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  1. So the point of this list to to make a rebel 4-ship list that arc dodges while utilizing a couple ships not built to be arc dodgers but with pilots that make them such. I really wanted to try and come up with something new instead of relying on current meta. Think outside the box. [sabine Wren] - 32 Predator Autoblaster Turret Kanan Stealth Device [Ello Asty] - 38 Deadeye Plasma Torpedoes BB-8 Autothrusters [Prototype Pilot] - 15 Cardaan Refit [Prototype Pilot] - 15 Cardaan Refit
  2. I love Sabine, but since her skill allows you to perform a free "boost ACTION" (not just a free boost), then I haven't been able to make PTL viable. She has to do her Boost/BR before her movement, therfore before removing her stress token. I run her with VI, Kanan, Autoblaster Turret, that way you can arc dodge and shoot behind you when close.
  3. Sabine Wren Attack Shuttle. It would be cool if she carried that pilot skill to the Sadowcastor. I like the idea that she can add a free boost to a ship and BEFORE the movement phase.
  4. When has FFG every truly properly announced release dates? Amazon's dates change a lot. Hound's Tooth moved dates like 3 times on amazon before finally coming out.
  5. To me it looks like the ARC is simply a device used to bring new-canon pilots into the game without having to rerelease all of their ships: Thane Kyrell (X-wing, Lost Stars), Nora Wexley (Y-Wing Aftermath), Shara Bey (A-Wing Shattered Empire) Bring in a ship with limited pilots and fill those pilots with New Canon characters in order to get them into the game. I think it's a lot more mundane than simply what allows them to include it, it's simply finding the best marketable ship, and filling it with new pilots so that New Canon fans could fly their favorite pilots. I'm not in love with the ARC but dammit I'd give anything to fly Thane Kyrell as a pilot. Now I just need my Greer Sonnel and Joph Seastriker pilot cards for the Mirrorbright. MAKE IT HAPPEN FFG!
  6. 4) Ezra and Kanaan. And this is a BIG one. Their relationship, to me is an apology for the prequels. It is what the prequels SHOULD have been. When you watch Obi Wan tell Luke about his father, and their relationship.... you imagined certain things. You imagined that Obi Wan found Anakin, and was amazed at his potential. You imagine that they were good friends. You imagine that Obi-Wan took it upon himself to train Anakin as a Jedi, that he assumed he'd be able to train him well, but he fails. Soooooo much of those assumptions were effectively erased by the prequels. But watching Ezra and Kanaan, it is as-if I am watching Obi Wan and Anakin. This is how the prequel story SHOULD have been. I love it. This is big for me. I feel we're getting the real story of how someone with the perfect background that should make them the ideal good guy, someone who has good training and wants to do the right thing... can fall. Watching the S2 finale I was saddened but at the edge of my seat with Ezra's arc. We're seeing him have to struggle with the pull of the darkside, without being warned how easy it is to fall or with all of the things the Jedi council put in place. Anakin felt like he almost knowling ran to the Dark Side cause he just needed MORE power, but Ezra's slipping slope feels organic, feels raw. You almost relate to why he's slipping, and it makes the story that much more captivating. Kanan didn't want to train Ezra, he didn't want to join the rebellion, he didn't want to have to stand for something, but over two seasons we're seeing him start to understand that he's gotta come out of the shadows. Ezra started wanting to take over the world and we're watching him slip. We're seeing the person who wanted to be forgotten having to stand up and be a hero, and the person who wanted to be the hero slowly turning into a villain. THAT'S a story I want to watch.
  7. Something I always recommend with any miniature game: Get what ever looks coolest. In the end if you have the most powerful ships but you hate the look, you'll fall out of the hobby fairly fast, but if you have ships that look cool, even if you're losing, at least you're playing your favorite ships. Since you won't be doing tournaments right off the bat, I suggest you go TFA Core, Most Wanted, Slave One (Firespray). I know the Slave One isn't "powerful" in the current meta, but it starts you with an iconic ship and the Slave One is a fantastic way to learn about upgrades, pilot abilities and different ways of play. The Aux firing arc plus bombs will teach you different aspects of how to play and get your mind thinking a couple moves ahead. (One of the best things for training me to get better was have to plan for where I would drop bombs because it subtly trains you to guide ships to where you want, which is vital later.)
