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  1. Can we petition ffg to print the second edition gun boat? I mean this thing is seriously impossible to find new, and is like 50 dollars on the second hand market, it's ridiculous especially since they'll be worth like 10 once the second edition ones come out. I have one but would love a few more and it's even worse for new players who don't have any or someone who didn't get one when they were out.
  2. I have found quite the opposite with 2.0 x-wings, I find them exciting and interesting to fly. But then again I enjoyed flying them in 1.0 even before the fix, the new S-foils just give them more options and interesting decisions.
  3. I don't think any of my local group has permanently stopped playing since I joined, one moved away (during 1.0) and one stopped for a few months (due to time constraints) but has started back up now!
  4. Sort of a different thing but I like the idea!
  5. That's true! It could be done as a ship ability: "When you reveal a red maneuver you may spend a force, if you do, you may decrease the difficulty of the maneuver"
  6. Agreed that it could definitely be addressed with pilot abilities and I agree that the system works great how it is, I would view it kind of like fine-tuned controls, this ship is built for a Jedi and only by using the force can you push the chassis to its true limits. That being said if they don't do it, I would be cool with that too, it's just an extra area of design space I was thinking about.
  7. That's a really good point about the action, the purple maneuver wouldn't necessarily be worse than a red, just a different cost.
  8. I like this idea a lot, then it would feel like something really special and not necessarily a balancing mechanism like the purple evade sometimes feels like. As a side note it would be cool to see purple linked actions as well.
  9. Yeah I think that makes sense the same as when you reveal a red while stressed
  10. Well ffg has said that purple actions are more difficult than red actions so that would possibly be the same for the purple maneuvers, although I could see them saying they can't be increased or decreased in difficulty as well as Captain Jaguar Shark said.
  11. Not sure if this has been discussed already somewhere else but I was wondering what everyone thought about the idea of purple maneuvers? Now that we have purple actions as well as red actions do you think there is any possibility that a future Jedi starfighter might have a few purple maneuvers? (A maneuver that may only be performed by spending a force). Perhaps used for a particularly good maneuver for the ETA-2?
  12. So much more content then I was expecting! A couple of minor bugs I've noticed so far to help out for the next update: Mace Windu's card doesn't show up, he also appears to have only two force instead of 3 and a pilot skill of 5 instead of 4 also the two configurations both have fixed costs instead of variable costs based on pilot skill (Delta-7B is fixed at 15 and Calibrated Laser Targeting is fixed at 10)
  13. Definitely hindered it somewhat, the barrel roll->evade made up for a lot of it for me though, when I was trying to block, you've gotta fly it differently from a z-95 or Tie fighter to block properly though, the red 3 bank is sorely missed.
  14. I've only flown it a few times but a single V-19 Gold Squadron Trooper seems like a decent filler ship/blocker for 25 points, the barrel roll linked to evade has been really useful for blocking and positioning.
  15. Any news on the next update? Even just adjusting the points on the clone wars upgrades and pilots that are already implemented now that the points are out would be great for practice with those factions! Thanks again for all the great work you've put into this simulator!
  16. Would be so down for that, would be ice call back to the original trilogy. I'd be fine with any of the other A+B suggestions as well as long as we get As and Bs but this would definitely be my preference.
  17. agenttherock

    Happy Friday

    Rebels, all day every day
  18. Love the idea of new squadron packs, I could see them releasing the rebels pack as the ghost/phantom1&2 re-releases instead plus the rebel squadron pack. For the squadron pack I would be down for something B-wing and two A's since both desperately need more pilots, an I5 and or even I6 A-wing would be great For imperials definitely Interceptors, more pilots, maybe an I5 interceptor? and I'm not sure what else but something that needs pilots, maybe the Tie aggressor? It could use some love though I'm not sure extra pilots would help.
  19. Yeah the named V-19s seem pretty over costed for what they do but I'd love to be proven wrong
  20. Yeah me neither, especially not for that kind of price (3+a price hike), I only mention that Dedicated might be why because that's the only difference I can think of between the talented generics in this faction and those in other factions. Getting strained seems pretty bad, especially if you only have 5 hull and now 1 green die between you and the vacuum of space, just ask and un-shielded y-wing how it likes it's chances
  21. I like the I2 Arc and I2 V-19s price, feels right for what they bring to the table, I was expecting something more like 43-45 for the Arc 42 doesn't seem crazy, but you're absolutely right that the price hike for the higher initiative pilots feels a bit weird, especially for the V-19.
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