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  1. LOL you're right. I'll start by noting that this was our first impressions of 1 game BUT the new disaster deck dramatically increases the difficulty. You can also add the disaster deck with any ancient one. We played with 4 investigators, Ashcan pete, The athlete (i forgot her name), Dexter Drake and Harvey Walters along with the prelude for Shudde's set up. Things got bad really fast. The round track starts at 15 so we thought we had plenty of time to get buffed but my god were we wrong. We failed to close the first gate and doom advanced once which triggered the first of many disasters. A polar storm swept the map hitting most parts of the game board (barely into the game and we nearly died lol). The second disaster destroyed Istanbul and any investigator who's caught in one of these are pretty much dead. The game now has environmental hazards in the form of destroyed cities. You wanna do everything you can to avoid them since the encounters in them always result in you losing health/sanity, items , gaining an injury, disease etc. Basically everything standard location cards have without the good stuff from succeeding. By the time we hit round 13 everyone either had injuries conditions and/or low health. The situation got out of hand and we couldn't gain traction to get ourselves properly equipped. Trying to keep up with the world caving in on itself and dealing with disasters made closing portals even harder. This would often advanced doom 2 or 3 times in one mythos phase triggering multiple disasters at once. T-T GG much? By the time we finished the first mystery, one investigator had died and everyone else were hanging by a thread along with the doom track close to awakening the big daddy. We had to create a relief effort within the destroyed cities to advance the second mystery. Harvey walters got blown away by a tornado, Ashcan pete managed to get a small group of people out of destroyed rome and got obliterated by a meteor storm in the process (we saluted the poor drifter and his dog T-T). Lets just say it was definitely game over at that point. We failed miserably but maan was it epic! TLDR: Disaster deck increased the difficulty creating hazards around the game board. Health and Sanity management are even more important. GG Shudde Me'll GG Overall Impressions: I really loved the disaster deck. You are constantly paying attention to your teammates because health and sanity management are even more important. Encountering destroyed cities captured the apocalypse scenario extremely well. The disaster deck brought more theme and helped tightened the gameplay. I'm a huge fan of what this expansion brought to the eldritch horror and would highly recommend it. That being said I CAN'T say that the disaster deck is for everyone. Eldritch horror is already an unforgiving game and some people might not enjoy another layer of difficulty. (One of the players in our group got frustrated from all death and destruction)
  2. Just played through cities in ruin and it's by far the hardest expansion
  3. I gathered tracks that creep in the background when playing: (diablo, silent hill, 1920's jazz etc).Whats everyone else listening to? Playlist
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