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  1. I am really sold on Advanced sensors on her, EPT for me is usually Elusive, because at PS5 she absolutely will get lit up at some point and you can usually get plenty of recharges in. This is my light Guri I'll fly with Fenn and a filler.
  2. Been meaning to visit the Quad delta idea for a while. My first though is what do I need to sacrifice to get Anakin back in there
  3. This sounds remarkably similar to something I was hoping to to work on. Any chance of sharing at all?
  4. Yes. It's summer, it always declines in the summer. Has for the last 4 years anyway.
  5. Yeah have covered a bunch of bases is cut up mouse mat. It's nice.
  6. My first thought was "Sinker" (54) Seventh Fleet Gunner (9) Gold Squadron Trooper (25) Gold Squadron Trooper (25) Gold Squadron Trooper (25) "Wolffe" (51) Seventh Fleet Gunner (9) Total: 198 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 Simple, cheapest way to double up on seventh fleet gunner. And get the abilities going on too. lots of 3 and 4 dice attacks going out with mods. "Sinker" (54) Seventh Fleet Gunner (9) R5 Astromech (4) Hull Upgrade (3) Blue Squadron Protector (29) Dedicated (3) Blue Squadron Protector (29) Dedicated (3) Blue Squadron Protector (29) Dedicated (3) Blue Squadron Protector (29) Dedicated (3) Total: 198 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 An attempt at defensive, lots of dedicated, less punch but more staying power.... I am am stuck on sinker though at the moment. I have not even put them on the table yet. I doubt they are amazing, I;m hoping for half decent if flown well.
  7. I have the Republic coming because clones, also because Jedi. Separatists are looking mighty fun as well though. So I don't think their stuff will be far behind the Republic stuff.
  8. My only experience running a Decimator is with RAC hull tua, Sai st 321, and Soontir pred. Was a real blast playing it. Rac and Sai are a great wall of hull for soontir to hide behind
  9. Since Second Ed dropped I started using Crit tokens. They are so helpful. However, I forgot to over the weekend, and none of my opponents used them, there was one game wear I forgot my opponents hard turns are more difficult, and another where I forgot (And I am almost positive they forgot as well) non straight moves do damage.
  10. I flew basically this sans afterburners. But I'm now sold of after burners. I'd go fcs afterburners for sure.
  11. Sk3tch

    Happy Friday

    Happy Friday! So my opponent, 1 round rolls 10 blank evade dice in total . Next round one of his ships rolls 7 evades in total. we were both fuming, was a good game. 116-120 points
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