm now sold of after burners. I'd go fcs afterburners for sure.
  3. Sk3tch

    Outryder Cup ... wait, wut?

  4. Sk3tch

    Happy Friday

    Happy Friday! So my opponent, 1 round rolls 10 blank evade dice in total . Next round one of his ships rolls 7 evades in total. we were both fuming, was a good game. 116-120 points
  5. Sk3tch

    If FFG won't tell us, we'll make it up!

    Can you imagine a force sensitive predator? Come on comic book readers, tell me there's one I can I can read.
  6. Sk3tch

    PSA App Update Shenanigans!

    The app is probably just downloading new bits to activate on the 13th.
  7. Sk3tch

    TIE SF Discussion

    I feel ya. True purchase of love. I have struggled for several games to get much out of the SF. I'll persevere a bit because I do love the ship but it just feels weak now.
  8. Sk3tch

    I miss lightweight frame for the Empire

    Oh yes.
  9. Sk3tch

    Phones Taken from players during Stream games.

    I get what people saying about their phones, Need to implement a 'NO PHONES OUT AT THE TABLE', they stay in pockets or bags. You shouldn't be on your phone anyway,
  10. Sk3tch

    Phones Taken from players during Stream games.

    People cheat, it happens. I'd rather a tiny prevention measure such as no smart phones then nothing.
  11. Sk3tch

    Upsilon - Why?

    Should be cheaper. 3 dice primary and 4 dice if in bullseye as a ship ability.
  12. Sk3tch

    TIE Silencer vs Defender

    Haha, I'm think 1 big one for Kylo's silencer and 2 proper sized ones for the other pilots
  13. Sk3tch

    Show the Dials, please.

    oh please do, its my #1 grievance with the builder tbh.
  14. Sk3tch

    Quick build cards to app

    Excellent request.
  15. Sk3tch

    Join the Wave 2 Chant!

    Eagerly awaited for sure. If nothing, I'll try and approximate my old favourite First Order squads and see what points it comes to in the app (when release).