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  1. Yes one or the other for sure I think HOTAS would be the first choice. If the game is still insanely popular into next year i might look at VR
  2. I was tempted with VR, i think id rather just get a decent stick though
  3. It's a neat trick, and sure, Holo passing of stress to something that doesn't want to turn around that round has uses. Midnight and Quickdraw can get good use of it I think. I've not tested it beyond Aces high though. I think not, you need to make sure other ships are always in position and the red moves are not always the best moves. could pair well with other BA's though, the hard ones men the can shred Holo's stress and Holo can just go wide often.
  4. Much like XWM started with just TIE fighters v X wings, it wants to be a tight rounded experience as it stands with the option to add on to it if demand is there. If it's popular I'm sure there will be plenty of expansion content. And in another year you'll see the squadrons deluxe pack with the 1 or 2 expansions include at the price of a full game. I don't think it needs much theory than that. Maybe if Covid wasn't a thing there might have been B-Wings but something had to get cut.
  5. The interview said they're not actively planning any DLC or how they would approach it, of course if it's popular I'm sure we'll see DLC.
  6. I like this idea a lot, seems sort of satisfying for all parties
  7. That's probably both post Scarif U-Wings covered then.
  8. No B-Wing makes me sad. I don't mind paying for ship expansions that's cool I guess
  9. Just loaded fly casual on the laptop, just noticed there's an entire room! Great work anyway
  10. We can hope, My personal hope is like 8 player co op missions. Yes I want to spend an evening with some buddies and some randoms blowing stuff up in X-Wings, and A-Wings and everything else in between
  11. Sk3tch


    did you hide in a box? same sound i heard as well, 'what was that noise?'
  12. Sk3tch


    Na na na naaaa
  13. Honestly if there was a new core I'd pre-order it now, and try to start to reform a local community (it's dead here). However I guess ill just be trying to keep my ear to the ground. Just hoping the needed components are available in the new stuff. I really want in but I guess it's wait and see
  14. Was hoping for new core set, hopefully encourage a local scene because i'd love to start playing this. Can anyone hazard a guess on how faction fleet expansions might work, Core set plus fleet exp needed?
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