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    You've put so much work into this! I'll try see if can get the games in, looks like a great League.
  2. IAmGameFor - an app for finding gamers

    It seems dead but I'm on it now waiting for population I guess.
  3. I see what you did there. Still, I wonder how likely a squad builder app would be. Probably not because we would have heard about it by now. Still hoping though.
  4. New Article - FFG Game mats

    I'm wonder if this suggest the OP side of it will be more 2d (easier to standardise) than the amazing 3d scenery and terrain people will make.
  5. What I took away from the demo game...

    Well the speeder 1 rule says that it ignores terrain under that height. So a wall would have to be higher than range 1 high to be impassable to a speeder bike.
  6. Premeasuring

    @KrisWall of course, I'll always try to take valid points and questions seriously. Interesting though I have had no bad experience with premeasuring. Just strikes me as something that is open to abuse and I don't like it. Either way I feel the bottom line is, it needs clarifying.
  7. New Article - FFG Game mats

    Not for me, thanks. I'll get one of these if the game picks up and I play a lot.
  8. Premeasuring

    I guess I was raised on games where you had to do the work with your eyes and doing it with the movement tool just seems to feel wrong. Also whether you'd pre measure several turns ahead or not just becomes a game of bluff and one step away from hustling the opponent. Oh you thought I was a n00b cos I pre-measured all my guys to a certain piece of cover/objectives . When in fact I just bluffed you into falling for my trap. I don't feel like losing to that tactic would be a good experience, so I worry about WAAC players playing against newer players.
  9. Premeasuring

    Players can measure with the range ruler at any time. Easy, makes sense Movement tools can be placed against a unit’s leader and adjusted freely only during that unit’s activation This is what I hope it means You can not use your movement tool at all unless you are activating that unit and are measuring from the unit leader. I hope they mean to explicity take out pre measure with movement tools because it seems so cheap. Especially when you daisy chain 3 turns ahead with your movements.
  10. Commanders used as a “patching” tool

    Oh yes it would be very easy to release a stormtrooper pack that is just add ons and options for Stormtroopers. a a bunch of sculps for those addons and maybe a new alternatate sculpt as well just for good measure.
  11. Recruit Your Legions - New Article

    It seems like a really cool OP program. But seeing as I'm going to have to be catching trains to out of town stores to play in the community I hope those stores carry on with 1 day events, rather than leagues.
  12. Painting rebels

    @MasterShake2 thanks. Sounds like a decent tip.
  13. customizing your troops

    Use an IA stormie. It will be too short.
  14. First full game

    Ones with a printer and so are IA models
  15. Alex Davy (lead designer) Q&A LIVE Tonight

    I'm not sure where you play but every tournament enter I been to its 75 mins for X-Wing. I would have liked legion to be capped at 90 mins but I guess see how it plays out.