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  1. I’m new to the game and was wondering what the best Mystery based stories are. Are all of them timed?
  2. With more commanders being released do you all think we can expect the new cap to be 1000-1200 soon?
  3. Nope, Tournament or not I’m bringin Double ST’s or speeder spam .
  4. That actually sound pretty good, thanks!
  5. I have some points to spare ..what should I include? 787 right now 2 AT-ST: 88 Blaster on each, 430 points 4 squads of Stormtroopers: DLT on each, 272 points Veers: with leader ,85 points I know... Iknow ,no Speeders in the list. I love them too but I’m feeling Tanky for this list....
  6. I played this list against a friend last night and it did good. Let me know what you guys think. Two ISD 2 set up the same. Motti ISD2 X17 Gunner Leading shots Intel officer 4 firespray
  7. Will wave 3 bring larger ships or a higher point total for the game? Your thoughts...
  8. Thank you. This is what happens when you take a long break ! Lol
  9. Does anyone have in game pictures of Mel's SSD ?
  10. Right now I'm running a tricked out ISD 2 with Screed, Overload pulse, Avenger, Gunner along with3 Gladiators. I have been on a long break so maybe I'm missing something but the combo of Screed, Avenger and overload pulse seems awesome. I managed to destroy two of my buddies ships in one turn from the front arc due to the combo shutting down his defense tokens. I haven't really seen much about this combo talked about. Yes, I know Screed is more commonly associated with an ISD 1 for the black dice but I would rather negate my opponents ability to defend himself.
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