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  1. 1 for, 1 against. Anyone else have thoughts, or read any ruling somewhere about it?
  2. I agree that there should be more tokens. I was on bgg that someone had printed a sheet for tracking lore and vp, but I prefer the old fashioned way of having tokens. And yeah, I've had the blight tokens run out and sure I could just switch them out for anything else but would prefer to have enough tokens. Still not enough of a problem to warrant buying an extra core set though, file it instead under minor annoyance
  3. The scenario says Waiqar gets one vp if they have 2 units (or more) adjacent to the building (marked in red on the card). If a unit is in the city, does that count as adjacency? So, if I have one unit just outside and one unit inside the city, does that qualify the Waiqar player for the vp?
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