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  1. The Order 66 Podcast Episode 63 is all about saber duels and variant methods of running them. Straight up lightsaber combat as written will probably be over in two rounds, or less, if the first attacker rolls well.
  2. Hi all, when I click on the web install version on Oggdude's profile, I get a warning from Bitly. When I tell it to proceed anyway, Chrome blocks the download. Am running ver. 2.3.1 and never had this happen before. Any Ideas?
  3. Honestly, I use Wookiepedia for an idea to start, but if I need a planet to be something, and it isn't already featured in Canon, then I'll change it to suit. ex. I needed a "junk planet", a la Raxus Prime, but near Rodia so the players could scavenge for ship parts. Apatros, with it's played out Cortosis mine, fit the bill nicely.
  4. Apparently cell phones, laptops, tablets and wifi are all science fiction.
  5. My boys started with a junked up Gozanti they found in the first mission of One Shot First.
  6. I ran the One Shot First adventure and the group got the suggested payout of 500cr each, plus another 2000cr group for achieving the various goals in the initial mission. It was essentially a rescue and retrieval mission, if you aren’t familiar. They also got their beginning ship, a run-down Gozanti. In the second mission of that series, which is a hold-up of a police convoy and bringing someone to justice, they again got 500cr each and another 2000cr for various successfully completed components, and another 10kcr they looted from the convoy, which has to be spent on the aforementioned ship to be spaceworthy.
  7. Ok guys, found something odd. Was trying to create an encounter using BX Commando droids. Went to import them and when I selected them from the Gatekeeper source, the screen flashed like it was updating, but they were not added to my adversaries list. Tried several more times, same thing. Was able to add the bear thing and the Droideka fine, just not the BX. So I try and create one from scratch, enter all the info, hit “Add”, and the same thing happens, with everything I just entered disappearing. Any Ideas? Also, I’m using the newest version, but not the pre-release one.
  8. Thank you so very much for all of the work you've done and continue to do. I eagerly await the "No Disintegrations" supplement's addition.
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