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  1. I posted this question on the Steam Discussion Hub but will post here as well. I plan to purchasing the DLC scenarios in one of the platforms, (even though purchasing digital content for a game I already spent 150€ worth of base game and expansions is unreasonable) but before I would like to know if the Steam version offers Touch Support for touch screens. Soon you will be able to streams games to your tablet and phone through Steam, this would be the best option for me. Anyone knows if its currently available or if it will be implemented? Thanks in advance
  2. So I know that Investigators can drop items (or forced to drop them if they fail a check for example). My question is, does picking 2 items counts as One Action or Two? As in, the same pace where my investigator is has 2 items; to pick them up I use 2 actions or only one? Thanks in advance and sorry if this was already clarified somewhere else.
  3. Before deciding which board game to buy to play with my wife and friends, I have read a lot of comments and reviews about this 2nd Edition and how superior it was relative to the first, however,one remark was common in all of them; The figure quality was awful. I´m used to good quality standards from FFG from X-Wing and their awesome customer care, but this I have to agree, they are that bad. Its not the quality of the miniatures itself, they have great detail and look great in photos, its just the bad plastic they were cast; its soft and doesn't keep its shape. I would like to paint them but I´m afraid that being so malleable the paint won´t adere and break off. Soy question (and deepest fears) are; -Are the First Edition figures this bad too? -Are the reprints/casts that are coming soon, will have this crappy plastic too? -Can (pleaaaaaaase FFG) sell a pack of the 2nd Edition figures if they decide to recast them in better plastic. And for those who like painting figures; -How does the shape of the figures hold the pain? -Any tip to make them a little more solid? Like a coat of varnish does the trick? Thanks in advance
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