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  1. I can't find this anywhere, here is the situation we came across last night. I stumbled across the rebel super early in the game (Turn 2) My superior fleet easily handled defeated his straightest, however my ground forces suffered a defeat. After the battle I played a mission card that gained Imperial loyalty in the Rebel Base system. We ruled that even though the system was loyal to the Empire, It didn't mean that the Rebels couldn't be hiding right under the Empires Nose and continued to play on. Did we rule correctly?
  2. I've been working on my own Lovecraft country expansion, as I agree that this game needs to have a sideboard exclusively for the areas in New England. My idea of "must have" locations include Innsmouth Kingsport Dunwich The Dark Woods Devils Reef I feel you can get the feeling of specific locations in town through the encounter decks, new cards for established decks, yada yada, yada...
  3. I had this conversation with my friend I play with. Retaining balance is important but we think we can go through the deck and use one of each card, discarding the duplicates and maintain that balance. Next time we play we are going to try that. We both agree that using EVERY card would be way to much.
  4. I understand the SSD does not have a build icon on the imperial sheet. The project card defines it as a blue square. To what purpose would the project card assign the SSD a blue square icon? Thematically it makes sense as well.
  5. "Resolve in any Imperial system that has a blue (square icon)resource icon" Vs Attempt in any Imperial system. If successful, for each of the systems resource icons, destroy 1 unit on the build queue that matches the icon" The project card assigns the SSD a blue square icon. I don't understand your statement that the SSD does not have a build symbol.
  6. The project card clearly states that it requires a Blue square. If the Demolition mission is successful in a system with a blue square production I would rule that it puts the SSD in play and therefore allow it to be destroyed.
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