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  1. My question on Genesys is, what are they going to to produce to support it? Is there going to be a ton of setting supplements providing locations, monsters and NPCs? And what about adventures? It’s really quite intriguing...
  2. If it can be resolved within a single session, and the weakness assigned to infatuate but the PC learned who their real friends are that sounds cool. But if it lingers for more than a session then it could cause tension within the group. it’s a risky move.
  3. Order my copy of “Ghosts” from Miniature Market - much better deal than whoever was offering on Amazon.
  4. A picture is worth a thousand words - what’s a representative image of this place? Where’s the sizzle?
  5. Perhaps it’s the ghost of “ghosts of dathomir”... ?
  6. Can you go into more detail? How does 1 turn take a while?
  7. I've uploaded assets I extracted from the PDF adventures so you're welcome to use those. They're on the EotE resources thread.
  8. You're in luck. I just cancelled a patreon, and I'll happily pick yours up!
  9. It's hard to say as the results are prescripted. But there are any number of moments that could end badly for the protagonists. When they're trapped in the trash compactor for example. If R2 failed his slicing check then perhaps they would have become goo?
  10. I found this post to be full of useful tips:
  11. It totally makes sense for FFG to start tying RPG books to the new movies coming out. That's where the young excitement is going to be. Hopefully they'll do a tick-tock kind of thing releasing stuff for the original books and complimenting it with new stuff. the fact that a new line has been started is great news for the longevity of this RPG IMO.
  12. The band could also be a cover for spying or smuggling. The band gives them cover for other "activities" best of both worlds
  13. I have CC and yet that is not included!?. So I've not taken the plunge. It does look like it has some nice features though...