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  1. He doesn't need it. Played Timo with BoFrost twice the week before the SOS. Boba is, as strange as it sounds, an arcdoger and the times he gets caught a focus and Mauls force is enough to weather most or all of the incoming fire.
  2. I have a small question: does a huge ship lose its actions when it is bumping? I cannot find a rule for that.
  3. https://raithos.github.io/?f=Resistance&d=v8ZsZ200Z294X114WW191W187W90W69W71WY254X197WW175WWWY271X172W122WW&sn=Vennie und Co&obs
  4. "While we work out the details with FFG’s representatives, Evan has already been so kind as to forward us the release windows for upcoming X-Wing products! It’s important to note that these are not final and may change for a variety of reasons, but the dates we’ve been given are: - Huge Ship Conversion Kit, Tantive IV, Epic Battles – November 8, 2019 - C-ROC – November 15, 2019 - Imperial Raider, X-Wing Damage Decks – December 2019 - Saw's Renegades, TIE Reaper, Hound's Tooth, Interceptor, Defender, RZ-1 A-Wing – December 2019 (note that these are currently scheduled for a separate release from Vonreg's TIE and the Fireball) - Never Tell Me the Odds, Fully Loaded – January 2020 - Vonreg's TIE, Fireball, Hotshots and Aces – February 2020"
  5. Jumpmaster was the fifth ship which was not played
  6. In a four U Wing list two scramblers can help to protect the ship carrying Leia. It will be rarely benefit from both, but the question came to mind, if two scramblers would stack. Thank you all.
  7. Hello, do the effects of multiple Tactical Scrambler stack and can they be combined with an obstruction granted by an obstacle (Asteroid, Gas Cloud etc)?
  8. Here in Germany shops scheduled the release date for October 18.
  9. Only asteroids and debris fields are listed below "While a ship is not executing a maneuver, if it moves through or overlaps an obstacle, it suffers an effect based on the type of obstacle (after resolving its move, if applicable):", so gas clouds are not affected by this new rule.
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