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  1. I'm only 26 pages in and I'm loving it.
  2. Mine will be here either Saturday or Monday. The Game stores near me either wouldn't call their distributor to see if they could get a copy on release day or basically said I had to come preorder it, if I wanted it. Which I was fine doing if they could promise me a launch day copy, which they wouldn't. So I ended up ordering online from a place that was getting 20 copies. I'd still buy the pdf right now as well. So I can read it at work on my kindle during breaks.
  3. Does it have a Realms of Terrinoth specific character sheet, or they just expect you to use the one from the core book?
  4. Two copies were auctioned off at Gamercon, and some places in Canada seem to have already got their shipments.
  5. I'd kind of like to know what all careers are included, as well as the player races. Just a listing to see what it offers.
  6. On the Facebook page for the Dicepool Podcast, they have a copy and did a few information drops. The Virtues of Verse, aka BARD magic. I'm so ready for this book.
  7. Did it look like the book had a decent bestiary in it?
  8. OOPS sorry Thought it was for sale on minature mart, but preorder only.
  9. I hope so. I found out my Comic store can order them and I get my 15% discount as well. I just got 5 books today to complete my AOR and F&D book collections. Want to get this one and that will just leave me the adventure books for EOTE.
  10. Well it's been updated to At the Printer. Only a few months till we should get it in our hands
  11. Yea I had my store check their warehouses when I went in Monday hoping to get lucky, but no deal.
  12. I ended up just having my Local Comic Book Store order it, as their warehouse showed it in stock. None of the other shops around me had it. Normally I do get them off Amazon just cause it's easier.
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