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  1. And it sounds like OP is good GM material - why aren’t you GMing your own game?
  2. In my mind the rules provide the level playing for resolving uncertainty. If the GM and the players don’t agree on how uncertainty is resolved and the GM resolves via fiat then players are going to feel cheated. Fair action resolution is the key GM skill and must be taken seriously.
  3. Surprised no one has mentioned Matt Colville’s YouTube series on running the game?! Yes it focuses on D&D but much is applicable to running RPGs in general.
  4. Anyone know how Genesys is doing in the “Other RPG” market (D&D and PathFinder being in a separate category)?
  5. I’ve made some Mac OS Pages templates for all three series, they’re available in the resources thread.
  6. If there was a 2nd edition it would only be the core books right?
  7. I think FFG Star Wars team is still arguing over whether The Last Jedi was good or not...
  8. I don’t think your supposition is too far out of line though. There probably is a limit on how many new products for a particular line can be in the pipe.
  9. Wow, the new like options are terrible. Just wanted to say I agree.
  10. In defense of the name I think it’s quite clever. Genesys is perhaps an abbreviation of Generic System, but also, of course, means the origin point for something new.
  11. I guess i missed it. Folder says “no items: on my iPad Pro. ;(
  12. I would have gone with Darth Maus - but nicely played
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