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  1. Android world version for us please
  2. Having just found the game for playing with my kids at home really happy to see this thread
  3. If OK with OP want to ask asimilar question and thought here better than starting a new thread so similar - Advise sought - Have bought into the game to play predominantly at home with the kids (both fairly experienced gamers). Have just picked up: 2 Core Lord Hawthorne Oathsworn Cavalry Infantry Command Ankaur Maro 2 Chaos Death Knights Infantry Command Latari Elves Army Starter Infantry Command Will likely play around 100-150pt due to table size available at home so wondering if there are any other units we should be looking at picking up for these 3 factions?
  4. Thought the same when we were there on the Friday. Looking at the upcoming products the only Terrinoth I can see is Lost Legends and Chain that Rust reprint -which in itself is hopeful.
  5. Similar position to yourself so have gone for all the big boxes and am ignoring the data packs
  6. Happy to report it does work on the Chromebooks that have access to the play store :-)
  7. Hi, Anyone know if this will work on a Chromebook as looking to get one and can see this being a regular use of it?
  8. Hi, Anyone know if this will work on a Chromebook as looking to get one and can see this being a regular use of it?
  9. Not an expansion as such, but would love a fluff book giving the history of the land & some of the main players/characters in each of their games
  10. In a heartbeat, love pimping games but for one with such nice minis to have to use tokens is annoying
  11. I use these for other mini games, have done for about 4 years and they last fine and the beauty is you can just add another box or change the foam layout if you need to expand. They also do some great hard or cloth carry bags that the boxes fit into
  12. Love this idea - wonder if would be sturdy enough if made with cardstock or packing cardboard to allow a little more space?
  13. Someone there has even linked to yours and in the debate about them there is the message from FFG saying they are legal :-) Have you taken the links down in the meantime as it wont let me connect to them?
  14. I appreciate these are discontinued but the link is now broken as well - can anyone share these for my son & I to use at home?
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