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    The players agreed to stop playing and go to final salvo. the judge is making them wait out the remaining 20 minutes. Wherein two players both recognize their shot at winning if they play out the game is basically the same as flipping a coin, so might as well go relax, run down the clock and come back to roll dem dice. It's not like there's anything on the line, right?
  2. Mighty

    Everyone ready for the dullest world's ever?

  3. Mighty

    Alternative Play Format: Objectives for X-Wing

    Within does not mean completly within, I think.
  4. Mighty

    Alternative Play Format: Objectives for X-Wing

    On page 2 in the Objectives Guide.
  5. Mighty

    Parattanni FAQ 4.4 version

    I would prefer the scout with adaptability. With PS2 you can block Loks, Liberators and other scouts with PS3 or 4 (in the case of Manaroo).
  6. Thought the same as ABYX: Ghtroc Industries class 720 Freighter. Those angular side-protrusions and the dorsal dome are looking familiar. Maybe it is a new Ghtroc Industries freighter?
  7. Mighty

    PS 9 or Nein?

    He is using Snap Shot in combination with R3-A2.
  8. Mighty

    PS 9 or Nein?

  9. Mighty

    new scummy article is up!

    And the colours make it look like something Tau from Warhammer 40k.
  10. Mighty

    Guns Not For Hire

    Indeed, one of the best Rebel Episodes is "Twin Suns", because of him.
  11. Mighty

    New article up!

    Eaden would be an exception, but "small ship only",
  12. Mighty

    New article up!

    And the Scum Aggressor.
  13. Mighty

    New article up!

    Sunny + title + linked battery. For only 18 points