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  1. Dont have any other ships to repaint.. xD I guess I'l just stick to waiting for more ships to come out. Hopefully we get a few First Order ships in wave 4. I realy do want to stick to 2.0 ships because it would be easier and I wouldent need to worry about the conversion kits. I just had my resolve falter a bit as First Order only had one 2.0 ship so far. Thanks everyone!
  2. I have the 2.0 Core Set and 3 extra X-Wings (Just got the extra x-wings so I'd be able to fly and learn the game while I ponder what faction I realy wanna play) But unfortunately the local area is rather small, One other guy here in town play (With one more planning to start when the Republic stuff drops in wave 3) And sometimes we meet a couple of guys from the next town over who are veterans and have everything for their factions. None of them are selling any extra stuff... Do you think it will take a long time before First Order gets more 2.0 ships? I kind of wanna stick to only 2.0 but I was pondering if it was worth getting the conversion kit so I could use a couple of Special Forces TIEs aswell as my two TIE/fo's simply because, First Order only has 1 ship in 2.0 currently without the conversion kit wich is making me unsure if I should start them.. Maybe I should just wait and hope they get some more ships soon..
  3. So, As someone who is new in second edition but bought both first edition core sets (But only got to play a single match in first edition, But has since played a few matches in second edition) I am kind of intrested in starting First Order. I only own 2 First Order TIEs (From the Force Awakens core set) so, Is it worth buying a First Order conversion kit? Or should I wait for the other First Order ships to come out in second edition? I ask for I only have 2 ships to convert and I'v seen that the TIE-Silencer is getting a rework into a smaller model so I probably wouldent get the old model, And the stores dont have many if any first edition First Order TIEs left. So the conversion kit would be for 2 TIE/fo the Upsilon Class Shuttle, And a couple of Special Forces TIEs. So it feels like there would be a lot of left over stuff unused in the conversion kit. As for buying a bunch of second hand ships, I dont like buying second hand online as I'v had a few bad experiences with it..
  4. I'm compleately new to X-Wing, Currently got some Rebels because I dident know what to play so I just got a Core Set and 3 X-Wings untill I decide but right now it is leaning towards Empire or First Order as I love TIE Fighters and other TIE variants. Maybe Scum and Villainy because I love their Mining Guild TIE, It looks awesome! But more likely Empire or First Order as they will likely get more TIE variants. Kind of wanna stick to just 2.0 releases so I dont have to worry about the conversion kits..
  5. Scum and Villainy as first faction.. First Order as second faction.. Cus my most common opponent plays Empire and First Order is a bit diferent from them so we wont run the same lists or faction and will be able to see what ship belongs to who (My first match was 4 X-Wings vs 3 X-Wings and it got realy confusing...)
  6. So.. I'v been considering First ORder and Empire because I love TIE ships of all the variants.. But every time I start thinking of TIE ships in X-Wing my thoughts go to the yellow Mining Guild TIE from the Scum and Villainy faction... I dont know why, But I'm obsessing over it when ever I think of the awesome TIE ships.. Is this a sign that I should play Scum..?
  7. I have been trying to watch a lot of videos and battle reports of X-Wing 2.0 and I realy like the game from the one match I played so far. I bought 4 X-Wings for a simple list I tinkerd (Luke, Wedge and 2 Red Squadron Veterans I think.. The app said it was exactly 200 points) and I'm using that untill I'v decided what faction to realy build into. But deciding what faction I should pick to actualy work on I struggle with so much and I want like.. Everything... xD The ships are just so cool!
  8. So.. Question to all the veterans.. How do you manage to avoid buying every single faction..? Cus I'm new and I just cant decide what side I want to play and want stuff from every side.. xD I like the TIE variants the best, But every faction has ships I realy like the looks of so it is realy hard to pick a single faction..
  9. So.. I'm considering Scum and Villainy for the cool Mining Guild TIEs and a few mixed ships, First Order for the slightly better TIE ships, Or Empire for all the possability in TIE variants.. I have figured out that I realy like the TIE ships, They are easily the coolest ships..
  10. Thanks for all the replies I realy like ships from all factions so deciding what one to become my main is realy hard.. xD I think I want to stick to only 2.0 ships for now and not worry about the conversion kits.
  11. I think all the factions have cool ships, Though I aspecialy like the Empire style ships (Maybe First Order will get some cool stuff eventualy..) So I realy struggle with deciding on a faction.. I ended up picking Rebels for now, But plan to expand out of them once I realy decide on faction.
  12. The Empire has a bunch of realy cool ships, I realy like The TIE variants aspecialy..
  13. So, I just started X-Wing (As in, I'l have my first match tomorrow) and I couldent decide what faction to start so I picked up the Core Set and 3 extra X-Wings to make a simple list of 4 X-Wings to play against my friend who plays Empire and I'm already considering jumping faction to Scum.. Why? Because I saw the Mining Guild Tie expansion thats comming soonish and I love the looks of it. And it seems like Scum gets a few Rebel ships too (Atleast in first edition) So.. How are Scum in second editon? Is it a good idea for a new player to play scum? I realy like the Imperial ships but went rebels cus my opponent I'l play most of the time runs Empire so I dident want to go Empire aswell..
  14. I dont know if our GM will let us use that, He said first characters to be made only with the core rule book, And after that we bring in the Inquisitors Hand Book.
  15. Thanks for the reply I'm much looking forwards to playing the Tech Priest
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