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  1. My daughter recently bought herself a strawberry string sweet in a container, looking at the container, i thought, that's almost a shield generator shape. so i took the container and made the following: Looks not bad, i'm playing it as a small shield generator a township would buy to defend say a space dock from pirate attacks or the Imperial army to secure a landing pad. Want to try it yourself? Look out for - The joining section, is the bottom part of a tube of bubbles, cut down the middle and the two halves joined. just in case, it matters, I'm UK Based (The Strawberry string costs around £1 and the bubbles 50p)
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    I have heard that some tournaments might not accept it as it's the rebel colours but not for casual play. Of course if did a custom paint job on your rebel and republic Arcs and then got the official dial holders and painted them too for a set you could happily swap them out into either faction provided you have the pilot cards.
  3. Thanks for your feedback. The scans are sort of based on target lock, thus it more about range. Scanning power was based on weapon power thus it's primary weapon dice. I foresee the transporters using their co-ordinate skill to give people the ability to scan or to get focus/target lock if a scum ship is discovered. Think I'll keep the basic range modifiers at the moment although your idea has merit.
  4. We're getting ready to play Team Epic in a couple of weeks time. [Scum vrs Rebel] We've created a scenario and would like feedback on any possible loopholes/problems Thanks in advance Pirate Raid! ============ The Rebellion drastically needs supplies! In order to avoid, Imperial detection, the rebel transport fleet, under heavy escort, decides to fly through the Ashgar Mineral Belt, home to the Dark Sibs Pirate clan Rebel Fleet =========== Rebel Transporter Fleet 3 Rebel transporters (the transport fleet) These brave rebel transporters are completely defenseless and are relying on their escort to deal with any problem. To minimize trouble, they plan to fly flat out through the mineral belt avoiding any rocks and epic ships along the way. These transports are basic GR-75 transporters with Shield Technician and Expanded Cargo Hold Rebel Escort: 400pts of Rebels, may include an additional transporter with full control. Any additional transporter will not count towards victory conditions. Scum Fleet ========== Dark Sibs Fleet: 400pts of Scum Ships, must contain 1 or 2 C-Roc Ships Dark Sibs Scouts: The Dark Sibs have set up long distant scouts, who have hidden close to meteors. In an attempt to stay hidden they have powered down and are drifting in space. 6 tokens should be placed next to a meteor (maximum of 1 per meteor), 3 of these representing ships, the others space junk. The ships should not be more that 20pts and identical in build. Scenario Setup: =============== Map size 6' x 3' 12 Meteors no Space Junk, If Meteors to be place in epic format, then you must allow a space of range band two between meteor pairs or if using single meteors range band 2 space as well. 6 Dark Sibs Scout tokens should be placed next to meteors as described above by the scum player once meteors have been placed Rebels start at one end of the board, scum at the other within range band 3 of the edge (to speed the conflict up slightly) Ships start powered down Victory Conditions ================== Minor Victory: Rebels get 2 transports off the other end of the board Scum destroy 2 transports Major Victory: Rebels get all transports off the other end of the board Scum destroy all transports Note: Any additional transporters paid for from escort costs will not count towards victory conditions Game End ======== Game will end when all the Rebel Transporter Fleet ships are either off the board or destroyed. Scenario Specific Rules ======================= No missles/torpedos that do not require you to spend a target lock or focus token as well as the card e.g. No Cruise missiles, Harpoon missiles, or Proton Rockets No Minefield Mappers Rebel Transport Fleet Movement ------------------------------ The Rebel Transport Fleet ships will fly flat out to get across the board. They will attempt to avoid meteors and then resume their course when safe to do so They will attempt to avoid other epic ships and then resume their course when safe to do so They will not attempt to deviate from their course to ram ships, but will ram any stupid enough to get in their way on their movement. Spotting the Spotters --------------------- If a ship wishes to scan a scout token, it must spends an action of scan (all ships have the action) and it can scan an object if it is within range 3. The Scanning ship rolls a number of red dice equal to it's attack dice plus attack range modifiers plus any attack modifiers e.g. trick shot The hidden ship rolls a number of green dice equal to it's defense dice plus defense range modifiers plus meteor bonus if applicable. If the token is space junk, it rolls Defense dice equal to the defensive dice of the hidden ships. If the scan results in more hit's than misses, then token is revealed for what it is. If it is a ship, the rebels choose the ships facing, the defender can then chose a move but cannot attack this round, it can perform actions. [Not that it can't perform any if the rebels send it over the rock] Otherwise if it is space junk, the attacker must chose and place a space junk token in it's place. If the scan results in more misses than hits, then ship remains hidden. At the end of the movement phase any ship that is still hidden can choose to reveal itself, choose it's facing and then move , take action and shoot if in range. (similar, as if launched from a ship e.g ghost/gozanti). Once all three scouts have been revealed, the defender must chose and place space junk tokens over any remaining tokens.
  5. Was playing a game earlier this week and I'd used a tractor beam to put my opponent's scurrg onto an asteroid. My opponent's front guides were such that if he was to move off normally he would of had to roll for the asteroid and receive no actions. As his ship was fitted with advanced sensors and one of his sides was clear of the meteor he opted to barrel roll off the meteor. Could he? It's my understanding that if he was attempting to barrel roll onto an asteroid he couldn't (unless he'd some other upgrade), does it not work the other way? Thanks
  6. Lt. Dormitz will probably provide a similar cover for the Imperials
  7. Why not use Seismic Torpedoes? No need for a target lock! Automatic hit of target (the asteroid)! No need for Deadeye, Guidance Chips, long range sensors, or Munitions Failsafe! So continue to use your integrated astromech! All for 2pts if you've got them spare!
  8. Just checking, if I'm flying the Rebel's Sabine's Tie, with captured Tie, Sabine's Masterpiece, Sabine (as crew), EMP Device and a bomb what actual constitutes an attack, such that lower Pilot skills can shoot back at me, other than the oblivious I shoot first? 1) If I drop a bomb? 2) If I use the EMP Device (states to be used instead of attacking)? Currently I don't see how the above 2 would.
  9. Dual Cards would have worked perfectly with the Hounds Tooth. One side pilot for the YV-666 the other for the Z95 headhunter Also would have worked with the Ghost/Phantom for those that flew both Edit: If they start using the idea, could be good tournament giveaways for the above. Never mind 4 extra Z-95 Scum pilots.
  10. - The VCX itself. It is a big clumsy freighter, but can still take evade actions. And has a 1-turn. And a K-turn. And it can fire twice. And has a systems upgrade slot. And a primary attack of 4. - Hera. Amazing ability. Many times better than Countess Ryad's. - Kanan. Another strong ability, and its most obvious abuse has already made its way into the top of tournaments. - Kanan (crew). For obvious reasons. I'm sure I forgot something. Please note that I am not calling any of the above OP. I am just pointing out the great number of strong pilots and upgrades that Wave 8 brought. Edit: I bolded a sentence that was obviously hard to find (or conveniently ignored). I'd of included Sabine Wren to your list of wave 8 good cards, the ability to make any rebel ship with crew to carry a bomb and then to make it cause an additional damage to any one ship within range band 1. a Favourite of a local player, to drop conner nets from a b wing.
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