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  1. My group figured this one out. In Desperate Allies there's a wonderful little gadget called "jump boots", effectively they're the boots Cad Bane used quite awesomely in Clone Wars. It has a maximum height they can reach and have vehicle stats, including system strain, so threats and despair can shut them off if players start spamming their use. Instead of calling them "jump boots" call them a personal "repulse upgrade for hover droids".
  2. Do you mind if we steal that? It's a great little piece of flavor! What's the usual difficulty for the resilience check? And would certain species be given an easier check, or is Groomaw's Ale made to be harsh on all species?
  3. Huh, didn't think about strain threshold... nice idea. I might make it so that it follows the combat rules for threat with a resilience check then. Threat rolled could mean that the drink in question doesn't sit well with the PCs stomach, or maybe they drunkenly stumble around and smack themselves on the bar. The strain threshold is pretty extreme for a night on the town though, but not an inherently bad idea. I think if they continue to drink to the point of being able to roll two despair (yikes!) it means not only passing out but a hangover as well and a decrease of strain threshold. Remember to drink responsibly!
  4. Hi everybody, been around the forums for a few months while my group has been playing a mix of all 3 books since Nov. of 2015 and we love it!! I was wondering, however, if anyone has made some house-rules for being drunk. The Lords of Nal Hutta and a few other books gives some rules for drugs and the like and what negative or positive effects inducing in those might be, but not just regular old drunkenness. I was thinking of an easy resilience check that, when failed, adds a black die to all checks except brawn, charm and cool checks (might even add a boost?) since the effects of alcohol can numb pain receptors and a person's inhibitions. The resilience checks then get upgraded for each subsequent "drunk check" (each time they finish a bottle or glass within an encounter). A despair means they pass-out, even on a successful roll. What do you guys think?
  5. Why choose? Do all 3! you can introduce elements from each book as they come up, that's how my group does it. My biggest suggestion is to ask your PCs what exactly (or vaguely) what they want to do. Usually people have ideas of what they want their characters to do and what they look like while their doing it. Even if it's a small scene or even just one line of dialogue it's totally possible to build encounters off of those small things. I told my GM i'd like my bounty hunter to function a bit like Batman and she set up a recurring quest to take down criminals of Correlia. Made gangs and everything! Our assassin said she wanted to seduce her way through checkpoints, security lines, etc. and the GM started putting in harder NPCs to flirt with or might be considered unattractive by normal standards (assassin gave 0 f*cks!). In the end the best advice i can give you is to listen to your players, they have ideas too, even small ones, they spark some inspiration.
  6. Trial by combat? The Mandalores might take the claim of leadership as invalid, but a fight between the strongest might prove your PCs worth. Mandos do love a good arena fight, even if the arena is sewer safe house.
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