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  1. Have you enabled both the second edition tile packs and then separately activated the first edition base game along with the two first edition expansions?
  2. My friend gifted this game to me for the holiday and we all love it. We have binged through all but one of the scenarios and will soon take the plunge on the dlc. I have also already ordered the tile packs and will pick up the expansion as soon as it drops. Would love to see UGC. Keep up the good work FFG!
  3. The co-op campaigns provide a sort of boss feature and are difficult enough that my friends and I are usually hanging on by threads if we ever make it to the boss.
  4. Nicely done. Cutting out circles for the hero section is a pretty good idea. I'm sure you are aware of the different sized bases on the heros. What are you currently doing for monster storage?
  5. Why's that? Who are you to say what people subjectively find "fun" to do with their boardgame toys? If you don't like totally random maps in a campaign mode and they come out with those, feel free to look down your nose at them and don't play them. The rest of us will be having fun while you pout. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a mix of both styles, which is fine by me. I like both playstyles for different reasons and depending on my mood. I feel like there was some underlying sarcasm in the initial statement that went over your head there. I may be wrong, but I interpreted tibia's comment as a sarcastic blow at humanities inability to just be content. Maybe I'm over analysing. Regardless, no need to accuse anyone of pouting or being the "fun" police.
  6. You may be right on that one , anyway could you remind me where is it written ? In the guide book isnt it ? After a brief glimpse through the rules of play I found as close to a definitive answer that I could. I appologize for misleading you, but from my interpertation of the rules, you were originally correct in stating that the hero gets a free revival with two red dice. Under the "Quests" section there is a list of steps the players perform between encounters during a quest. One of the listed actions is that "any knocked out heros may perform a stand up action for free." While it is only stated as applying between encounters, I would infer that if a hero were to be knocked out prior to a quest they could stand up for free as well. (SPOILER) However, in the tutorial quest for Road to Legend, a hero is knocked out prior to the quest starting and another player must revive them. I would imagine this was only for tutorial purposes though. (END SPOILER) This may require an official clarification from FFG.
  7. If you were to be knocked out prior to a quest starting you would have to revive yourself at the begging of the quest. This would cost an action to either stand up (roll two red dice and recover hearts equal to that rolled) or have someone e revive you (roll two red dice...) either way it costs an action.
  8. Thank you for all your hard work Sorastro! I started watching your videos a couple months ago and you inspired me to try and start painting. Your videos are a wealth of resources for beginners like me. I even caved and purchased some "nuln oil" after seeing the night and day difference it made on some of your minis. Keep up the hard work and "happy painting!"
  9. Thank you for figuring that out. I had the same issue.
  10. May I ask what your solution was? I too had this problem and contemplated submerging the base for short incriments in boiling water until it wanted to flex back.
  11. I'm currently in the process of designing such a campaign using the quest vault. I haven't looked but I'm sure others have done the same thing. The quest vault may be a good place to search.
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