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  1. I’ve made some Mac OS Pages templates for all three series, they’re available in the resources thread.
  2. If there was a 2nd edition it would only be the core books right?
  3. I’ve got a bad feeling about this...
  4. I think FFG Star Wars team is still arguing over whether The Last Jedi was good or not...
  5. I don’t think your supposition is too far out of line though. There probably is a limit on how many new products for a particular line can be in the pipe.
  6. Hmm i think the UI confused me
  7. Wow, the new like options are terrible. Just wanted to say I agree.
  8. In defense of the name I think it’s quite clever. Genesys is perhaps an abbreviation of Generic System, but also, of course, means the origin point for something new.
  9. iPad Pro users? Quick favor!

    I guess i missed it. Folder says “no items: on my iPad Pro. ;(
  10. I would have gone with Darth Maus - but nicely played
  11. Yeah, but the reason we know about is because they show us. Showing us a spy onthe fleeing ships would have amped the tension up a lot. It’s basic dramatic irony.
  12. Wow, that was almost exactly my take on the movie.
  13. New To RPGs

    Along with the good advice here, check out this thread:
  14. I’m not sure why its necessary to argue minutiae. I went into the theater with great anticipatiion and left disappointed with the experience. No amount of explanation will lift that feeling. I just didn’t enjoy it.
  15. I dunno, I’m still seeing new movies that give me joy. Avatar, for all its faults, still made me a believer in the world and care about the fate of the protagonists. Casino Royale is a masterpiece of reinventing a stale franchise (the follow-ups have not succeeded on the same artistic level despite the box office) and an excellent movie to boot.