  8. I was the opposite, I recently listened to "A New Dawn" after season 2 ended and I needed more. (I also quickly bought the TPB of Kanan) A New Dawn was a nice introduction but I'm not particularly fond of JJM's version of Kanan. Sure it's a younger, cockier Kanan, but he was borderline unlikeable at times. Also one of my favorite things about Hera is how she's not just another in the long line of Twi'lek strippers. I love Twi'leks but I get really bored with some of the unimaginitive places they are. The women must be dancers and the men must be Bib-fortuna style untrustworthy scoundrals. The Clone Wars and now Rebels have done an amazing job in fully fleshing out the Twi'lek race/species. Then we get JJM's book where Kanan mentions how much he wants to bone Hera every 3 pages lol. That being said I knew going into it that it was released before the show and with a more adult aspect so I was able to ignore some of the faults to enjoy it. I'm in the Middle of Aftermath right now and it's making me a lot more forgiving of A New Dawn because Aftermath is a huge mess of a book so far. We've gotta get quality authors up to Claudia Gray's level for more of these new-canon books. I'll probably read another JJM book though, A New Dawn wasn't my favorite but it interested me enough to give JJM another chance.
  9. How? I don't follow the logic behind this comparison.. People see two things in a row and suddenly assume it's the norm. After 6 movies where the main lead was a male, 2 back-to-back movies starring females had people assuming there would only be female leads in future movies (going as far as to make jokes about a female Han Solo) Now we have 2 waves of X-wing with heavy focus on Rebels and I'm hearing people saying "They won't pull ships unless they are from Rebels" Which doesn't make sense to me since it's basically gaining a new property to take ideas from and speeding to catch up. The idea that 2 waves of SWR-focused ships does not mean that X-wing will *only* take ships from the movies and cartoons. The comparison is that in both cases people see the very early signs of a pattern and knee-jerk that it will never change and is suddenly *the norm* As a huge Lando Calrissian fan, I have really enjoyed his cameos. Mostly because of all the forced cameos he makes sense and I love how much Kanan effing hates the guy. I also love how they keep you guessing if he's helping them or swindling them.
  10. What are you talking about? There is! Ok maybe I repainted it. In casual games I'll play with Sabine's pilot ability but TIE stat-line. Just for fun.
  11. This sort of falls into the same logic as people complaining after the Rogue One trailer that only girls can now be leads of Star Wars movies. Two wave's focused heavily on Rebels content isn't the future, it's simply incorporating new property into the game, very similar to how the first couple waves after Scum and Villainy were introduced focus very heavily on Scum ships with less Rebel and Empire ships. At this point in the production the game will want to grab ships where it can and unlike Empire and Rebels, the S&V has less of a pool to grab from. (Since we never truly saw the Guavian Death Gang or Kanjiklub's ships.)
  12. I still am a little baffled that they only had 1 peg on the cradle. Would if have really hurt the ship that much to have 3 pegs? I agree that the cradle stand really isn't high quality. I actually feel like a lot of the newer ship stands seem to be made at a lower quality than they used to be? Maybe that's just my experience but even the little pegs seem to fit worse than the first ships i bought.
  13. I've really struggled with this for a long time. Can someone explain why there is so much hate for ships taken from Star Wars Rebels for being a "children's cartoon" when all of my memories of Expanded Universe books were fellow nerd kids reading books while waiting for the bus in fourth grade? How one gets dismissed as less-than and childish while the other as "adult" and "more worthy" blows my mind. Also, have you WATCHED Rebels? Other than the obligatory whiney teen (reminder that Luke was this role in ANH) and the weird obsession with impractical light sabers that Lucasfilm has been obsessed with since Darth Maul's was such a hit (The spinning helicopter sabers have got to go) the show is actually very entertaining with very few "filler episodes" which seemed to plague The Clone Wars. Kanan's comic series is also one of the stronger ones of the new line and a great companion piece. Plus the majority of the art-design is off of the original Ralph Mcquarrie concept art with the more rapier-styled lightsabers and stylized Darth Vader mask which is a fun look at what Star Wars could have looked like. (Zeb is even an early concept design for what Wookies would become) And the space battles are fun with some great A-wing love. (Featuring the new Fang Fighters) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgpRqinEvIk I'm not saying you have to love it, but the majority of the people rolling their eyes at ships taken from SW: Rebels seem to have dismissed it has not worth their time having never given it a chance.
  14. Would something like this work well as a super hornet in a B-wing list, or would 2 prototype A-wings be better in this scenario? "Crazy 8s" Tycho Celchu [30] Rage Chardaan Refit ATP AT PTL Keylan Farlander [33] Adapt Mangler Ibtisam [37] VI Mangler E2 Ezra Bridger 100pts a little different approach than the OP suggested but I've also been thinking about exchanging my 2-Prototype A-wings for an A-wing that packs more of a punch and this built fits it really well imo.
  15. Congratulations, you've made a Defender? Im Scum first, Rebel second, Imperial third, so I knew if a ship had already been made like this it would be some TIE I didn't own.
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