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    Happy Friday

    11am on Saturday the 13th.
  2. Thank you, Indy_com and SpiderMana for the quick responses. Any kind of information would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Greetings from Germany. FFG said that there will be a product announcement and Q&A with Alex Davy and Brooks Flugaur-Leavitt for Armada/Legion and X Wing at 1 PM. As far as I know FFG won`` t stream the event. Is there anybody else with a camera or video equipment for documenting new ships or expansions (if they show any)? 😃
  4. Pdfs with points are up.
  5. 4-LOM and Phasma? But they are both not that common to see on the table.
  6. I see her mostly with just a dorsal turret, to keep her cheep. So that 2 Binary Z95, 3 Tugboats and L3-37 fit with her in one list.
  7. Yes: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NMYeALDsC7BvGkQqa9lia97nBjoC_dwDxfLFPNYlfeo/edit?fbclid=IwAR3CK7lWi9mOiTT88fAxh6K6n-eszqe9lxcZgSzr0b7EIBPNoP84m2eke_0#gid=1565801091
  8. The players agreed to stop playing and go to final salvo. the judge is making them wait out the remaining 20 minutes. Wherein two players both recognize their shot at winning if they play out the game is basically the same as flipping a coin, so might as well go relax, run down the clock and come back to roll dem dice. It's not like there's anything on the line, right?
  9. Within does not mean completly within, I think.
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